Dance Monsters: What Do the Judges Think They Are Seeing? Behind The Scenes, Technology Details And More

The new competition on Netflix that is taking over the streaming platform is called Dance Monsters, but fans are a little bit confused about exactly what the show’s judges can see of the performance contrasted to what the audience can see of the performance.

“Dance Monsters” on Netflix is an enthralling dancing reality program that has its own unique and fascinating twist. While the real dancers perform onstage, they are hooked up to computer-generated monster models in the backstage area, and cutting-edge motion capture technology replicates their every move.

However, viewers who watch the show online are the only ones who get to see the CGI holograms performing live on stage. This has led many people to wonder what the live audience and judges actually get to see.

In addition, this is an extremely valid concern because, with the technology that is available now, it is virtually impossible to display such flawless holograms live on stage. Don’t worry because we’ve got the answers you’re looking for!

Dance Monsters Season 1
Dance Monsters Season 1

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Dance Monsters: What Do the Judges Think They Are Seeing?

Since the inception of competitive dance reality programs, the majority of these competitions have adhered to the tried-and-true format of entrants performing live in front of a panel of judges.

The most any show has ever done to conceal the identities of its contestants is to require them to wear masks during the competition.

However, “Dance Monsters” had an entirely other concept in mind as it decided to combine the art of dance with the cutting-edge technology of today to produce a one-of-a-kind performance that is certain to leave its audience in awe.

Watching an episode of “Dance Monsters” will make it clear to anybody that the show does not adhere to the format of conventional reality competitions in the dance world. The dancers on almost all dance reality shows perform in front of the judges in person.

However, ‘Dance Monsters’ takes this concept one step further by providing each contestant with their very own computer-generated monster that is uniquely crafted to reflect the contestant’s individual characteristics.

In addition, it is rather impressive to watch the dancers line up and perform behind the scenes, away from the glare of the spotlight. In point of fact, the show places a significant emphasis on the contestants’ identities, as nothing about them is disclosed unless and until the “monster” in question is taken out of the competition totally.

Dance Monsters Season 1
Dance Monsters Season 1

Dance Monsters: How Does The Show Work?

  • The program links each dancer up to a complex network of state-of-the-art motion capture equipment in order to achieve such a presentation. This technology detects even the most minute of movements and maps it onto the CGI image.
  • As a consequence of this, when the dancer begins their performance backstage, their CGI models immediately begin to replicate their every movement without making even the tiniest mistake.
  • In addition, the models have been designed to read and mimic facial expressions and lip movement in real time, which further contributes to the immersive experience.
  • However, it is very difficult to project such models during a live event, whereas fans who watch the series on their TV screens get to experience 3D holograms of the monsters imitating the dance steps on the stage itself.
  • In point of fact, there are those who are under the impression that the dances are prerecorded and that the camera then cuts to the judges in order to reveal their responses. However, this is not the case because the show has no pre-recorded segments and the judges watch live performances throughout the competition.
  • The live audience in the studio is able to watch the CGI models dance on a screen while the stage itself stays vacant. The dancers perform backstage after linking themselves up to motion capture gear.
  • This gives the judges the ability to respond to the performance as it is happening in real time, and a competitor is not brought out on stage until their name has been disclosed.
  • Therefore, anyone who is interested in witnessing the filming of “Dance Monsters” should keep in mind that the fascinating 3D holograms on the stage are created during post-production and do not appear so in real life. Those who are interested in witnessing the filming of “Dance Monsters” should keep this in mind.
Dance Monsters Season 1
Dance Monsters Season 1

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Dance Monsters: Which Technology Is Used In The Show?

Dance Monsters is a show that airs on Netflix and features fifteen amateur dancers. These dancers have created stage avatars for themselves with the use of CGI technology so that they do not have to really perform on stage.

The dancers will be located backstage while the holograms of their characters perform their dance skills on stage. As the show progresses, audiences will have a greater understanding of the performers, including their backstories, the challenges they faced, and how they triumphed over those challenges.

Amateur dancers get the opportunity to live out their dancing aspirations on Dance Monsters, without the pressure of thinking about their anxieties or anything else that might be holding them back. Nobody is aware of the identities of the monsters, and as a result, nobody can pass judgment on them based on anything other than what they bring to the stage.

One of the contestants gave an interview for the promotional video for the show, in which he discussed his CGI avatar. He remarked that it required a hilarious extraterrestrial with one eye for him or her to believe in themselves. Someone else mentioned that when they perform on the dance program, they get to be the “superhero” version of themselves.

Dance Monsters Season 1
Dance Monsters Season 1

What Kind of shenanigans Take on Behind The Scenes of Dance Monsters?

Contestants on Dance Monsters are seen dancing with their CGI gear on behind the scenes of the show.

In addition to that, it displays the backstage area where all of the contenders wait for their turns to perform while sitting in their CGI monster avatars.

Similar to the show “The Masked Singer,” none of their identities have been revealed.

In addition to this, we are given the opportunity to watch the candidates in both their on-stage and off-stage lives. However, once again, all we see are their CGI avatars carrying out the actions.

Dance Monsters: How Many Episodes Are In The Show?

According to information that was provided on the Tudum website operated by Netflix, the first season of the brand-new show would consist of a total of eight episodes.

There are currently three episodes available for viewing.

The tournament will consist of five rounds, during which time fifteen monsters will compete against one another in various dance categories, including duets, solos, and more.

At the conclusion of the competition, the judges will select one of the dancers as the Ultimate Dance Monster, and that person will be awarded a reward of $250,000.

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