Christina Hall (TV Personality) Open Up About Her Mercury & Lead Poisoning, Bio, Career, Married Life, Net Worth (2023)

Christina Hall, who presents shows about home renovations, has revealed to her audience that she is ill due to mercury and lead exposure.

HGTV host Christina El Moussa rose to fame alongside her then-husband Tarek el Moussa when they presented the show Flip or Flop.

These days, she presents her own show, Christina on the Coast.

Christina Hall
Christina Hall

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Christina Hall Discussed Her Health Issues

After being open and honest about some of the challenges she’s been facing with her health in a recent Instagram post, the star of Christina on the Coast is now providing followers with an update regarding what a recent scan revealed.

She shared the results of her scan on her Instagram Story on the 22nd of December, stating, “My scan revealed I had mercury and lead poisoning.” “It’s probably because of all of the filthy houses I’ve lived in (all of the horrible flips), and I have an excess of germs in my small intestine. First, we are going to detox everything using herbs and IVs, and then, once we’ve assessed how I feel, we’ll start working on the implants.”

Previously, the woman who was a mother of three questioned whether or not her breast implants were the cause of her feeling ill.

In a post dated December 17, she wrote, “I’ve had some inexplicable health things for years, and now I’m pondering the notion that this could be tied to breast implants.” She also mentioned that she dissolved her under eye fillers because they were “creating an inflammatory reaction.”

The former host of Flip or Flop went on to name a number of additional conditions that she has been suffering from, such as Hashimoto’s disease, Raynaud’s syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, unexplained skin rashes, joint and muscle pain, dry eyes, acid reflux, and brain fog. She also mentioned that she had been a victim of sexual assault.

Christina Hall
Christina Hall

Christina Hall: Who Is She?

She was born in Anaheim, California, in the United States of America, on July 9, 1983. Carly is Christina’s sister, and she is ten years younger than Christina.

After finishing her education, she went straight into the real estate industry. In Orange County, she managed the real estate agency owned by Tarek and Christina, known as The El Moussa Group.

Since the 16th of April in 2013, she and Tarek have been co-hosting the television show “Flip or Flop,” which is broadcast on HGTV and has been renewed for a 9th season, which will begin airing in August of 2020.

Real Estate Elevated is a real estate investment seminar series that was co-founded by Christina and Tarek in 2018. The course is geared for prospective investors. They ran a number of advertisements that touted their free training on real estate.

Christina Hall
Christina Hall

Christina Hall: Childhood And Family

California was Christina’s home throughout her entire youth there. She was brought up in Anaheim by her devoutly religious family. To tell you the truth, very little information is known about her family.

According to everything that has been uncovered, Christina has a younger sister whose name is Carly. There is a gap of ten years in age between the two of them. She attended a high school southern California, then graduated with high marks in all of her standardized tests after completing that school.

Following her graduation from high school, Christina made the decision to enroll in classes at San Diego State University. Finally beginning her career, she entered the field of real estate shortly after graduating from college.

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Christina Hall: Career Details

Real estate career

  • Following the completion of her studies at the university level, Christina, together with her now-ex-husband Tarek, whom she had met in 2005, made the decision to establish a real estate agency.
  • “Tarek and Christina: The El Moussa Group” was the name of their company when it was first established. It was a profitable venture up until the stock market collapse of 2008, which caused widespread damage to the real estate industry.
  • They made an investment in real estate in Santa Ana, California, in the year 2010. Up to the year 2018, they had operations not only in California but also in neighboring states like Nevada and Arizona. This agency has been closed down and is now under Derek’s control.
Christina Hall
Christina Hall

TV career

  • In 2011, Tarek El Moussa created an audition film for HGTV with the assistance of a buddy. He submitted the tape. Pie Town Productions’ interest has been stirred as a result of listening to the audio.
  • The Instagram feed of the couple, which included before and after photographs of numerous restoration projects, had also attracted the attention of officials from HGTV.
  • In 2012, HGTV sought out the two individuals to collaborate on the creation of a show for the network.
  • The first episode of Flip or Flop was broadcast on the network in April of 2013. In June of 2018, Hall will make her debut in the title role of her very own spin-off series, titled Christina on the Coast.
  • The first episode of season one focused on Hall remodeling her new home after her divorce, while the remaining seven episodes focused on Hall remodeling the homes of other people. Production started in the fall of 2018, and the premiere is scheduled for the spring of 2019.
  • On January 2, 2020, the first episode of the show’s second season was broadcast on HGTV. In 2017, Hall was a speaker at the Daytime Emmys and delivered a speech.
Christina Hall
Christina Hall

Christina Hall: Net Worth 2023

The star of Christina on the Coast is reported to have a net worth of $25 million, which may be attributed to her many television shows as well as other endeavors.

The star of the HGTV show Flip or Flop made $10,000 per episode in the show’s early years, which added up to approximately $130,000 every season. Her income grew proportionally with the number of people that watched the show.

The amount of money that Hall made per episode during season 3 was $40,000, and in 2019, that amount was raised once more by an additional $10,000, bringing the total amount that she made per episode to $50,000.

HGTV made the announcement regarding Christina on the Coast in the same year. The first season was comprised of ten episodes and brought in a staggering half a million dollars for her.

During the first season, Hall worked on the renovation of her own home in Newport Beach, which she had purchased in 2018 for a price of $4.1 million.

After some time, the exact same home was offered for sale at a price of $5.4 million. She made her first real estate acquisition in 2021, spending $10.3 million on a home in California and $2.5 million on a property in Nashville.

Christina Hall: Social Media


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Christina Hall: Married Life

Following the dissolution of her marriage to her ex-husband, Ant, in July 2021, it became public knowledge that Christina had begun a relationship with a new person.

According to People, the television personality was spotted at the Los Angeles International Airport holding hands with her new boyfriend as they walked together.

After some time, Christina disclosed the fact that the two had been dating for a number of months. In addition, she disclosed that the first time they met was in the spring of 2021.

On September 20 of same year, Christina announced to her Instagram followers that she and Joshua had gotten engaged in a post on Instagram. She uploaded several warm and fuzzy images of the couple taken at the Montage Los Cabos resort in Mexico.


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In April of 2021, the pair went ahead and got married, and TMZ was the first media outlet to break the news.

The woman who is now a mother of three has been married thrice in total.

Tarek El Moussa, an HGTV personality and real estate businessman, was Christina’s first husband. The couple has one child together. From 2009 till 2018, the couple was married to one another.

They have a daughter named Taylor El Moussa, who is twelve years old, and a son named Brayden El Moussa (7).

In her second marriage, she was married to Ant Anstead, an English television presenter, from 2018 to 2021. They are the parents of a son named Hudson London Anstead, who is currently three years old.

Christina Hall: Weight Loss Update And Diet

When preparing her food, Christina always takes sure to incorporate some heart-healthy fats. A diet that is properly balanced will include fats that are good for the heart, such as those that are found in avocados. Avocados also include fiber and protein.

She recommends a variety of foods, some of which include lean meats, dairy products, avocados, seeds, almonds, and healthy plant oils.

In an interview with Country Living, Christina revealed that in addition to spending time outside and running, she has recently started attending Orangetheory Fitness classes.

Orangetheory places an emphasis on combining cardio and strength training in the context of small groups, all while keeping a close eye on the participant’s heart rate.

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