Between Us (Thai Drama): Release Date Of Episode 8, Where To Stream, Preview, Cast And WATCH TRAILER

The popularity of Thai beauty pageants has reached an all-time high in recent decades, but the connection between couples is what really has the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Thai actors Boun and Prem have become one of the most well-liked side couples in lankorns as a result of acting in not just one but numerous episodes together over the course of their careers.

Together, Boun and Prem have starred in nine different shows over the course of the past three years. Among these are two future productions with the titles “Between Us: The Series” and “My Broccoli.”

Fans got their first look at Boun and Prem’s relationship when the duo participated in the 2019 Thai BL tournament titled ‘Until We Meet Again’ as members of Win and Team.

Their love story was frequently hurried and distracted due to the fact that both males performed roles on the show in which they were the best friends of the two main characters.

Between Us series
Between Us series

As a result of Boun and Prem’s apparent chemistry in their roles as Win and Team, viewers have begun to request that the producers create a spin-off series for them that follows Win-Team on their journey from being friends to being a couple.

Going back in time before the events of the new BL drama, Until We Meet Again, the film Between Us offers a more serious take on Win and Team’s romantic journey and examines how a tattooed bad boy like Win fell in love with the ditzy but utterly cute Team. The film also takes a look at how Win fell in love with Team.

In contrast to the main show from 2019, the new spin-off series puts more of an emphasis on Win and Team while still keeping the story of Dean and Pharm going in the background.

much-anticipated spin-off series will not only center on the romantic lives of Win and Team, but it will also explore how the couple discovers their own unique relationship that is distinct from the one shared by Dean and Pharm.

The release date, air time, and channels on which you can watch the eighth episode of Between Us are all included in the following information for your convenience.

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Between Us series
Between Us series

Between Us (Episode 8): Release Date

The eighth episode of the Between Us web series will be made available to viewers across the world on Sunday, December 25 at 11:45 p.m. Thailand Time. (12:45pm ET/PT).

You may anticipate the show to run for a single season, which will consist of 16 episodes. Between Us will air its episodes with a run time of approximately 45 to 50 minutes each. You should also prepare for episodes to be released with subtitles.

It has been disclosed that Between Us: The Series will consist of a total of 16 episodes, and that one episode will be made available for viewing every Sunday. After the publication of this episode, there are only going to be a total of eight more episodes in the show.

Between Us series
Between Us series

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Between Us: Where To Stream?

Between Us: On the YouTube channel Studio Wabi Sabi, the series will be viewable not only in Thailand but also in the rest of the world after it has been uploaded there. As is customary for the BL series hosted on the channel, episodes will be posted to the channel in a split into four parts each.

If you have a paid subscription to the international streaming service IQIYI, you will be able to watch the episodes there. The episode that will be available on IQIYI will be longer than the one that will be available on YouTube since it will include complete, uncut versions of the mature content scenes that are rated NC (18+).

Between Us (Episode 8): WATCH TRAILER

In point of fact, there is! Below, you can discover a trailer for Between Us: The Series, which was produced by Studio Wabi Sabi:

“Between Us”: Plot Synopsis

Team is an accomplished swimmer who has recently started attending university. However, he is never able to perform to the best of his skills in swimming contests.

This prevents him from reaching his full potential. Win, an upperclassman on the swim team, realizes that the issue is not with Team’s ability or his dedication, but instead with his trauma and the difficulty sleeping that it produces, so he offers up his own room for Team to stay in until they figure out a solution to their dilemma.

Team’s performance begins to improve as they are able to relax more in each other’s company, and feelings begin to develop between the two young men. However, Team isn’t the only one who has problems from his past that are keeping him from going on with his life.

Win has a difficult time figuring out how to respond to being loved and how to provide preferential treatment to those who are closest to him. This story takes place concurrently with the events of “Until We Meet Again,” and focuses on how Win and Team become acquainted with one another and how they encourage growth in one another.

Between Us (Episode 8): Cast Details

Included in the Cast are: Boun The part of Win was portrayed by Noppanut Guntachai, the role of Team was played by Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong, the role of Dean was played by Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert, and the role of Pharm was played by Fluke Natouch Siripongthon. Bosston Suphadach Wilairat was the one who portrayed the character of Pruek, Sood Yacht Patsit Permpoonsavat was the one who took on the role of Tul, O Puwanai Sangwan was the one who took on the role of Wan, Tae Weerapat Toemmaneerat was the one who took on the role of Bee, and Benz Panupun Vongjorn was the one who took on the role of Prince.

Between Us
Between Us

Between Us Main Cast Details –

Boun Noppanut Guntachai

Boun Noppanut Guntachai
Boun Noppanut Guntachai

Guntachai received his secondary education at St. Dominic High School, and then continued his education at Bangkok University’s Faculty of Communication Arts.

The influence of Captain Chonlathorn Kongyingyong led him to pursue a career in the entertainment sector, as he explained.

Natouch Siripongthon

Natouch Siripongthon
Natouch Siripongthon

A graduate of Dhurakij Pundit University’s Faculty of Arts and Suanboonyopatham Lamphun School, Fluke Natouch Siripongthon is currently teaching at Lamphun School. He also mentioned that he is thinking about going back to school to get his master’s degree in English.

Grean Fictions was Siripongthon’s debut feature-length film, and it was released in 2013. The movie was shot in Chiang Mai, and it included young actors from the surrounding area.

It was his work in the film Greek Fictions that brought him widespread acclaim and ultimately led to the leading role in the film My Bromance, which he played in 2014. In that film, he portrays a young guy who falls in love with the son of his new stepfather.

Because of the enthusiastic response to the movie, Fluke has become one of the younger Thai performers who is better known in other countries.

Fluke played the role of a naive young man who comes face to face with an amnesiac vampire in the 2015 film Red Wine in the Dark Night, which was directed by Tanwarin Sukkhapisit.

His most recent role was as Pharm in Until We Meet Again: The Series, which was released in 2019. In this role, he portrays a reborn man who committed suicide along with his male lover as a result of love being rejected by his lover’s parents.

Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert

Thitiwat Ritprasert
Thitiwat Ritprasert

Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert is one of the most gorgeous and well-known actors to appear on Thai television. He began his career in the fashion industry as a model, and only began his acting career in 2017 when he appeared in a supporting role in the Thai television series “Lying Heart.”

Ohm was born on March 26th, 1997 in the city of Bangkok, in the country of Thailand. Ohm is his name spelled out in English.

Samantha Melanie Coates

Samantha Melanie Coates
Samantha Melanie Coates

Samantha Melanie Coates, who also goes by the alias “Sammy,” is a Thai actress and model who has been active in the Thai television entertainment industry since 2014. She has been working in the industry since 2014.

She was born on the 30th of August 1995 in Thailand, and her heritage is actually a mix of Thai and British heritage. Sammy is a hybrid. The majority of her work is done in supporting roles in various television series.

In point of fact, Samantha Melanie Coates is somewhere around 25 years old at the moment; consequently, it is possible that she has already completed her graduation; however, at the moment we do not have sufficient updates related to her education and qualification because she did not share her qualification on any social media talk and sites.

Samantha Melanie Coates made her first appearance on screen in the hit BL series “Love Sick” in the year 2014. Since then, she has made appearances in a variety of television dramas, such as “Love By Chance” (2018), “Love By Chance 2” (2020), Seven Project, etc… amongst others.

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