‘Chicago Med’: Fans Keeping Fingers Crossed For The Return Of Dr. Dylan Scott, More Updates About The Character

Chicago Med is the most popular show in the One Chicago trio among viewers who enjoy medically-themed dramas. Because the One Chicago universe has a high tendency for tragedy, unsolved cases, complicated doctor relationships, the lives of patients, and other aspects all contribute to the constant stream of questions that are posed by fans.

Guy Lockard In Chicago Med
Guy Lockard In Chicago Med


Fans are concerned that Dr. Dylan Scott (Guy Lockard) may be departing the series after the conclusion of the seventh season, which included a lot of action.

The One Chicago series does not have the finest track record when it comes to the lifespan of its characters; for example, at the conclusion of Season 6 of Chicago Med, longstanding actresses Torrey DeVitto and Yaya DaCosta made the decision to depart the franchise. And during the previous season, Kristen Hager left the show after only a few episodes, despite having been billed as a series regular. So, will Dylan be departing Chicago Medicine after the eighth season?

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Dr. Dylan Scott: Is The Character Departing From ‘Chicago Med’?

Despite the fact that Guy didn’t become a part of the Chicago Med ensemble until the seventh season, he has swiftly established himself as one of the most important characters (and doctors) on the show. Due to the fact that he was elevated from his previous role as a recurrent character to that of a series regular for the upcoming eighth season, it is quite improbable that anything terrible will befall Dylan, especially in light of the difficulties he encountered in the season 7 finale.

The fact that Dylan previously worked as a law enforcement officer has, more often than not, put him in potentially hazardous circumstances. After Dylan’s failed attempt to conceal cop Jo after her cover was discovered, the series finale finds him and Dr. Halstead (played by Nick Gehlfuss) stranded in a burning building together.

Dylan manages to shoot the man who was attempting to assassinate Jo, but then the four of them find themselves stuck within the building. It is extremely unlikely that the show’s two male characters, Dylan and Halstead, will be eliminated all at once, despite the fact that this is an extremely tense situation for the audience.

Not only that, but it has also been abundantly evident, as a result of the release of certain production photographs and teaser trailers for Season 8, that Dylan and Halstead will make their way out of the burning building.

However, we are not aware of the means by which they escape or whether or not they do so without suffering any injuries. On the plus side, this might mean that there will be more chances for crossovers between Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.

Guy Lockard: Details Of His Character In The Show

Whenever a significant character on a show decides to exit the program, the character will almost certainly issue some kind of statement. On the other hand, neither the showrunner Andrea Newman nor Guy have provided any indication that he will be quitting the show. Actually, in order to get his followers and the viewers excited about the upcoming eighth season of Chicago Med, he posted a sneak peek of the new episodes just two weeks before the launch.

However, as none of the One Chicago shows are guaranteed to be renewed for a ninth season, it is possible that any and all of the characters, including Dylan, might be leaving at the end of this season depending on the direction the show takes in the future.

Tonight, at 8 o’clock Eastern Standard Time (EST), NBC will air the opening of the eighth season of Chicago Med.

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Guy Lockard: Biography

Over the course of more than 20 years, Guy Lockard has put in a lot of effort in order to establish a reputation for himself in the entertainment world. At this point, he is officially on the verge of an opportunity that will bring about positive changes in his professional life.

It was just just revealed that he will be participating in the forthcoming season of Chicago Med as a series regular, and the casting news was shared with the public. Fans and other actors alike have been reaching out to him to offer their congratulations on landing what will undoubtedly be his most significant part to date.

Even though the next season of the show won’t likely premiere until 2022 at the earliest, the anticipation is already at a fever pitch. We don’t have a lot of information on Guy’s role just yet, but we have a feeling that he’s going to blast it out of the park when it comes to his performance. Continue reading to find out ten things about Guy Lockard that you didn’t know before.

Some Information Regarding Guy Lockard

1. He Presided Over The Teen Summit As A Host

Guy was lucky in that he was able to get his foot in the door of the entertainment industry at a young age. Breaking into the entertainment industry is not an easy thing to achieve.

Guy began his start in the entertainment industry in 2001 when he was cast in the role of host for the renowned television series Teen Summit, which ran from 1989 to 2002. In 2009, during an episode of the television show Law & Order, Guy made his debut as an actor.

2. He operates as a producer

Even while being in front of the camera is unquestionably Guy’s favorite part of the process, he has also tried his hand at working behind the lens. The year 2017 marked his first year working in the production industry, and his first project was a short film titled Beast Mode.

We were unable to locate any evidence that would suggest that he intends to perform further work behind the scenes in the foreseeable future.

3. He Appeared In A Video For Jay-Z

The opportunity to collaborate with Jay-Z, who is widely regarded as the most accomplished rapper of his generation, is not one that comes to very many people. Guy Lockard, on the other hand, can proudly state that he has collaborated with Jay-Z.

Guy made an appearance in the music video for Jay-song Z’s “Smile” in the year 2017. There have been more than three million views of the video since it was uploaded to YouTube.

4. He Attended Towson University

Because of his work, the vast majority of people undoubtedly had the misconception that Guy majored in theater or drama while he was attending college. On the other hand, a significant number of individuals are unaware of the fact that music has always been one of Guy’s primary interests.

Guy received his degree in jazz vocal performance from Towson University, where he studied for four years.

5. He’s Done A Lot Of Work With His Voice

The live-action portion of Guy’s acting CV is rather amazing, but this isn’t the only medium in which he’s been able to put his acting skills to good use.

Throughout his career, he has also participated in a number of voice-over productions. In particular, he is known for narrating a number of audiobooks, the most notable of which being All American Boys and The Autobiography of Gucci Mane.

6. He’s the kind of guy who keeps a low profile.

Some individuals working in the entertainment sector are so preoccupied with gaining attention that they are willing to put their entire life on display for the sole purpose of attracting some kind of focus. However, Guy would never conduct himself in such a manner. He would rather keep his personal life a secret from the general public and focus all of the attention on his professional accomplishments.

7. He Was Signed To A Record Label

The fact that Guy earned a degree in jazz vocal performance indicates that he possesses an excellent singing voice, as you may have been able to deduce from this information. Guy signed a recording contract with Ruff Ryders Entertainment while he was still a student in college. However, due to the fact that the label had other things to focus on, his project was finally put on hold.

8. He Had a Role in the Show Gossip Girl

Guy has been given the opportunity to participate in a number of shows that have been very popular, despite the fact that he hasn’t yet had a lot of major roles. In the year 2012, he had a guest appearance in an episode of Gossip Girl playing the role of a taxi driver. Even while it might not have been the most significant component, he still had a lot to gain from participating in the event. He has also appeared in episodes of Gotham and The Blacklist.

9. He calls New York his home base

Because Guy maintains a high level of discretion in his personal life, we were unable to uncover any information regarding his childhood. Although it does not appear that he is originally from the area, we are aware that he is currently residing in the metropolitan area of New York City. Given that he attended Towson University, there is a possibility that he was born and raised in the Washington, District of Columbia or Baltimore metropolitan area.

10. He Is Not That Into Social Media Overall

There are going to be a lot of people who are interested in following Guy on social media now that it has been announced that he will be joining the cast of Chicago Med. The encouraging news is that he has profiles on both Instagram and Twitter; yet, he doesn’t give off the impression of being someone who is particularly preoccupied with their use. It appears that he did not begin engaging in activities on the internet until the year 2020.

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