Reginald Kimbro: Current Location And Crimes Of The Murderer Of Molly Matheson And Megan Getrum

Murderor Reginald Kimbro

The authorities were able to locate Reginald Kimbro as a result of their investigation into the murders of Molly Matheson and Megan Getrum.   As the investigation progressed, the authorities realized that he had been suspected of committing some horrible crimes in the past and that there was a pattern that formed with his attacks. … Read more

Molly Matheson: Details Of The Parents Of The Victim Of Murderer Reginald Kimbro

Molly Matheson

Tracy Matheson, Molly’s mother, went to her daughter’s apartment in April 2017 and found her daughter dead in the toilet. She had been there for some time. An inquiry was launched after the murder, which revealed how the killer was allowed to walk free despite having prior allegations of sexual assault against him. Tracy and … Read more

Megan Getrum: Who Are The Parents Of The Victim Of Criminal Spree? More About Their Current Location

Megan Getrum

The episode of “Dateline: Wreckage” on NBC News recounts Reginald Kimbro’s criminal spree that he committed throughout the state of Texas.   It came to an end in March of 2022 after he was found guilty of two murders and twice as many sexual assaults, which resulted in him being sentenced to life in prison. … Read more

Jeffrey Dahmer: Did He Had Cannibal Nature? Details Of The Victims Of His Cannibalism

Jeffrey Dahmer Played By An Actor

The notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is depicted in the Netflix documentary titled “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” which details how he eventually developed cannibalistic impulses while dismembering and preserving the bodies of his victims. Reports imply that he cooked and consumed a significant number of his victims’ body parts, despite the fact that he … Read more

Jeffrey Dahmer: How Did The Notorious Serial Killer Got Caught? What Happened To His Only Surviving Victim?

Jeffrey Dahmer

The horrifying true story of Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer and sexual predator, is depicted in the new Netflix film Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which is now available to stream online. At least 17 people were murdered over the course of more than a decade by the serial murderer, who went on a killing … Read more

Was Jeffrey Dahmer Responsible For The Death Of His Grandmother? Updates On His Female Victims

Jeffrey Dahmer

The killings that were done by serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, whose reign of terror lasted from 1978 until 1991, are detailed in the documentary titled “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” which is available on Netflix. It is interesting to note that he murdered at least three individuals when he was residing in Catherine Jemima Hughes’ … Read more

Jeffrey Dahmer: Was He Discharged From The Military?, More About His Military Life And Crimes

Jeffrey Dahmer

The sentiments of unease and dread that are evoked by each episode of “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” are distinct and varied from one another.   The brand-new series on Netflix about the serial killer and sexual predator Jeffrey Dahmer is now available to stream on the service. And someone, please, give actor Evan Peters … Read more

Why Did Joseph Zilber Decide to Destroy Jeffrey Dahmer’s Personal Items?, More Updates

Jeffrey Dahmer

The documentary ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,’ which can be found on Netflix, describes how Jeffrey Dahmer, a prolific serial murderer, was responsible for the deaths of about 17 men and boys between the years of 1978 and 1991. It is said that when Jeffrey’s reign of terror came to a close, the deaths he … Read more