Genevieve Angelson: Did The Actress Who Played “Mia Castries” Quit ‘New Amsterdam’ Series?

In the fourth season of the medical drama series “New Amsterdam,” which airs on NBC, Dr. Veronica Fuentes takes over for Dr. Max Goodwin as the hospital’s new medical director.

Genevieve Angelson
Genevieve Angelson


Veronica further increases the distance between herself and her department chiefs by appointing Dr. Mia Castries, who joins New Amsterdam as the head of the holistic medicine department. While the doctors at the hospital find it difficult to accept a replacement for Max, Veronica further increases the distance between herself and her department chiefs.

Mia finally wins the other doctors over despite the fact that they first resist accepting and welcoming her because of her dedication to the improvement of her patients’ conditions. When the character has finally been successful in winning over the hearts of the audience, she gets removed from the storyline of the show.

The fact that Genevieve Angelson’s character did not appear in the first episode of the fifth season leads one to speculate about whether or not the actress is no longer associated with the show. Let us impart our wisdom to one another!

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Dr. Mia Castries Details In The Series “New Amsterdam”

When Mia moves to New Amsterdam to establish herself as a holistic medicine advocate, other medical professionals, such as Lauren Bloom and Elizabeth Wilder, voice their concerns to her about the absence of a scientific foundation in her methods. At first, Lauren, Wilder, and the other department leaders consider her to be Veronica’s ally as well.

Despite this, Mia is successful in earning the respect of her coworkers in the end. She works along with Lauren and Wilder to provide medical care for their patients and instill hope in the lives of those who are suffering.

Mia and Lauren work together to assist a patient in the eighteenth episode of season 4, despite Lauren’s misgivings about Mia’s ability to provide adequate care. Mia’s tragic death is revealed in the same episode, therefore this will be the final time we see her.

Mia, who is played by Angelson, is absent from the final four episodes of the fourth season as well as the first episode of the fifth season. In the twentieth episode of the fourth season, Max is successful in dethroning Veronica with the assistance of essential staff working at the hospital. These workers oppose the medical director in order to assist Max, just as Max has assisted them in the past.

So, does this mean Angelson is no longer with the medical drama? Is there a link between Mia’s disappearance and Veronica’s decision to leave New Amsterdam? Let’s find out.

Genevieve Angelson: Did The Actress Quit The Series “New Amsterdam”?

Even though neither NBC nor Genevieve Angelson has made an official announcement about the actress’ departure from ‘New Amsterdam,’ reports suggest that there are no plans for Angelson to return to the show’s fifth installment.

This is despite the fact that neither party has officially announced Angelson’s departure. The actress started appearing in the fifth season of the dystopian series “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu.

However, despite the fact that it has been claimed that she has finished filming her portions, it is not anticipated that she will appear in the NBC medical drama for its last season. As a result, we should anticipate a statement regarding Angelson’s most likely departure from the show in the very near future.

It would appear that Angelson’s character Mia Castries was created with the intention of ratcheting up the tension in New Amsterdam while Veronica was in power. As a result of Veronica’s advocacy for the doctor’s holistic techniques, the heads of other departments begin to doubt the medical director’s procedures.

Due to the fact that she has left the hospital, Angelson will be able to utilize a smaller portion of Mia’s character when she returns for the fifth season of the show. It’s necessary to move on from Mia at this point so that we can concentrate on other important people, particularly Dr. Elizabeth Wilder. It is abundantly evident that the season will concentrate more on Wilder and the relationship that she shares with Max due to the fact that Sandra Mae Frank, who plays Wilder, has been elevated to a series regular. It’s also possible that this will be the catalyst for the conclusion of Mia’s story arc.

Even though Angelson’s presence on ‘New Amsterdam’ will be sorely missed, fans of the actress may look forward to seeing her in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ as Gladys Wheeler, the force behind Gilead’s operations in Toronto.

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Genevieve Angelson: Biography

Genevieve Rose Angelson is a well-known American television actress who was born on April 13, 1986. She is best known for her roles in the television series House of Lies, Backstrom, and Good Girls Revolt.

There are rumors that she is involved in a romantic partnership, and her zodiac sign is Aries.

Lynn and Mark Angelson, a lawyer and a businessman, respectively, were Angelson’s parents when he was born in New York City. Angelson has two older sisters, and their names are Jessica and Meredith. After receiving her Phi Beta Kappa degree from Wesleyan University, she continued her education at the Tisch School of the Arts and graduated from their Graduate Acting Program.

Genevieve Angelson: Career

In September 2013, Angelson was cast in the role of Caitlin Hobart on the television series House of Lies, which airs in Showtime. In 2014, Angelson replaced Mamie Gummer in her role as Detective Nicole Gravely on the television show Backstrom. Deadline Hollywood hailed her as one of the most exciting casting discoveries of the year. She had a co-starring role in the American adaptation of the French film The Intouchables, which was titled The Upside.

Angelson starred in the film Flack starring Anna Paquin in 2019, and he also appeared in the second season of the drama based on the DC Comics series Titans. Variety magazine has recognized Angelson as one of the Top Ten Rising TV Stars to Watch. She was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance as Nina in the play Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, which went on to win the Tony Award for Best Play at the 67th annual Tony Awards. Ben Brantley referred to the play as “exquisite.”

She has also performed in a number of other off-Broadway shows, such as The Cake at Manhattan Theater Club, which was written and directed by Bekah Brunstetter. She has authored multiple books and is a frequent contributor to numerous publications, including Town & Country Magazine, Elle Magazine, and others.

Room Available for the Year 2018 Kayla’s episode of Law & Order is titled “Hell’s Kitchen,” and it features Maggie and the Special Victims Unit. In 2019, he was a prominent cast member on the show Flack Ruth and appeared in two episodes of Titans as Dr. Eve Watson. In 2021, he will have a starring role in the movie “This Is Us Sally,” which is already an established motion picture.

Genevieve Angelson: Personal Life

The actress Genevieve Angelson, known for her role in Backstrom, has not yet tied the knot. As of April 2017, it was widely believed that Angelson was involved in a romantic connection with her mystery boyfriend. It is evident from her tweets that she is in a relationship. It appears from at least some of the tweets that she has been spending time with her partner.

She stated that her boyfriend is really romantic, and that he constantly makes her feel like she’s the only one in the room. Angelson is a devoted animal-rights activist and the proud owner of a canine companion. She claims to love him a great deal and spends a great deal of time with him.

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