“Lookism” Anime: Netflix Announced Release Date, WATCH TRAILER! Know Plot Synopsis, Characters And More Details

After a delay in the release of the planned anime adaptation of the webtoon series, Lookism has been given a new date for its debut on Netflix.

In addition, the announcement comes with a fresh look at the show in the form of a teaser and a poster.

Lookism Anime
Lookism Anime

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“Lookism”: Netflix Announced Release Date!

The release of Lookism was scheduled to take place on November 4, but Netflix decided to push it back without providing an explanation.

However, there is widespread belief that the decision was made due to the tragedy that occurred in Itaewon. Lookism has now been given a fresh release date on Netflix, which is set for the 8th of December in the year 2022.

During the TUDUM event, Netflix made the official announcement that they will be producing an anime adaptation of Lookism, which is based on the South Korean webtoon created by Park Tae-joon. The same production company, Studio MIR, is responsible for bringing you DOTA: Dragon’s Blood and The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.

Lookism is a WebTOON comic that was written and illustrated by Park Tae-joon. It was published by Daewon and Book and distributed through Naver Webtoon in South Korea, LINE manga in Japan, and Webtoon in the United States.


“Lookism”: Plot Synopsis

The well-known manhwa series written by Park Tae-joon and titled Lookism will soon be adapted into an anime produced in South Korea and titled Lookism.

The concept of ‘lookism,’ which refers to the discriminatory treatment of those who are perceived to be unattractive by their contemporaries, is the central subject of the narrative.

Daniel, a student who goes by the name of our main character, is self-conscious about his appearance as a result of being ridiculed throughout his academic career for being overweight and unattractive.

“The plot of the animated series ‘Lookism’, just like that of the webtoon that inspired it, explores the subtle lookism and materialism that are prevalent in the lives of people who live in modern society. Lookism, accessed through the Netflix Media Center.

He takes out his anger on his mother, who punishes him by moving him to a new school in the middle of Seoul. Despite this, his life is entirely flipped upside down when he wakes up one day in a different body.

The other students at his new school consider him to be “the cream of the crop” since he is so tall, attractive, and talented in sports… However, there is a catch: he can only exchange bodies when the person he is now inhabiting is asleep.

Daniel’s new body has helped him make new acquaintances, earn respect, develop romantic relationships, and even land a job; but, he still longs for the day when he will be able to live in his natural body and not be embarrassed by it.

Lookism Anime
Lookism Anime

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“Lookism”: Trivia

  • Lookism is a term that is used to refer to the positive stereotypes, prejudice, and preferential treatment given to physically attractive people, or more generally to people whose appearance matches cultural preferences.
  • Lookism can also be used to refer to the priority given to people whose appearance conforms to cultural preferences.
  • The appearances of many of the characters in Lookism are based on those of real-life people, and these characters often share the same names.

“Lookism”: Characters Details

Daniel Park/Park Hyung Suk/Keisuke Hasegawa

Daniel Park is a high school student who is described as naive and is the target of Logan Lee’s bullying.

In contrast to the overweight body he woke up with, the one he has now is leaner and more handsome than the one he had before he transferred to Jae Won High School to get away from the bullies. Through the use of his new body, he is able to interact with others and gain a fresh understanding of both the world and himself. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka provides his voice for Japanese audiences.

Lookism Anime
Lookism Anime

Vasco, also known as Lee Eun Tae and Basco

He has the notoriety of being a Robin Hood-like hero who defends the powerless and those who are bullied. He has known Jace Park since infancy and is the leader of Burn Knuckles, a gang that deals out punishment to bullies and other offenders.

He may appear rough on the outside, but he has a soft side and is always looking to make friends with decent people. Shunsuke Takeuchi provides his voice in the Japanese version of the game.

Jay Hong, also known as Hong Jae Yeol

He is a reclusive, affluent, and enigmatic man who practices the martial arts of systema and kali.

Zack Lee, also known as Lee Jin Sung and Rysei Kitahara

Lookism Anime
Lookism Anime

He is a boxer. Zack Lee has a hostile demeanor toward everyone, with the exception of his childhood best friend Mira Kim, whom he adores. Zack refrains from becoming a bully as a result of Mira’s aversion to aggressive behavior and becomes more patient. They are familiar with Johan Seong and consider him a buddy. Wataru Urata provides his voice for him in the Japanese language.

Mira Kim/Kim Mi Jin/Mizuki Sakane

Mira Kim is kind, patient, and perceptive; she recognizes the best in others and acts compassionately toward them. Both Johan Seong and Zack Lee felt passionate feelings for her. Natsu Yorita provides her voice acting services in Japanese.

Zoe Park, also known as Park Ha Neul and Kagawa Mirei

She is a lovely young woman who always makes an effort to win people over with her charming personality. However, she starts to develop affections for him after he protects her from a stalker who was using his original body. Saori Hayami provides her voice acting for the Japanese version.

Akari Nerima Or Crystal Choi

Crystal Choi, daughter of the chairman of the HNH corporation, is another person who possesses two bodies. Having started out as an obese student at Daniel’s school before transferring to the fashion department, she maintains her original body during the school day.

The fact that she was treated differently than others has led her to assume that people with different appearances are treated harshly by society.

On the basis of his appearance alone, Crystal labels the attractive Daniel as an egotistical bully. She finds the personality of the other Daniel to be more appealing. Reina Aoyama provides her with a Japanese speaking voice.


When will “Lookism” be released?
“Lookism” will be released on December 8, 2022, on Netflix.

Why was the release date of “Lookism” postponed?
The original release date of “Lookism” was postponed following the Halloween stampede in Seoul’s Itaewon.

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