Has Armando Riesco and Breeda Wool Left National Treasure: Edge of History? Are Hendricks and Kacey Dead?

Kacey and Hendricks, portrayed by Breeda Wool and Armando Riesco, are significant supporting figures in the first season of the Disney+ series “National Treasure: Edge of History.” Billie aka Catherine Zeta-Jones, the enigmatic crypto-billionaire searching for the Pan-American treasure, has an associate named Kacey. Brutal and effective, Kacey serves as Billie’s group’s muscle. Because Kacey is always willing to help, Billie rarely has to get her hands filthy.

Armando Riesco
Armando Riesco

One of the few characters to feature in both the “National Treasure” movies and “National Treasure: Edge of History” is Special Agent Hendricks. We’ve got you covered on the twists and turns of season 1 which will make you wonder if Breeda Wool and Armando Riesco have left the show, Kacey Hendricks is dead, and so on. Spoilers Alert!

Has Armando Riesco and Breeda Wool Left National Treasure: Edge of History?

Breeda Wool and Armando Riesco are unlikely to return for the anticipated season 2 because their respective roles have already passed away, except for the flashback sequences.

Even though their characters are integral to the overarching plot, their stories are wrapped up by the end of the first season. We know that Billie declares herself the new Salazar following Hendricks’ passing.


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Given that they must be competing for the same position, this could not sit well with her Cras est nostrum colleagues. The murder of Hendricks/Salazar will play a significant role in the story involving Billie if a second season is produced.

Wool is well-known for his roles in the films “Mr. Mercedes” and “The Seven Faces of Jane.” After “National Treasure: Edge of History,” she is set to star in “Detained,” which is set to be released soon. In the meantime, Riesco became well-known for his roles in “The Chi” and “Queen of the South.”


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Since they both feature in the two movies, the passing of his character and Peter Sadusky affects the entire franchise.

Are Hendricks and Kacey Dead?

‘National Treasure: Edge of History,’ a television series by Cormac and Marianne Wibberley, is situated in the same universe as the movies but features a different cast of characters.

Although the second season has not yet been confirmed, the show’s creators have expressed interest in creating additional seasons in several interviews.

Additionally, a moment in the first season’s finale teases a potential season 2.

In addition to information about the Pan-American treasure, Liam Sadusky arrives at the Pan-American treasure show with a tape that his father and grandpa left behind.

If the second season is approved, whatever this something is will undoubtedly play a significant role in the story.

There is little probability of Kacey and Hendricks appearing in the second season as they are both deceased.

While exploring the Devil’s Swamp in pursuit of the treasure, Billie, Kacey, and Hendricks—who is later identified as Salazar—discover a trap.

Rafael understands the meaning of the coyote emblem, but the individuals who have kidnapped him and his daughter do not. One of Billie’s supporters is caught in the trap and begins firing erratically.

However, Kacey kills him before he injures her and takes out their other allies.

Hendricks shoots Kacey in the head and refers to her as a liability when she struggles after being hurt. He tells Billie that he is Salazar—the organization’s head—for a reason and insists that the purpose of Cras est nostrum, the group they are a member of, must come before all else.

Billie is reminded of the chat she had with Rafael while incarcerated in Mexico. Before shooting Sebastian, Rafael said Salazar termed him a liability. She murders Hendricks after realizing that Rafael is speaking the truth to exact revenge on both Kacey and her brother.

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