Blue Lock (Anime): Recap & Ending Explained Of Episode 6, Know More

In the sixth episode of ‘Blue Lock,’ titled ‘I’m Sorry,’ team Z devises a plan to confine the Wanima brothers, who have been instrumental in the success of their team.

The Wanima brothers have played a significant role in their team’s success. When team Z faces off against team W, the former manages to get out to an early and commanding lead courtesy to a hat trick scored by Kuon in the first half of the match.

The second half of the game, on the other hand, brings about a significant shift in the game’s circumstances and reveals a damaging hidden truth. The following provides detailed information regarding the conclusion of the sixth episode of “Blue Lock.” SPOILERS AHEAD!

Blue Lock Episode 6
Blue Lock Episode 6

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Blue Lock: Recap Of Episode 6

Isagi and his roommates get together for a meeting to plot out their game plan before the next day’s matchup with team W. The matchup is scheduled to take place the next day. On the other hand, Kuon, who primarily assists team Z with the on-field tactics, shows up late.

However, he suggests that during the course of the game, a group of three distinct strikers should each be given an equal amount of playing time. This would allow for the best qualities of each player to be utilized to their utmost potential. On the day of the game, the strategy to keep the Wanima brothers under control appears to be unsuccessful as they are able to easily break through the defense that team Z has set up.

It was revealed that they had previously played with Chigiri, which explains how they were able to bring down his morale with their vicious trash talk. Isagi was able to successfully intercept the pass in the nick of time, which allowed team Z to eventually take possession of the ball.

They manage to reverse the tide in their favor within a few minutes and with their attacking strategy, and Kuon’s skill in the penalty area helps them score the opening goal. This is thanks to their aggressive approach. Despite this, team Z is not yet finished and continues to put pressure on team W with the offensive game plan that they have.

Kuon is performing at a high level, and with the assistance of his squad, he is able to score two more goals, bringing team Z’s lead up to 3-0. Following the break for halftime, the Wanima brothers continue their aggressive assault, but this time they are successful in scoring.

Kuon reassures his colleagues that they do not need to freak out because they already have a comfortable lead. However, he then makes a poor pass to Isagi, which enables team W to take possession of the ball. Due to the error on the part of team W, they were able to score another goal, and suddenly there is only one goal separating the two teams.

Blue Lock Episode 6: Ending Explained

When team W is successful in scoring two goals, the pressure begins to shift onto team Y, which was sitting pretty with a lead of 3-0 going into the half. Isagi is baffled by the sudden shift in self-assurance and strategy displayed by the adversaries. However, after inadvertently delivering him a pass that was too easy for him to catch, Kuon flashed a brief smile soon after apologizing to his teammates for his error in judgment.

Isagi’s thoughts briefly wanders to the horrifying possibility that their primary strategist had betrayed them at that precise moment, but he quickly forces the idea out of his head. Nevertheless, not much more than a few seconds later, Team Z fashioned a fantastic opportunity for Kuon.

But when Isagi keeps a tight eye on the situation, he is able to see beyond a reasonable doubt that his teammate is trying to intentionally miss the ball. Despite the fact that Team Z lost the opportunity to score a goal, they ended up having possession of the ball, which allowed them to immediately turn the tide and score another goal within the same minute to tie the game.

Now that he has gotten his bearings, Isagi confronts the individual who is working to undermine the prospects of his squad winning the game. But before Kuon could respond, the Wanima brothers interjected, and they freely admitted that everything had been planned out from the very beginning.

Blue Lock Episode 6
Blue Lock Episode 6

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What Happened With Kuon At The End?

Kuon had left the team meeting of team Z undetected and spoke with them, providing them with every conceivable piece of information that could be utilized strategically against his squad in the game. Kuon admits that he has been dishonest with the Wanima brothers in exchange for the promise that he will be permitted to score three goals, and he no longer tries to hide the shadowy side of his character. Since the members of a losing team with the most goals scored will also advance to the next round of selection, Kuon did everything in his power to ensure that he would advance regardless of the results for his teammates.

In a peculiar turn of events, Kuon begins playing the game for team W, and Jinpachi, for reasons that are unclear, permits this to go place. As soon as the game begins, Kuon merely passes the ball to team W, and the battle that is taking place on the field proceeds. Isagi confronts his old teammate as they are racing together and asks him what led him to betray his squad, in addition to the promise of three goals and the opportunity to move on to the next pick.

Kuon is more than willing to discuss the issue, and he admits that team Z was walking a tightrope, and that last-minute wins merely indicated that they were barely surviving in the games that they played. Kuon is more than happy to discuss the problem. At some point, Team Z was forced to compete against team V, which had previously dispatched of Team Y. Kuon had the impression that the game between teams Y and Z was a lost cause because team Y caused team Z to struggle while they were playing. As a result, he gave up any and all possibility of advancing to the next selection round with the team and instead made the decision to pursue the individual selection route for his own benefit.

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