Jeffrey Dahmer Obsession With Movie The Exorcist III? More Details On How He Forced His Victim To Watch The Movie

In the first episode of the new Ryan Murphy series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix, there is an intriguing scene in which the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer (played by Evan Peters) convinces his victim, Tracy Edwards, who is 32 years old and is played by Shaun J. Brown, to watch The Exorcist III: Legion with him. Dahmer asserts that he is a huge fan of the film and that he “watches it every day.”

Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer


If a serial murderer was so infatuated with The Exorcist that they watched it every day, that would be strange enough; nevertheless, the question remains: why watch the third movie? To be fair to William Peter Blatty’s film trilogy, the reception of the third movie, The Exorcist: Annihilation, was significantly better than that of the second film, The Exorcist II: The Heretic, which was widely condemned, but it still feels random.

Is it true that Dahmer was obsessed with the third move in Blatty’s “Faith Trilogy,” or did the authors of the show make up that detail to make it more interesting?

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Jeffrey Dahmer Had An Unhealthy Obsession With The Exorcist III

There is a reason why people believe that the truth is stranger than fiction, and no one exemplifies this more than Jeffrey Dahmer. Yes, he did have an unhealthy fixation on The Exorcist III.

Not only that, but Monster’s account of what occurred the night Dahmer took Edwards home (which led to the killer’s eventual arrest) appears to be accurate, right down to Dahmer forcing Edwards to watch the movie with him. This was one of the key factors that led to the killer’s capture.

Because Edwards was able to survive, he was eventually able to relate his story, and his actual account of what happened that night corresponds very closely to what was shown in the Netflix series.

The rationale for Jeffrey Dahmer’s obsession with The Exorcist III, to the point where he made some of his victims watch the film, is every bit as eerie as one might anticipate. According to reports, Dahmer closely associated with the character of the movie’s fictional killer, The Gemini Killer, which was portrayed in the movie by Brad Dourif. In a strange twist of fate, the Zodiac Killer, who was a real-life serial killer, served as at least some kind of inspiration for the Gemini Killer.

Screen Rant further explored the terrifying connection between Dahmer and The Exorcist III by pinpointing some of the spooky similarities between how the Gemini Killer and Dahmer would dispose of his victims. This was done in order to compare and contrast the two serial killers.

The Gemini Killer made a reference in The Exorcist III to the fact that he has kept heads and other body parts from his victims. Since The Gemini Killer went into great detail about how to remove blood from a body before beheading it, it is likely that Dahmer’s obsession with the fictional Exorcist character grew out of his interest in how the human body worked. This is because Dahmer was fascinated with how the human body functioned.

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How Dahmer Forced His Victim To Watch The Movie With Him?

During the course of the trial, Edwards provided testimony in which he disclosed that Dahmer chanted while viewing “Exorcist III,” and that he was fixated on a particular sequence within the film.

Edwards provided a comprehensive account of the contact he had in real life with Dahmer.

He stated in his testimony that he and several buddies first came into contact with Dahmer while they were out having beers. He started a conversation with them, claimed he was a professional photographer, and eventually offered Edwards $100 to shoot photographs of him in his flat in exchange for the permission to do so. It was important to him that Edwards appear in “naked” photographs.

At first glance, the apartment that Dahmer rented appeared to be rather typical; yet, it had a “foul odor.” I wasn’t entirely sure what it was at the time. Edwards stated that the witness told him that a damaged sewer line had occurred and that management would take care of it.

After serving Edwards a beer, Dahmer switched gears and made him a rum and coke. He successfully bred fish in his aquarium. Edwards swept his gaze to the right to take in the aquarium’s inhabitants. Dahmer placed the handcuff on his left wrist and the knife on his right thigh. He said, “All of a sudden, a handcuff and a knife are pulled on me.”

This is where the movie enters the picture. According to the testimony of Edwards, there was a television set in the room, and at the same time, the movie Exorcist III was playing on a VCR in the back bedroom of the house.

They were both seated on the bed at the same time. The handcuffs were in Dahmer’s possession, and he had the knife pointed at his side. He stated that he desired to flee and had entertained the idea of climbing out the window. He conversed with Dahmer in an effort to convey to him that “I was his friend.”

Edwards claimed that Dahmer was pleasant for a moment. Then he continued by stating that he didn’t want anyone to leave him or give up on him. “There were instances when he wasn’t acting like himself. Occasionally, he acted in a gentlemanly manner. He would appear and disappear at unpredictable intervals. He maintained his silence and occasionally watched the film.

During particular sequences of the film, he began rocking back and forth and “chanting.”

Edwards was completely confused by what he was trying to express. Throughout the incident, he repeated the phrase “off and on.”

Edwards, who testified that it appeared as though the serial killer was “interested in that section,” stated that the scene in the film about the preacher who became possessed was the one that Dahmer was most interested in seeing. This particular portion was the one that captured his interest the most.

He was interested in seeing movies of the genre, particularly in certain segments. At times, it seemed as though he transformed along with it. He would want to get both handcuffs on Edwards because he wanted to feel powerful over the situation, and this would encourage him to become more violent. He desired for Edwards to be in a supine position.

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