“Alchemy Of Souls” (Season 2): Release Date, Preview, Plot And Streaming Platform Of Episode 4, WATCH TRAILER!

Alchemy of Souls 2 Light and Shadow

The second installment of the immensely popular drama Alchemy of Souls features Jang-Uk making a comeback appearance as a monstrous figure while brandishing the sword with which his lover wounded him. As a direct consequence of this, he now makes use of it to capture soul shifters. After suffering a devastating loss, Jang-Uk is forced … Read more

Behind Every Star: Release Date Of Episode 8, Where To Stream It? Know Cast, Synopsis, TRAILER, Episodes And More Details

The Korean version of Call My Agent, which goes by the name Behind Every Star, is a very captivating film to see. The main focus of the plot is on Method Entertainment, which is a large management organization that specializes in providing customized services for a number of different stars and actresses. The plot of … Read more