Andor (Season 2): Release Date And Cast Of The New Series, What Could Be The Expected Plot? Know More Details

Andor creator Tony Gilroy thinks the program could return sooner than expected if it secures adequate post-production funding.

Andor season 1 is a prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, focusing on Cassian Andor’s pre-Rebellion days. While Cassian has been the series’ primary focus, Andor has also looked into the lives of other key Rebellion figures, like future Rebel commander Mon Mothma and resistance fighter Saw Gerrera.

The show has received widespread critical acclaim, with Andor obtaining an early renewal before its Disney+ launch.

Andor Season 2
Andor Season 2

Even though the season one finale of Andor has yet to air, Gilroy has already begun revealing his ideas for the show’s future. During an interview with Collider, Gilroy stated that season 2 would most likely follow the same schedule as the first season, with Andor expected to return in two years.

He could imagine a scenario in which it returns sooner but would necessitate a significant adjustment. Gilroy says:

“If the past is predicate and we do the same thing we did previously, everything will happen on the same timeline. It will be released two years later. The only way you can speed up the procedures is in post, and the only way to speed up in post is with money, which is scarce. So, I’m not sure, there would have to be some strong drive next May or June.

“Wow, we need this, and we’re willing to pay X,” someone would have to remark. Rogue One demonstrated that you can perform post-production in record time if you throw money at it. It’s simply prohibitively pricey.”

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Andor (Season 2): What Could Be The Plot Of New Season?

Although Cassian was urged to join the Rebellion in season one, the show’s forthcoming finale appears to be the catalyst that will set him on his road to fully committing to the cause.

Cassian has finally realized that he can’t remain on the sidelines under the Empire’s control after spending much of the later half of season 1 locked up in the terrible Narkina 5 prison.

With Gilroy implying that Andor season 2 will focus on Cassian’s character and the narrative moving toward the events of Rogue One, Cassian will undoubtedly spend much of season 2 as the Rebellion’s accomplished agent.

However, it appears that viewers will have to wait a long time to watch how Andor’s story unfolds, especially if Gilroy’s two-year timeframe is any indication.

Gilroy’s remarks on post-production funding are intriguing, especially given the magnitude of the Disney estate, and it’s strange to imagine that money might play such a significant role in bringing a series out sooner if Disney so desired.

Regardless, with the third season of The Mandalorian and the live-action Ahsoka series set to premiere in 2023, it makes sense for Star Wars to stretch out its shows, even if it means a hard two-year wait for more Andor.

With Andor’s audience starting to catch up to the rest of the live-action Star Wars shows, fans are finally coming around to one of the franchise’s riskier ventures.

While Andor has a more mature tone than many past Star Wars projects, it has perhaps been the much-needed breath of fresh air for the franchise. With the conclusion of Andor season 1 this week, viewers will immediately see how the program handles Cassian’s first steps into the Rebellion.

Andor Season 2
Andor Season 2

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Andor (Season 2): Release Date

We have yet to set a release date for Andor season 2, but we can turn at last season for some hints.

Andor season 1 was supposed to film between November 2020 and July 2021 (opens in new tab). Then, reports(opens in new tab) of a Covid-19 outbreak emerged, putting “whole departments” in isolation.

Then, in September 2021, Andor completed(opens in new tab) filming. Season 1 of Andor premiered a year later, in September 2022.

This is useful because we know that Andor season 2 filming will begin on November 21, 2022, according to showrunner Tony Gilroy in an interview with Collider.

If Andor season 2 follows the aforementioned timeline and avoids a Covid-19 epidemic (which is far from certain), it’s not a stretch to imagine we’ll see it in July 2024. This is based on an eight-month shooting schedule and a year of post-production labor.

Are you still trying to convince? Gilroy(opens in new tab) has stated that Andor will not be released until 2024, and that the series will likely wrap filming in August 2023 — with a year of post-production.

Andor Season 2
Andor Season 2

Andor (Season 2): Expected Cast Details

If they survive the events of Andor’s first season, we may see the same actor return to reprise their roles.

Cassian Andor Potrayed By Diego Luna

The titular hero Cassian Andor, as you might expect, is the show’s star. Diego Luna reprises his character from Rogue One, although Andor takes place prior to the events of that thriller film, revealing how Cassian became embroiled in the Rebel cause.

Cassian has been arrested, a plan to escape the jail on Narkina 5 has been devised, and a sweet friendship has grown between Cassian and Melshi. When he isn’t defying the universe, Luna lends his voice to animated films such as The Book of Life and, most recently, DC League of Super Pets.

Luna rose to prominence in the early 2000s film Y Tu Mamá También, co-written by fellow Mexican Gael Garcia Bernal and directed by Alfonso Cuarón. Since then, he’s appeared in Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal and the true-crime film Milk.

Luthen Rael Potrayed By Stellan Skarsgrd

When it comes to leading the Rebellion’s fight against Emperor Palpatine and his terrible ways, Luthen Rael is the man with a plan. Although the ISB only knows him as Axis, we’ve learned a lot about Luthen Rael’s strategy and found a lot of Easter eggs in his antique shop on Coruscant.

Most people would recognize Skarsgrd from his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he played Erik Selvig in the Thor films and the first two Avengers Marvel films. He is a well-known actor who has been in films such as Good Will Hunting, Mamma Mia!, and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, where he played Bootstrap Bill.

Andor Season 2
Andor Season 2

Mon Mothma Potrayed By Genevieve O’Reilly

It’s never easy to take on a familiar character and make it your own, but Genevieve O’Reilly achieved precisely that when she played Mon Mothma in the Prequel Trilogy. She’s now been allowed more flexibility to develop the character than ever before, and she’s doing a great job with it.

O’Reilly has also appeared in the adventure film The Legend of Tarzan, the detective film The Snowman, and many British drama shows such as Spooks and Waking the Dead when she isn’t dressed in opulent attire and facing the Galactic Senate.

Dedra Meero Potrayed By Denise Gough

Dedra Meero is preparing to dethrone Darth Vader as the most formidable Star Wars villain of all time. While the Sith have their own methods of terrifying their foes, Meero’s mere brutality and ruthlessness is frightening enough.

Denise Gough is great in the role, and this could be her big break. Previously, she had few major roles, but you might recognize her from the family film The Kid Who Would Be King, the horror film The Other Lamb, or as Yennefer in The Witcher video game series.

Syril Karn Potrayed By Kyle Soller

Kyle Soller, like Denise Gough, has made a significant breakthrough since joining the Star Wars cast as Andor. One of the most powerful aspects of the program has been his portrayal of Syril Karn as a desperate, disillusioned guy, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

Soller has yet to have many prominent roles before to this, but you may have seen him in the war film Fury, the romantic film Anna Karenina, and the TV show Poldark.

Maarva Andor Potrayed By Fiona Shaw

Cassian’s adopted mother, Maarva, is one of the most esteemed members of society on Andor’s primary planet, Ferrix. She’s a tough, rebellious lady who refuses to submit to the Empire, and she’s responsible for Cassian becoming the man he is today.

Fiona Shaw, a British actor, is well-known for her roles in the Harry Potter films as Petunia Dursley, in the comedy series Killing Eve, and in the Netflix film Enola Holmes starring Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown.

Andy Serkis in the role of Kino Loy

The presence of Kino Loy in Andor episode 8 was a great surprise, as we never expected to see Andy Serkis in Andor, or even the Star Wars world, again. However, by Andor episode 10, we were overjoyed that he had opted to return and take on this new position.

We don’t know what happened to Kino Loy, but Andy Serkis’ effect here is arguably bigger than his role as the movie villain Supreme Leader Snoke in the Sequel Trilogy. Speaking of villains, Serkis is clearly more accustomed to portraying them.

Aside from Star Wars, he is most known as the motion-capture actor, having played Gollum in The Lord of the Rings and Caesar in the Planet of the Apes films. He’s previously played Marvel villain Ulysses Klaue and Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred Pennyworth in the DC film The Batman, so he’s no stranger to superhero films.

Vel Sartha Potrayed By Faye Marsay

In Andor, there is a great deal of British talent, and Faye Marsay plays Vel Sartha with determination and enthusiasm. She conducted the heist on Aldhani in Andor episode 6, and it’s since been revealed that Vel Sartha and Mon Mothma are linked, therefore her role in Andor is becoming more prominent by the week.

Marsay is another performer who hasn’t done much, but she’s a Game of Thrones alum who has also starred in episodes of Black Mirror and Doctor Who.

That concludes the main cast of Andor. If you want to learn more about Star Wars, check out our Jedi explained guide or our lists of the finest Star Wars cameos and best Star Wars droids.

Why Are Fans So Excited About Andor 2?

Andor fans have reason to be excited. The teaser for Season 1 looked rather interesting, and with a twelve-episode run, spectators can settle in for a great, long-watching experience spread out over several weeks.

Of course, Cassian’s snarky droid companion, K-2SO, will be conspicuously absent from the first season. Alan Tudyk played K-2SO in Rogue One, providing motion capture for the towering robot character as well as delivering his voice.

However, Tony Gilroy has almost certainly stated that Tudyk will eventually join the cast as Andor’s droid companion. Because it’s established in canon that Cassian didn’t encounter K-2SO until closer to the events of Rogue One, Lucasfilm has some leeway in reintroducing him.

In terms of the series’ timeline, it opens the door to a slew of Star Wars characters that were active during that time period. Hera Syndulla and the Ghost Crew from Rebels, Cal Kestis, or even Darth Vader himself might all appear on the program, especially because the second season would span several years.

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