Mary-Louise Hawkins: Current Location And Other Details


The murder case of the wealthy business magnate George H. Kogan has been methodically portrayed in Investigation Discovery’s “Scorned: Love Kills: Manhattan Murder Mystery,” as well as other real crime dramas and re-enactments. George Kogan was returning from the grocery store to his girlfriend’s apartment one morning in the fall of 1990 when he was … Read more

A Dangerous Affair: Based On A True Story Or Not, Film Location, Cast

Lifetime’s A Dangerous Affair

Lifetime’s “A Dangerous Affair,” also known as “Her Obsession,” is a romantic thriller film that is directed by Christie Will Wolf and centres on the pilates instructor Amelie Didot.   Amelie relocates to a new location and opens her own studio following a difficult divorce. Amelie quickly finds herself in a passionate relationship with British … Read more

Felicia Taylor (CNN ex-host): Hit Another Car Injuring Driver

Felicia Taylor

On July 28, Felicia Taylor, 57, a retired anchor-correspondent for CNN International’s “World Business Today,” was detained after she is alleged to have hit another automobile while operating her white Mercedes, injuring the other driver, and then fled the scene, according to Palm Beach Police. The incident report states that Taylor, a 57-year-old woman, ran … Read more

James Franco: Region, Fidel Castro’s Mother And Actor’s Grandpa Relation

James Franco

California’s Los Angeles Since moviegoers learned that James Franco, an Oscar contender and two-time Golden Globe winner, will soon be seen portraying the late Cuban revolutionary president Fidel Castro, the actor has been under fire from the Internet. In the film “Alina of Cuba,” James Franco will play the part of the late Cuban president. … Read more

Glenn Hirsch (Duck sauce killer), 51: Dies By Suicide At Home

glenn hirsch

NEW YORK CITY, QUEENS: Glenn Hirsch earned the moniker “duck sauce murderer” after killing 45-year-old father-of-three Zhiwen Yan. The restaurant delivery worker was allegedly shot in the chest by Hirsch while he completed deliveries for a Chinese restaurant in Forest Hills while riding his scooter. He was released on bail after being accused of killing … Read more

David Stocker: Scandalous Private Life Details

David Stocker

MIAMI, FLORIDA: David Stocker, a 46-year-old minister who had been delivering sermons at the Brave Church in Florida’s Westchester neighbourhood since 2014, was let go in April. He was excommunicated after being found guilty of “gross sexual misconduct and immoral actions” by the Assemblies of God’s Peninsular Florida District Council “. Additionally, Stocker is charged … Read more