Ada Nicodemou: Is She Quitting Her Role As Leah In “Home And Away” Show? Recently Posted Her Son’s Video On INSTAGRAM!

After having been a member of Home And Away since the year 2000, fans assume that Ada Nicodemou will be departing the show.

There have been 2105 episodes of the soap opera in which Ada Nicodemou has appeared.

The character of Leah Patterson-Baker, whom the Australian actress plays on this show, has brought her widespread fame.

Nicodemou was one among the candidates who tried out for the part of Sarah Thompson in 1992; nevertheless, Laura Vasquez was ultimately chosen for the part.

Ada Nicodemou
Ada Nicodemou

After some time had passed, the producers of the show contacted Ada regarding the possibility of her playing Leah.

She was offered a contract for six months without being asked to audition, and that contract was promptly extended. As of the year 2022, Nicodemou is one of the actors that has been with the show the longest.

When she made her debut in the television show “Home and Away,” Ada was just 23 years old. But as of late, there have been whispers circulating over Ada’s future involvement with the soap.

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Ada Nicodemou: Is She Quitting Home And Away?

There is a widespread misconception among viewers that Ada Nicodemou would be departing Home and Away, however this is not the case. Through an interview with the media, Ada Nicodemou brought clarity to the situation.

Ada has given her supporters the assurance that she has no intention of leaving the show in the near future.

The actress revealed in an interview with The West Australian that she has wonderful friends on the program and that she is happy working there, thus there are currently no quick plans for her to leave the show.

Ada Nicodemou
Ada Nicodemou

After making a name for herself in the acting world with her performance on Heartbreak High while she was still a teenager, she was offered a part on the television show Home and Away. She has been in the business for almost two decades, but the mother of one has revealed that she still suffers from “imposter syndrome.”

This is perhaps the reason why she hasn’t totally committed herself to acting.

Nicodemou claims that between her appearances on Heartbreak High and Home and Away, she went back to school in order to prepare herself for a more “stable” profession. She provides a detailed explanation for the basis of her concerns over a career in screen acting.

Fans of Ada, on the other hand, need not be concerned about her departure from the program because she has made it clear that she takes pleasure in the work that she does there.

After discovering she was pregnant, Leah gave a lot of thought to having an abortion. Miles was ultimately successful in dissuading her from doing so.

She had a miscarriage and put the blame on Miles’s anxiety about the pregnancy. As a result of the couple’s worsening relationship, they decided to get a divorce.

The relationship between Leah and Justin Morgan has progressed. In the conclusion of the previous season, Leah was trying to console Morgan as he was in a great deal of difficulties.

Ada Nicodemou
Ada Nicodemou

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Ada Nicodemou: Role As Leah In “Home and Away”

  • It was while Leah was hitchhiking that she made her debut on “Home and Away.” Vinnie Patterson picked her up and took her to her destination. She had evaded her wedding to Ted Simos by fleeing the ceremony.
  • She secured a position as a waitress at the restaurant and afterwards moved into a home that she shared with Vinnie Nash and Tom Nash. She started a relationship with Vinnie, and the two of them got married in February of 2001.
  • In the latter part of that year, they welcomed a child whom they named Vincent Junior (aka VJ).
  • She was persuaded to believe that Vinnie had passed away after he was convicted of corporate fraud in 2002 and sentenced to prison. He hadn’t, but he was now participating in a witness protection program after being brought there. Vinnie died in 2009.
  • In 2004, Leah tied the knot with Dan Baker, but his previous wife, Amanda, came close to making the ceremony a disaster.

  • After the wedding, Dan’s gambling issues from the past returned, which ultimately led to Leah being abducted for a short period of time by Dudley Shepherd, one of Dan’s creditors.
  • She later found out that she had been pregnant but that she had miscarried the baby. Leah was going to go to the United States with Dan when he took a job there, but things didn’t work out as planned.
  • Dan was died in a climbing accident shortly before he was scheduled to move, and he was attempting to save an abseiler at the time.
  • Leah was the recipient of a donation in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars from the abseiler’s father, who also asked her to create a tribute to Dan.
  • She put this money into the opening of a new cafe that also featured a nightclub named The Den.
  • Unfortunately, from a business standpoint, it wasn’t a realistic option. After some time had passed, she eventually opened a new restaurant with Roman Harris and Irene Roberts as her business partners.
  • Later on, Leah became engaged to the Reverend Elijah Johnson, but their relationship didn’t last long because he left for Africa to do missionary work and came back with a new wife.
  • Oops. Despite the fact that Elijah never stopped having feelings for Leah, the two of them were never together again, and he moved away in the year 2012.
  • The year 2011 saw the beginning of Leah’s romantic involvement with her close friend Miles Copeland. After discovering she was pregnant, she gave serious thought to terminating the pregnancy. Miles was ultimately successful in convincing her not to do it. She blamed the loss of her pregnancy on the stress that was induced by Miles.
  • She had a miscarriage. Their connection became less strong, and eventually they went their own ways.
  • Leah is now involved with Justin Morgan in a romantic relationship.

Ada Nicodemou Shared Her Son’s Video On INSTAGRAM!


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A post shared by Ada Nicodemou (@adanicodemou)

Home and away star Ada Nicodemou posted a goofy and funny video of her son johnas. In the video her son is telling 6 steps to dating that every men should follow. watch the latest post shared by the actress.

Ada Nicodemou Loves Her Job And Does Not Intend To Leave It

Although Ada has not yet renewed her contract, she has made it clear that she does not intend to leave the company.

She is the first to confess that there are times when the program requires long hours of work, and that it can be difficult, but she maintains that, on the whole, she appreciates her job and the people she works with.

The actor that plays Leah Patterson made her debut in the television series in the year 2000, and she has no intention of giving up the part in the near future.

Ada revealed in June 2021 that she had extended her contract with Home and Away for another year the previous year, despite the fact that she had been considering quitting the show.

The single mother explained on the podcast that Mamamia’s No Filter how the COVID-19 pandemic had caused her to reevaluate her priorities, one of which is to spend more time with her son Johnas, who is nine years old. Johnas is her priority.

Ada Nicodemou
Ada Nicodemou

Ada Nicodemou: Biography

Ada Nicodemou is a Greek actress who was born in Australia and is best known for playing the part of Leah Patterson on the television series Home & Away, which airs on Channel 7.

As a result of her outstanding performance, she has been considered for more than five Logie Award nominations. In the past, Ada has acted in the role of ambassador for a number of different charity organizations, including the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

In addition to that, she has been featured on the cover of WHO Magazine as well as Good Health Magazine. She has more than 400 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 150 thousand followers on Twitter since she is active on social media.

Ada Nicodemou
Ada Nicodemou

Ada Nicodemou: Dating Life

Ada’s relationship with actor Danny Raco, which began in 2002, lasted for that entire year. But the same year, the pair decided to end their relationship.

Chrys Xipolitas (2006-2016) — Nicodemou and Chrys Xipolitas, who owned a restaurant, began dating in 2006. They were together until 2016. The pair announced their engagement in August of 2006, and seven months later, on February 17, 2007, they tied the knot.

Ada welcomed her first kid into the world on August 22, 2012; he was a son and they called him Johnas Xipolitas. Then, after a period of two years, on August 7, 2014, she gave birth to her second child, a son named Harrison Xipolitas who was born stillborn and who was two months early. In 2016, they finalized their separation and divorced.

Nicodemou has been in a relationship with the successful entrepreneur Adam Rigby since 2016, and it is still going strong. During the month of July 2018, the couple was seen attending the Logie Awards together. They are frequently seen in each other’s company throughout her Instagram photos.

Ada Nicodemou: Career Details

  • In 1994, Nicodemou made her acting debut in the television show Heartbreak High, which aired on ABC1.
  • She played the part of Katerina. She was initially contracted to perform the character for a period of 12 weeks, but her contract was ultimately extended all the way until the end of Season 4, which occurred in the year 1997.
  • She made her debut on Channel Ten’s Breakers in 1998 and remained a cast member through 1999.
  • She has been portraying the character of Leah Patterson-Baker in the soap opera Home and Away, which is shown on Channel Seven, for the past 16 years.
  • A contestant on the third season of Dancing with the Stars, which took place in late 2005, Nicodemou won the competition along with her dance partner, Aric Yegudkin.


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Ada Nicodemou: Married Life And Children

In 2007, Nicodemou tied the knot with Chrys Xipolitas. They got back together in December 2011, after having been apart since 2010. Johnas Nicodemou was born to Nicodemou and Xipolitas on the 22nd of August in 2012.

It was revealed in March 2014 that the couple already had one kid together and that they were expecting their second. On August 7th, Nicodemou broke the news to her husband and their family that their second son had been born stillborn.

Late in 2015, Nicodemou and Xipolitas ended their relationship.

Nicodemou currently serves as an ambassador for the organization Save Our Sons, which is dedicated to discovering a treatment for the debilitating disease known as Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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