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A former undercover agent takes a job as a history teacher at a local high school in the Polish language thriller titled Lesson Plan (Plan lekcji).

His goal is to bust an entire drug ring while working in this cover identity. Piotr Witkowski plays the title character of the law enforcement officer in the film, which was directed by Daniel Markowicz and stars in the movie as well.

In addition, the film’s screenplay was written by Daniel Bernardi, and it has a total running time of one hour and thirty-nine minutes.

Lesson Plan Movie
Lesson Plan Movie

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“Lesson Plan”: Reviews

  • The fast-paced movie begins with a scenario that provides some context. In this scene, the main character, Damien, is injured while on a covert operation and must fight back alongside an entire mafia group in order to survive.
  • Damien finds that the crime lord has already murdered his wife as a kind of retribution for him being a snitch, despite the fact that he was able to survive the outbreak of the cold.
  • After suffering such a significant amount of personal loss, the undercover police officer inevitably turns into an alcoholic and develops a pessimistic outlook on life.
  • Up to the point where one day, his friend who is a school teacher asks him to uncover another doping organization that is putting the lives of young pupils in danger. At first, he refuses to cooperate with the investigation; nevertheless, he does eventually enroll in the drug addict college in an effort to make up for his past actions.
  • The events that take place after this can be likened to a xerox copy of the traditional “guy with a motive/past” thriller film, which has been produced continuously ever since the clichéd eighties.
  • The one and only distinction is that this one employs the strategy of redemption in only two or three sequences, and even then, it does so in a manner that is not very believable (including an interrupted romantic scene).
  • I really enjoyed the first fifteen minutes of the movie, when I thought for sure that it was going somewhere, but in the end I was disappointed because I had attached such high hopes to the numerous hand-to-hand combat demonstrations of skill.
  • In order to investigate the drug ring, the police officer disguises himself as a historical figure and winds up fighting more men than there are chapters in the book.
  • The action never lets up during the entirety of the movie, and the main character acts as though he is a more comedic take on Jack Reacher.
  • He never gets involved in a fight, but he makes his opponents deeply regret their decision for the rest of their lives. In addition to that, it has some bonding moments with the students, which are, for the most part, uninteresting and feel forced.

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“Lesson Plan”: Plot Synopsis

Ron Jones, a history teacher at a high school in California, is responsible for the infamous classroom experiment in fascism known as The Third Wave, which is now referred to as The Wave. It was only a matter of days before everything spiraled out of control as a result of him and the students being abducted.

This subject has been dramatized in two movies in the past: “The Wave,” which aired on ABC-TV in 1981 and was directed by Norman Lear, and “Die Welle,” a German film that was nominated for several awards and released in 2008.

Eight million copies of the novelization of the film that was released in 1981 by Todd Strasser have been distributed to schools all around the world. There are various stage adaptations of the narrative, including plays and even musicals.

Now, in this new documentary film titled “Lesson Plan,” the original students and teacher discuss their participation in the genuine narrative of The Third Wave as well as the life lessons they took away from the experience.

Students are often taught about the characteristics of extremism by using the narrative of the Wave. These characteristics include demanding charismatic leaders and intolerant masses that think in groups. Lessons that are relevant for all of us to learn in this modern era.

Watch Lesson Plan Movie on netflix
Watch Lesson Plan Movie on netflix

“Lesson Plan”: Where To Stream?

Daniel Markowicz is the film’s writer and director, while Daniel Bernardi is the film’s writer and screenwriter. The film’s original Polish title is Plan lekcji (or, Lesson Plan). Additionally, the two collaborated on the movie “Bartkowiak,” which will be available on Netflix in 2021 and, if you’ve seen it, will provide you with a fair indication of what to anticipate.

You can watch Lesson Plan and have fun with it, which is the ultimate takeaway I have from this brand new film. The flavor was almost unsuitable for that purpose. I mean, even the very last scene that plays out as the end credits begin was so insensitive and cringe-worthy that it actually caused me to roll my eyes (again!). I’m talking about the scene that plays out as the credits begin.

My experience with this Polish film that I saw on Netflix was nothing more than a dull blip in an otherwise exciting journey through the world of cinema. Which is a lot less than I would ever anticipate from a Polish production that comes through Netflix. But well, you can’t win every time, and maybe I was simply expecting too much from myself when I went into it.

“Lesson Plan”: WATCH TRAILER!

“Lesson Plan”: Ending Explained

This movie comes to a close with the professors having a conference in an abandoned warehouse while they search for the drugs that are being sold to the students in crates. In this location, they discover crates upon crates filled with the substances that were used to entice the bunch of teenagers and drug traffickers.

Now that the academics are aware of who is controlling this firm, they have determined that it is a former professor who attempted to elevate the status of the institution.

After spending a great deal of time and effort to create the environment optimal for students to study and develop, he finally realizes that the only things that students care about are sex and drugs, and that he is working in the wrong industry.

The former law enforcement officer needs to put his own demons from his past to rest, and in order to do so, he challenges the professor to a fight to demonstrate that he is still capable of performing the task at hand. Hand-to-hand combat was a bit more effective here, and it kept you engaged in the action the whole time.

The police officer and one of his students explore the warehouse in order to locate one of the other instructors, who also happens to be the police officer’s romantic interest. Even if his loved one is let free in front of the officer, the professor continues to shoot at the officer.

The two of them were terrified that he was going to keep shooting, but the student who had hatched the plan with the officer ultimately succeeded in executing it by lowering a lock crane that was stuffed with porcelain gnomes onto the head of the professor.

They demonstrate how everyone moves on from this specific occurrence now that the chief drug dealer has been eliminated from the equation. As the police officer and one of his students become closer to one another, he has also taken a position at the school as a new teacher.

Lesson Plan Movie
Lesson Plan Movie

“Lesson Plan”: Filming Locations

The entire movie “Lesson Plan” was shot in Poland, most likely in and around the capital city of Warsaw. According to reports, principal photography for the movie on Netflix took place in January of 2022.

In preparation for the various action scenes that are included in the narrative, the performers worked closely with the stunt team and the martial arts professionals who were on site.

Poland is quickly becoming a prominent filmmaking destination because of the government’s generous tax advantages for moviemaking and the country’s diversified geography, which can duplicate a variety of locales throughout the world. Now, let’s travel to each and every one of the precise locations that are featured in the film starring Piotr Witkowski!

Warsaw, Poland

The majority of the important scenes in “Lesson Plan” were shot in and around Warsaw, which is Poland’s capital and largest city. When recording sequences, the actors and crew most likely made use of the resources offered by one of the numerous high-tech filmmaking studios located in the city.

It is also probable that they went to a real school in order to film all of the sequences that take place at the high school while Damian is posing as a student there. In addition, it is said that the production crew went to every corner of Warsaw in order to record the street scenes.

The history of the bustling city, which sits on an island in the middle of the Vistula River in the east-central part of Poland, dates back to the 13th century and has been present for several significant events in Polish history.

Warsaw is a significant political, cultural, and economic hub, and it is also home to the majority of the country’s administrative headquarters.

Additionally, it is ornamented with a mixture of modern and old architecture, and it features various locations of interest, such as the Wilanów Palace, Sigismund’s Column, St. John’s Archcathedral, and the Old Town, which was included on the list of World Heritage Sites in the year 1980.

Numerous films and television shows, such as “365 Days: This Day,” “The Pianist,” “Heart Parade,” and “High Water,” have been shot in the Polish capital over the course of their respective production runs.

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