Bocchi The Rock (Season 1): Plot Synopsis And Review Of Episode 3, Know Characters, FAQS, Overview, Release Date And Where To Stream?

The third episode of Bocchi In the first scene of “The Rock,” Bocchi is seen going about her routine morning routines.

Bocchi takes some time to think on her life, namely her recent relationship with Ryo and Nijika, as well as her new part-time employment.

Bocchi The Rock Season 1
Bocchi The Rock Season 1

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Bocchi The Rock (Season 1): Plot Synopsis

The upcoming slice-of-life comedy anime Bocchi The Rock is an adaptation of the original manga series created by Aki Hamaji and will be produced by Studio CloverWorks (Spy x Family, The Promised Neverland, My Dress-Up Darling).

Hitori Gotou is a high school student who spends her time attempting to learn how to play the guitar. The series follows the tale of her journey through high school.

Due to her great social anxiety and excessive shyness around her classmates, she has not been able to make any friends until now.

However, she has high expectations that by learning to play the guitar, she would ultimately be able to join the school band and make some new friends.

However, when she meets a girl named Nijika Ijichi, an exceptional drummer who is looking for a new guitarist to join her band, it appears as though her dreams may actually be coming true after all.

Bocchi The Rock Season 1 Episode 3
Bocchi The Rock Season 1 Episode 3

Bocchi The Rock (Season 1): Recap Of Episode 3

  • This chapter reveals the existence of a new bandmate, demonstrates remarkable growth for Bocchi, and adds more intriguing breadcrumbs concerning several personalities.
  • Fans are going to absolutely enjoy what this episode provides, as well as the way that it sets up some potential disagreements and problems for our cast and crew to address.
  • The role of Kita is a brilliant contrast to the one played by Bocchi. In spite of the fact that she is well-known, athletic, and a phenomenal singer, she needs to improve in her understanding of guitar fundamentals.
  • Her exchanges with Bocchi, Nijika, and Ryo will cause the audience to grin and smile throughout the episode. It is unfortunate that the attack did not focus more on Kita’s singing voice; yet, the information that her character provides about Ryo’s background is really intriguing.
  • After learning that Ryo had previously quit a band, it is intriguing to speculate about the members of that band and whether or not they may appear in subsequent episodes. The thought of Ryo’s old band, Kessoku Band, competing against Kessoku Band at the culture festival sounds like the makings of an entertaining show waiting to take place.
  • It would be nice if the breadcrumb concerning Ryo led to something like that since that would be a satisfactory way for things to wrap up.
  • In addition to that, Bocchi was an essential character in this episode. Not only did she bring Kita and Kessoku back together on respectful terms, but she also displayed some maturity in the process of doing so.
  • In spite of the fact that she was a coward, she performed brave acts that will motivate many individuals who have introvert inclinations to get over their shyness.
  • On the other hand, I can’t help but grin whenever Bocchi shows signs of overthinking the situation.
  • In general, episode three features innovative animation methods, astounding visuals, and excellent camera work. Fans will delight in watching Bocchi overcome her fear and will find themselves chuckling at her many futile attempts.
  • Kita provides an energy that is both recognizable and genuine to Kessoku Band, and I can’t wait to see how it develops with the rest of our group as the show progresses. It would be wonderful if the following chapter featured yet another fantastic adventure.

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Bocchi The Rock Season 1 Episode 3
Bocchi The Rock Season 1 Episode 3

Bocchi The Rock (Season 1): Where To Stream?

New episodes of Bocchi the Rock! will be shown for the first time on local television networks in Japan.

These networks include Tokyo MX, BS11, GTV, GYT, MRT, MBS, RKB, and AT-X, among others. After the initial broadcast of the first episode of Bocchi The Rock! on Japanese local television networks, the show will be made available for streaming on various websites shortly thereafter.

On the Crunchyroll streaming platform, fans from all over the world can catch up on the most recent episodes of Bocchi the Rock. We suggest that you watch the anime through legitimate channels because doing so shows support for the people who make the shows.

Bocchi The Rock (Season 1): Date of Release

The plot centers on a young woman named Hitori Gotou and her aspirations, as well as the challenges and opportunities she faces.

Fans of the series have been waiting for the anime series Bocchi the Rock! and its first season to premiere. CloverWorks announced the anime series, and the premiere date is somewhere in October 2022. On December 17, 2021, a teaser trailer was released, officially announcing Bocchi the Rock! Season 1.

Bocchi The Rock (Season 1): Characters

The formal announcement for Bocchi the Rock! Season 1 was published on the official website in 2021, and it included the names of the voice performers, as well as the director, producer, designer, and animator, among other positions.

Yoshino Aoyama, who is recognized for her work as a voice actor in Wake Up, Girls!, is going to provide her voice for the series’ main character, Hitori Gutou. Her character is incredibly amusing as well as relatable, and Yoshino Aoyama will be providing her voice. In Love Tyrant, as Yoshino Nanase; in Shachibato!, as Guri! Mr. President, the battle of Makoto has arrived at its climax.

Nijika ljichi is the drummer and a new friend of Hitori. She shares Hitori’s dream and passion for music, and her voice was provided by Sayami Suzushiro, who is best known for her work as a voice actor in the television series Hi Score Girl as Akira Ono, in The Magnificent Kotobuki as Kylie, in We never Learn as Uruka Takemoto, and as Wise in Do, You Love Your Mom and Her Two-H

Ryo Yamada is voiced by Saku Mizuno, who is affiliated with Sony and is known for her voice as Rena Hananoi in Selection Project.

Ikuyo Kita is expressed by Ikumi Hasegawa, who is known for her work as a voice actor in 86 as Vladilena Milize and as Arcueid Brunestud in Tsukihime- A piece of blue glass moon. The band will have two more characters who are equally important

Keiichirou Saitou, well known for his work on Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On and Boogiepop wa Warawanai, has been cast in the role of director for the upcoming anime series Bocchi the Rock! Season 1 of Bocchi the Rock! was produced at CloverWork studios by Erika Yoshida, who is best known for her work in Kami no Tou, Omoi Omoware, and Furi Furare. Kerorira, who is best known for her work in Darling in the Franxx, etc., was the character designer for Bocchi the Rock!. The role of Animation Producer is held by Shota Umehara.

Spy x Family, I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, Shadow House, and My Dress-up Darling are just a few of the popular productions that have come out of the CloverWork studio in recent years.

Bocchi The Rock Season 1
Bocchi The Rock Season 1

Who Is “Bocchi”?

Hitori “Bocchi” Got, the main character of the video game Bocchi The Rock!, is currently in his first year at Shuka High School and is having a miserable time of it. She has never had any friends in her life and has always yearned to be a member of the in-group; nevertheless, she is an introvert who is incredibly shy and timid.

She was inspired to pick up the guitar and teach herself how to play after hearing an introverted leader for a band talk about his experiences on TV. Her ultimate ambition is to one day play for a genuine band in front of thousands of people who will “go crazy for her.”

She practiced the guitar for three years, each day for a total of six hours. Hitori has always had the desire to be noticed; however, despite her participation in music and her online presence as “Guitar Hero,” an amateur guitarist with a large following, Hitori is unable to join a band or make any friends until she is noticed by Nijika, who invites her to play guitar as a replacement for her guitarist who went missing without a trace.

Nijika and Ryou are the ones who gave Hitori the nickname “Bocchi,” and it is directly connected to her given name in the sense that the phrase “hitori bocchi” can be now translated to “all alone,” which is descriptive of the character’s experiences in life. Nijika and Ryou also gave Hitori the name “Hitori,” which is directly connected to her given name.

Hitori is not very good in sports or social interaction, and he has a tendency to “short-circuit” in a humorous way whenever the idea of any social connection is put in front of him.

Although Yui Hirasawa, the main character of K-ON!, plays a Gibson Les Paul 68 Custom Ebony Ultra Light Aged, Hitori plays a Gibson Les Paul 68 Custom Ebony Ultra Light Aged. Both guitars are made by the same company.

She is the proud owner of a Shiba Inu whom she honors with the name Jimi Hendrix. Her name comes from that of Masafumi Got, who was the primary songwriter for Asian Kung-Fu Generation and the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the band. Her birthday, which is on February 21 (2/21), is the opposite of Got’s birthday, which is on December 2 (12/2).

Bocchi The Rock (Season 1): Overview

Name of the Season Bocchi The Rock
Bocchi The Rock Season 1 Characters Hitori Goto and Nijika Ijichi
Current Season Season 1
Genre Comedy
Bocchi The Rock Season 1 Release Date October 9, 2022
NOD 17 days

Bocchi The Rock (Season 1): Characters

  • Gotou Hitori
  • Ijichi Nijika
  • Yamada Ryou
  • Kita Ikuyo


How many seasons of Bocchi The Rock are there?

There are a total of 1 seasons of Bocchi The Rock.

When is the Bocchi The Rock Season 1 release date?

The Bocchi The Rock Season 1 will be released on October 9, 2022.

Is the Trailer for the Bocchi The Rock Season 1 released?

No, the Trailer is yet to come out for the Bocchi The Rock Season 1 as of now.

What is the genre of Bocchi The Rock Season 1?

The genre of the Bocchi The Rock Season 1 is Comedy.

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