Engaged To Be Murdered (Lifetime’s Series): Filming Locations, Release Date, Plot And Cast With Social Media

Sarah-Jane Redmond, Erin Boyes, Madison Smith, and a few others are among the cast members of Engaged to Be Murdered.

The film for the cable channel Lifetime is scheduled to premiere on January 1 of the year 2023.

The well-known actress Keegan Connor Tracy is the director of the film. She has previously directed movies such as Scented With Love and Cradle Did Fall. Champlain Media was the production company that worked on the film.

According to information found on IMDB, the movie might also be referred to by the name “Meet My Mother.”

According to a post that Keegan made on Instagram, the filming of the movie only took a total of twelve days to finish. The story of Engaged to Be Murdered centers on a mother who will stop at nothing in her quest to prevent her son from marrying his fiancée.

The first broadcast of the movie will take place on the Lifetime Network on January 1, 2023. If you miss it, don’t worry—it will be available to stream on the Lifetime app the next day.

Engaged to Be Murdered Lifetime 2023
Engaged to Be Murdered Lifetime 2023

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Engaged To Be Murdered: Filming Locations,

“Engaged to Be Murdered” was a film that was shot entirely in British Columbia, more especially all throughout the city of Vancouver.

The film’s original title was “Meet My Mother.” The action-packed thriller was shot primarily in June of 2022 and was completed in a span of about a week and a half after production began.

The province of British Columbia is recognized for its expansive landscape and diverse topography because it is located between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Let’s begin our journey through the Lifetime movie by visiting each and every location featured in it!

Vancouver, British Columbia

The majority of the essential scenes for the film “Engaged to Be Murdered” were shot in and around Vancouver, which is located in British Columbia and is a port city. It appears that the cast and crew traveled all around the city in order to record scenes in both indoor and outdoor settings against the right backdrops.

In addition, it is not out of the question that the recording of the suspense movie took place on the backlot of a film studio in Vancouver. One of the cities in the country with the highest rate of racial and cultural diversity is Vancouver, which can be found in the Lower Mainland Region.

Because the city is visited by such a large number of people on a yearly basis, the tourist industry is one of the most important contributors to the city’s economy.

A few of the many places that visitors come to see in Vancouver are Stanley Park, the VanDusen Botanical Garden, Queen Elizabeth Park, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and the Vancouver Public Library. The city has played host to the filming of a large number of movies and television shows over the course of its history. Some of these productions include “Supernatural,” “Thor: Love and Thunder,” “Lucifer,” “The X-Files,” and “The Flash,” among others.

Engaged To Be Murdered: Cast Members

A number of well-known actresses, such as Erin Boyes, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Madison Smith, and Malaika Jackson, appear in the film Engaged to Be Murdered, which airs on Lifetime.

Olivia Clark Portrayed by Erin Boyes

Erin Boyes
Erin Boyes

Olivia Clark is the girlfriend of Jack, the main character, and Boyes will be seen portraying the role of Olivia Clark in the show. The synopsis reveals that her boyfriend’s mother does not have a soft spot in her heart, despite the fact that her part in the movie is riveting and fascinating.


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Amanda Finley Portrayed by Sarah-Jane Redmond

Sarah-Jane Redmond
Sarah-Jane Redmond

Amanda Finley is a mother who will stop at nothing to prevent her son from marrying his girlfriend, and Redmond will play the role of Amanda Finley in the upcoming episode.

Before that, Sarah had a role in the television movie A Royal Runaway Romance playing the character Ava Bell. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Siren, The 100, and Tribal are just a few of the television shows in which she has appeared more than once.

Jack Finley Portrayed by Madison Smith

Madison Smith
Madison Smith

In the movie, Smith will play the part of Jack Finley, and in the film, his mother and his girlfriend have a contentious relationship with one another. Smith will play Jack Finley.

His most recent role was as the protagonist in the holiday movie Meeting Mr. Christmas, which he played. In addition, he played the role of Robby Watts in the film Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths, which was a crime drama.

In addition to this, he is well-known for his roles in a number of popular television shows, including The Order, Riverdale, Supergirl, and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


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In addition to that, Smith has been in quite a few movies, some of which are Psycho Intern, Falling for You, Frozen in Love, and Deadly Attraction.

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Malaika Jackson Stars As Detective Armstrong

Malaika Jackson
Malaika Jackson

In the upcoming movie “Engaged to Be Murdered,” Jackson will be playing the role of a detective.

Earlier in her career, she had been in the movies “Let’s Get Physical” and “Color My World with Love,” each time playing the part of a police officer. The Baby-Sitters Club, Arrow, iZombie, and Untold Stories from the ER are some of the television shows in which she has appeared and helped make her a household name.

In addition to that, she holds the title of Miss Caribbean Canada from a beauty contest she competed in. Since she first began her career as an actress, Malaika has been seen in more than fifty different commercials.

Engaged To Be Murdered: Plot Synopsis

In the plot of this gripping movie, the mother, Amanda Finley, does everything in her power to stop her son, Jack Finley, from getting married to Olivia, his lover.

Amanda, being a mother, is troubled by the fact that she believes Olivia is dating her son for the purpose of gaining financial advantage. It would appear that Amanda will have to make big decisions that will change the course of her life in order to protect her child from his lover.

Engaged To Be Murdered: Overview

Movie: Engaged to Be Murdered (2023)
Network: Lifetime
Director: Keegan Connor Tracy
Main Stars: Erin Boyes, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Madison Smith
Genre: Thriller
Country: Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 1 January 2023 (Lifetime)
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
Also Known As: Meet My Mother, Meet My Mother Lifetime, Engaged to Be Murdered, Engaged to Be Murdered Movie

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