Chicago Fire (Season 11): Cast, Plot, Release Date, Streaming Platform, Filming Locations, TRAILER And Which Characters Are Leaving The Show?

The debut of Chicago Fire season 11 will be on NBC on September 21st, 2022.

Rescue Squad 3, which is led by Lieutenant Kelly Severide, collaborates closely with Engine 51, which Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann commands, and Truck 81, which is controlled by Lieutenant Stella Kidd.

The unrelenting and never-give-up mentality that they all share brings them closer together, and as a result, the members of Firehouse 51 are more than just coworkers; they are family.

In addition, the firehouse is led by Deputy District Chief Wallace Boden, who ensures that everything runs efficiently and that his firefighters are well-equipped to face any challenge.

Along with seasoned professionals Randy “Mouch” McHolland and Joe Cruz, veteran paramedic Sylvie Brett makes a return appearance.

Blake Gallo, a daredevil, Darren Ritter, talented and committed, and Violet Mikami, 51’s newest member and a feisty paramedic, round out the squad.

Chicago Fire Season 11
Chicago Fire Season 11

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Chicago Fire (Season 11): Synopsis

The conclusion of season 10 of Chicago Fire aired on May 25, setting the stage for another action-packed season in the following year. We wouldn’t have anticipated anything less from you.

Fans were overjoyed to see Severide and Stella finally tie the knot during the show, but that doesn’t mean the ceremony didn’t have its share of hiccups here and there.

The first was short-lived owing to Severide’s best friend Casey, who came up with a solution when the wedding location became unavailable at short notice. Casey hired a ship captain to marry the couple on a boat, and this allowed the wedding to proceed as planned.

A number of trucks pulled up to the cabin where the newlyweds were spending their first night together. Inside were most likely the deadly drug dealers who had a grudge against Severide. This brought the story to a dramatic and suspenseful cliffhanger.

We won’t know what takes place until the show returns for its eleventh season, but it’s possible that it will pick up right where the tenth season left off and show Stellaride confronting the situation, or that it will start with the aftermath of whatever it is that takes place there. Until then, we’ll have to wait and see what takes place.

Because it would be mean of the Instagram gods to do so, we are crossing our fingers and hoping that the character Stella only made a brief appearance in the picture.

Kinney remarked, “I have no clue [about kids], but I’m excited,” when asked about the future of the newlyweds and whether or not a family could be in their future. This statement could at the very least be interpreted to imply that a fatality was not in the cards.

When asked about the new episodes, Kinney made the following comment: “The significance of being a part of something that has been there for as long as this has never left me in any doubt,” she said. “It’s a tribute to [the show’s creator], Dick Wolf, and the team of people he brings together,” said the author.

Chicago Fire Season 11
Chicago Fire Season 11

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Chicago Fire (Season 11): Who Are Not Returning To The Show?

Otis Zvonecek

As a result of One Chicago Center, viewers are aware that Otis passed away in the opening episode of the eighth season. The seventh season finale of Firehouse 51 had the crew being called to a mattress manufacturing where a fire was raging out of control.

The show came to a dramatic conclusion with a significant cliffhanger when a boiler burst, leaving viewers wondering if the firefighters were able to escape injury. Since the character died in the eighth season, we haven’t seen Otis since then, and it’s unlikely that we’ll see him again in the eleventh season.

The only method to bring Otis back, given that he was slain, would be through flashbacks, which is a storytelling element that hasn’t been utilized very frequently in the One Chicago franchise.

If they were unable to bring him back for some of their recent milestone episodes, such as the 200th, we do not believe that they will get him back for a random cameo during this season.

Leslie Shay

Leslie Shay was a member of the Chicago Fire Department and served as a paramedic. She was stationed at Ambulance 61, which was located at Firehouse 51.

Lauren German gave the performance of the character. We are aware that she had a relationship in the past that lasted for three years with a woman named Clarice Carthage.

However, Clarice eventually ended the connection with her and went on to marry and have a child with a wealthy man named Daniel Schwartz.

This is the root cause of the commitment troubles that she has. After some time, Leslie passed away on May 13, 2014, as a result of injuries she received while on the job.

These injuries were caused when a portion of a structure collapsed. Every season, fans of the show held out hope that German would make a cameo appearance, usually in the form of a flashback sequence, to honor the character. Shay is not expected to make an appearance at any point during season 11 due to the fact that the authors have yet to be able to figure out a method to make it work.

Chicago Fire Season 11 Cast
Chicago Fire Season 11 Cast

Benny Severide

Benjamin “Benny” Severide was Kelly and Katie’s father. He was a retired firefighter who had previously served on Squad 4 alongside Wallace Boden and Henry Mills.

If you have watched the episode “In Funny What Things Remind Us” from Season 9, you will know that Boden discusses Benny’s inability to stand Red X duty and how, if the chief gave him the okay, he would have a bottle of alcohol on his desk. Boden wagered that Benny had not picked up a hammer in the previous 15 years.

Kelly also notes that he still thinks about his friend, even though it has been two years since his passing away. In addition, Kelly Severide continues to play a significant role in the show;

however, whenever he discusses Benny, he does so just in passing, as the production does not generally employ flashbacks showing new video of actors whose roles were written out of the show. The program has also steered clear of dream sequences and bottle episodes, both of which would have included the characters seeing people they know.

Chicago Fire (Season 11): Release Date

In the United States, the premiere of the eleventh season of Chicago Fire took place on NBC on September 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

There is no premiere date set for the show in the UK as of the time of this writing; however, in prior seasons, it has debuted a few months after the premiere in the US. When the date for the premiere in the UK becomes known, we will add it to the article.

One Chicago Wednesdays will be back in action this fall with all three Chicago shows airing back to back, beginning with Chicago Med at 8 pm ET/PT, followed by Chicago Fire at 9 pm ET/PT, and then capped off with Chicago P.D. at 10 pm ET/PT.

This will be the third time that One Chicago Wednesdays has been brought back to life.

Fans can look forward to a lot of activity in the midst of the work week thanks to that packed Wednesday program, as well as lots of opportunities for crossover events to take place.

Chicago Fire (Season 11): Streaming Platforms

Peacock, fuboTV, and Hulu Plus are the online streaming services where you can watch Chicago Fire.

You can also stream episodes of Chicago Fire by renting or purchasing them through Amazon Instant Video or Vudu. Both services offer a wide variety of subscription options that can be tailored to the specific requirements and preferences of individual customers.

In addition, the episodes of the series are made accessible to view online exclusively on the official website of NBC shortly after they have aired on the channel on Wednesday evenings in the 9/8c time slot. This may be done by visiting the website.

Depending on the user’s area, the earlier seasons of Chicago Fire can also be viewed online for free via IMDb TV.

Chicago Fire (Season 11): More Details

Chicago Fire (Season 11): Expected Cast

  • Lt. Kelly Severide is played by Taylor Kinney.
  • Eamonn Walker has been promoted to the position of Deputy District Chief Wallace Boden.
  • Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett
  • David Eigenberg as Lt. Christopher Herrmann
  • Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd
  • Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz
  • Randy “Mouch” McHolland is played by Christian Stolte.
  • Daniel Kyri as Darren Ritter
  • Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo
  • Hanako Greensmith as Violet Mikami

Chicago Fire (Season 11): Filming Locations

In spite of the fact that Chicago Fire could have been recorded virtually anywhere thanks to the wonders of cinematography, the majority of the action actually takes place in real-world settings.

When Firehouse 51 is responding to a call, viewers will commonly see shots of essential streets in Chicago, such as the Magnificent Mile in the downtown area of the city, or aerial views of the Chicago River.

Those who live outside of Chicago may have a more difficult time recognizing these well-known sites and locales within the city, in contrast to those who call Chicago their home and who have no trouble doing so. Let’s go through some of the places that have been used to film Chicago Fire the most.

Chicago Fire Season 11
Chicago Fire Season 11

Firehouse 51

The West Side of Chicago serves as the location for a number of Firehouse 51’s exterior scenes, many of which were taken in a real-life firehouse. On S. Blue Island Avenue may be found the fire station that houses Engine 18. Even though it continues to function as a firehouse, the location has seen an increase in the number of tourists visiting ever since the series began.

The Cinespace Chicago Film Studios are utilized in the production of Firehouse 51 for the purpose of filming the interior shots. However, the façade of the station serves as a significant inspiration for the scenes that take place within.

A fun fact is that the producers of Firehouse 51 initially planned for the station to include a sliding pole because of the classic images associated with fire stations in movies and television shows. Even a sliding bar was incorporated into the production of the series pilot.

However, Engine 18 and the majority of the other newly constructed firehouses in Chicago are single-story structures. The Chicago Fire television show got rid of the pole so that it would be consistent with Engine 18.

Chicago P.D. scenes

In the course of responding to incidents that affect the entire city, the characters of Chicago Fire frequently cross paths with the officers of the Chicago Police Department. It is common to see scenes from Chicago Fire filming within the police station.

These scenes may involve the investigation of an arsonist or the fight against corruption in the inner city. Scenes involving the Chicago Police Department that take place outside are filmed right around the corner from Engine 18. Cinespace Chicago Film Studios serves as the location for the filming of interior shots, much as Firehouse 51.

Molly’s Bar

Molly’s is the primary watering hole on Chicago Fire. It is owned by fellow firefighters Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) and Randall “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte), as well as the latter’s onscreen wife, who is played by P.D.’s Trudy Platt (Amy Morton).

Lottie’s Pub, which can be found in the Bucktown district of Chicago, is the establishment that has been decorated with string lighting.

Locals in Chicago know it for its affordable happy hour specials and open mic evenings, both of which complement the atmosphere of the Chicago Fire series.

In later seasons of Chicago Fire, the interior of Lottie’s was reproduced at Cinespace for any sequences that were set in Molly’s. This was done to avoid causing any disturbances to Lottie’s business.

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