“A Man Of Action” (Netflix Movie): Plot, Release Date, TRAILER, Filming Locations, Reviews And Ending Explained!

In the forthcoming Spanish suspense film named “A Man of Action” (also known as “Un Hombre de Acción”), the main character is an anarchist who runs a crafty counterfeiting organization.

The movie has a lot of exciting action. From the 1940s to the 1980s, Lucio is chronicled in A Man of Action as he makes the transition from his humble origins as a bricklayer to his life as a bank robber over the course of five decades.

A Man of Action
A Man of Action

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“A Man of Action”: Plot Synopsis

According to the movie’s official plot summary, the plot follows “this story inspired on the life of Lucio Urtubia, in which an anarchist targets one of the world’s major banks with a clever counterfeiting operation.”

It delves into the life of the Spanish anarchist who is credited with carrying out the infamous counterfeiting scheme in Paris that brought him to the attention of the most powerful financial institution in the United States.

He did this by successfully obtaining a large sum of money by forging traveler’s cheques.

It is a fast-paced film that spans five decades, from the 1940s to the 1980s, in which we follow in Lucio’s footsteps, from his humble beginnings as a bricklayer turned bank robber, to taking the lead in bringing down one of the world’s biggest banks. The film spans a total of five decades: the 1940s, the 1950s, the 1960s, the 1970s, and the 1980s.

“A Man of Action”: Release Date & Trailer

The movie is scheduled to become available on Netflix on November 30th of this year. Check out the movie’s trailer down below.

“A Man of Action”: Filming Locations

Filming for “A Man of Action” took place in both Spain and France, more notably in the regions of Galicia, Catalonia, and Navarre, as well as in Paris.

According to the most recent information available, principal photography for the crime drama began in September 2021 and continued until either the end of December 2021 or the beginning of January 2022. Now, without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of all the exact locations that are featured in the movie that’s available on Netflix!

Galicia, Spain

Galicia, an autonomous community of Spain located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, served as the setting for a significant portion of the filming for “A Man of Action.”

The production crew spent the most of their time shooting in and around the city and municipality of Vigo, which was converted into the city of Paris for the purposes of the shoot.

The majority of the film’s key production locations were found in the city’s Old Town, the area around Port of Vigo, and parts of Plaza Estrela, the Xunta Building, one of the underground parking spaces in Vigo, and the pedestrian area of O Calvario.

Other locations included the old barracks of the Civil Guard, the Xunta Building, and one of the underground parking spaces in Vigo.

A Man of Action
A Man of Action

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Catalonia, Spain

A significant amount of ‘A Man of Action’ was shot in Catalonia, which is both an autonomous community in Spain and an officially recognized nationality in its own right.

During the course of the production schedule, members of the cast and crew were observed filming some significant scenes in the city of Tarragona and, presumably, in the city of Barcelona.

In particular, they made use of the facilities of the Campus Educativo de Tarragona, which are located in Tarragona at Autovia de Salou, s/n, for a number of the sequences. Reports indicate that locations for the filming of the movie included the Bank of Spain as well as one of the jails located in the area.

Navarre, located in Spain

The cast and crew of “A Man of Action” also established a base of operations in Navarre, an autonomous community located in the north of Spain.

The town and municipality of Cascante, which served as one of the key filming venues in the region, was potentially used for the filming of a number of different sequences that were shot throughout the region.

Paris, France

The production crew went so far as to shoot scenes in Paris, which is not only the capital of France but also its most populous city. It would appear that several important scenes from the film were shot on location throughout the streets of Paris, as this is where the majority of the tale takes place.

Paris has been the setting for the filming of a great number of movies and television episodes over the course of its history, including “Inception,” “Inglourious Basterds,” “Léon: The Professional,” and “Emily in Paris.”

A Man of Action
A Man of Action

“A Man of Action”: Reviews

  • All of this indicates that A Man of Action has a less developed understanding of psychology and a greater fascination with the rush that comes from engaging in illicit conduct.
  • The quick tempo is a reflection of Lucio’s restless personality (after being released from jail, rather than taking a taxi, he races to the flat he shares with his wife). A man who rushes into things without pausing to consider the possible outcomes of his actions is depicted here.
  • He is intent on bringing about change, and he is determined to do so in the most expedient manner possible. This indicates that he can be rather self-centered at times. Not only does he put his own life in danger, but he also puts the lives of others, such as the husband of his sister, in jeopardy.
  • This is where things start to get interesting in A Man of Action. It doesn’t simply set up Lucio as a model of virtue; rather, it demonstrates how reckless Lucio can be as a result of his mental illness. This book is neither a biography nor a hagiography; rather, it is more of an autobiography.
  • It is just an action movie based on a real-life individual and his exploits, all of which have been modified due to the fact that some artistic liberties have been used in order to tell this specific story.
  • As Lucio, Juan José Ballesta provides a tough performance. His stony countenance reveals the unwavering resolve of his character, which is willing to go to any extent necessary to bring down people in positions of authority.
  • Liah O’Prey is charming in her role as Anne, Lucio’s former girlfriend who is now his wife. It is unfortunate that we do not get to see a lot of her.
  • However, there is no room for romance or drama in A Man of Action since there is just no time for it. It merely skims over these topics, gives just the right amount of information, and then jumps straight into the exciting chase scene. This story about an elephant who defeated fleas will probably not motivate you in any way, but it will definitely keep you entertained.
A Man of Action
A Man of Action

“A Man of Action”: Ending Explained

The days grow into weeks, and by the time Lucio is released from jail, Anne has already given birth to their child. After he is eventually granted his parole, he makes a beeline for his loved ones. Lucio temporarily abandons his careers as a bank robber and forger in order to concentrate on his work as a bricklayer.

On the other hand, he is paid with a traveler’s check, which prompts him to have an idea, which he then discusses with his companions. They begin forging the traveler’s checks and swapping them for actual money at the bank shortly thereafter. During a single heist, Lucio, his crew, and a large number of volunteers were successful in stealing millions of dollars from City Bank branch offices in Paris.

When Anne and Lucio’s daughter make the decision to move to Bolivia, Lucio is left behind and is unable to accompany them. He is confident that he can score one more victory before hanging up his cleats. However, he is apprehended, one of his pals betrays him, and he is sentenced to more time behind bars.

His attorney was successful in having him granted a temporary release from jail until the establishment of a date for the trial. Lucio makes the most of the opportunity by forging thousands of counterfeit checks and distributing them to the general populace. When he is taken back to jail, he claims that he has something he can trade for his freedom and offers it to the guards.

Lucio makes a proposition to the City Bank agent in which he offers to give the agent the printer layout that is used to print the counterfeit checks, as well as his word that he will never create a fresh counterfeit ever again. People will cease utilizing checks if there are any more checks printed, which could cause the agent to perhaps lose his employment.

The offer is accepted by the representative. Lucio walks away from the transaction with a significant amount of money, and the agent comments that Lucio just rescued his entire company for the price of a tip. Everyone comes out on top. Lucio travels to Bolivia in order to be with the rest of his family once more.

A Man of Action: Overview

  • Release Date  30 November 2022
  • Language  Spanish
  • Dubbed In  English
  • Genre  Biography, Crime, History
  • Duration  1h 51min
  • Cast  Juan José Ballesta, Luis Callejo, Liah O’Prey, Miki Esparbé, Alexandre Blazy, Ben Temple, Ana Polvorosa, Fred Tatien, Josean Bengoetxea, Juan Olivares, Monica Lamberti, Bastien Ughetto, Tomás Pozzi, Gabriela Blin, Anna Caponnetto, Yanet Sierra, Ken Appledorn, Yaël Belicha, Georges Celestin, Endika Landamore…
  • Director  Javier Ruiz Caldera
  • Writer  Patxi Amezcua
  • Cinematography  Sergi Vilanova Claudín
  • Producer  Edmon Roch, Javier Ugarte
  • Production  Ikiru Films, La Pulga y El Elefante, La Terraza Films

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