Halle Calhoun (R. Kelly Survivor): Who Is She? Current Location And Social Media Explored!

R. Kelly gained a reputation for being attracted to young women as a result of the fact that he married the pop singer Aaliyah in a secret ceremony when she was only 15 years old and he was 27 years old.

The 50-year-old man was rumored to be dating Halle Calhoun, who is 19 years old, but the two individuals never publicly acknowledged that they were in a relationship.

Their connection was brought to light once more on Monday in connection with allegations that R. Kelly led women in some cult-like organization.

Halle Calhoun
Halle Calhoun

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Halle Calhoun: How Did She Met R. Kelly?

Calhoun and Kelly first crossed paths in 2016 while they were both in South Carolina for one of his shows. Kelly was there with her mother. When we met her, she had just turned 20 years old. While she was there, a staffer pulled her away and told her that Kelly would like to see her. This took place while she was watching the performance.

She became Kelly’s girlfriend not long after their initial encounter and shared a home with him for the subsequent three and a half years.

She stated that Kelly kept a close eye on her and that he decided who she could interact with, including other men and her family. She also claimed that Kelly monitored her every move.

“When Joycelyn [Savage] and Azriel [Clary’s] parents started making this a big deal, Rob was getting very paranoid and he didn’t know who was against him so when my mom wanted to see me, he did want her to go in the sauna with just a towel so he could know there were no cameras,” Calhoun claimed in Surviving R. Kelly Part ll: The Reckoning.

“When Rob was getting very paranoid, he In addition to this, she claimed that Kelly coerced her mother into signing forged paperwork. R. Kelly has refuted every accusation that was made against him in the documentary that aired on Lifetime.

Halle Calhoun
Halle Calhoun

Halle Calhoun: Current Location Details

Since ending her relationship with R. Kelly, Halle Calhoun has been focusing on improving herself and taking better care of herself.

There was a time when she was romantically involved with the rapper Rocko, but it appears that their relationship has since ended.

She also started working as a camera operator for the show “Wild ‘N Out,” and she would frequently upload photographs of her work.

Halle’s development throughout the years has unquestionably been admirable, and she is anxious to carry on the positive momentum she has established.

It can be deduced from the fact that Halle is signed with the modeling agency Miles Models that she has aspirations of working in the entertainment and fashion industries.

Peaches & Strings is the name of her swimsuit line, which she recently launched as part of her foray into the world of entrepreneurship.


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In addition, the company operates an e-commerce website via which a wide selection of garments can be purchased. In addition to that, she is the mastermind behind the workout wear brand Ripe Fitness, which has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

The astounding list of Halle’s accomplishments is incomplete because she also holds a certification as a personal fitness trainer.

In point of fact, she has a separate Instagram account that is completely devoted to posting stuff associated with fitness. Her primary account has more than one hundred thousand followers, all of whom are incredibly curious to find out more and more about the life of the inventor.

Halle resides in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv whenever she is not in Atlanta. She also has a passion for exploring new places and has gone to a number of different locations, including Milan in Italy and the Turks & Caicos Islands.

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Halle Calhoun
Halle Calhoun

Halle Calhoun: Career Details

  • According to the information that can be found in her bio on Twitter, Halle is a student at The Art Institute of Charleston, where she is pursuing a degree in fashion marketing and management.
  • She is also a model and uses her Instagram account to regularly upload images of herself sporting a variety of bikinis and other clothing.
  • Her verified hallekcalhoun1 Instagram account currently has more than 56,000 followers as of the beginning of the year 2020.
  • Halle Calhoun, who appears in recurring roles as a background performer on the hit MTV series Wild ‘n Out starring Nick Cannon, frequently shares images from the production set on her Instagram account.
  • In addition, she appeared in the short film “Deep” alongside rappers Dr. Dre and Fat Joe. She just appeared in the music video for Trey Songz and YFN Lucci’s collaborative single “All Night Long,” which was released not too long ago.
Halle Calhoun
Halle Calhoun

Halle Calhoun: What Happened Between Her And R. Kelly?

Back in 2017, Kelly and Calhoun were rumored to have gotten into a fight backstage at one of Kelly’s concerts after the singer of “I Believe I Can Fly” accused the beauty of having a wandering eye at one of Kelly’s performances.

“There was a moment when he thought that I was gazing at another man or talking or texting or something along those lines, and as a result, we got into a fight. During her interview for the documentary, Calhoun stated, “I remember we were going back and forth, and I remember shoving him because he was yelling in my face.”

As a kind of retribution, it is said that Kelly “grabbed” Calhoun, which resulted in the woman’s necklace breaking and scratching her.

Halle Calhoun
Halle Calhoun

An ex-employee of Kelly’s has stated that the fight was significantly more intense than what was initially reported. In the documentary, one of the individuals is heard saying, “I was told that he choked her,” adding that “he really roughed her up.”

Calhoun continued with Kelly until she finally ended their relationship for good in 2018, despite the fact that there were reports of a violent altercation between the two of them.

She claimed that she had made several attempts to end their relationship, but that she ultimately returned to him since, without him, she “had nothing.”

She came to the conclusion that she needed to go away from him because she did not want a man who “wants other women.” In general, she stated that her connection with Kelly was really educational for her.

‘Surviving R. Kelly’: What Is It About?

R. Kelly was a free man at the time when the documentary series “Surviving R. Kelly” made its debut on Lifetime four years ago. The allegations that the R&B singer abused teenage girls began to surface in the early 1990s.

Despite this, the singer continued to be one of the most popular hitmakers of the 1990s and into the 2000s. The allegations followed the singer’s career for a long time.

In addition to this, Kelly was detained for a short period of time and brought to trial for a 2002 indictment on 21 charges of child pornography during this time period. In 2008, he was exonerated of all charges.

Kelly’s attempt to evade the legal system resulted in the destruction of his artistic career but did not bring it to a stop. The public perception didn’t start shifting until the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” was released at the beginning of 2019.

The series was given the go-ahead prior to October 2017, when the #MeToo movement had its first significant effect, and it was the first programming event of the #MeToo era to provide a voice to survivors, ultimately moving justice from the screen to a court of law.

R Kelly
R Kelly

When it comes to issues of social justice, Black women are a demographic that is underrepresented, and this series focuses on their experiences.

After being tried and found guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking in 2022, Kelly was given a sentence of thirty years in jail and is currently serving out that sentence.

In addition, the court in Chicago found Kelly responsible for three charges of child pornography for video himself sexually abusing his goddaughter, who was just 14 years old at the time.

There are pending allegations against him in other jurisdictions.

The third and last part of the documentary series “Surviving R. Kelly” focuses on the trial that resulted in R. Kelly being sentenced to prison.

The episode follows the survivors and their families as they prepare to testify in the high-profile court procedure. In the new episodes, there is a focus not just on the reporters who covered the trial but also on other legal and trauma experts.

R. Kelly’s accusers claim that he kept them as sex slaves in his home, treating them as if they were members of his cult, and preventing them from communicating with their families or the outside world.

He would seek out young men and women who had dreams to become singers and then force them to engage in sexual practices as he recorded them. He would then sell these recordings to record companies.

The six-week trial that took place in 2022 exposed how R. Kelly utilized staff and intermediaries to lure fans and aspiring singers into sexually abusive and controlling conditions. These conditions included keeping them in rooms for days at a time without food or access to a lavatory.

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