Lorcan Cranitch Adopted An Ethiopian Child With His Wife Susan Jackson; Family Details Explored!

Actor Lorcan Cranitch, who was born in Dublin, has had vast experience working in theater, film, and television in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

His acting career has taken him on the stage with companies such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Druid Theatre Company, and the Abbey Theatre.

On the big and small screens, he is most recognized for his performances in the movies “The Crying Game” and “Michael Collins,” as well as the television shows “The Tudors” and “Game of Thrones.”

Lorcan Cranitch
Lorcan Cranitch

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Lorcan Cranitch Adopted An Ethiopian Child

Susan Jackson, who is married to Lorcan Cranitch, works as a journalist and newsreader for Radio Teilifis Eireann. In 2010, Lorcan and Jackson became parents to an Ethiopian kid through the process of adoption.

On August 28, 1959, the Irish actor was born in Dublin, Ireland. He is of Irish descent. Lorcan was brought up by his father, Matthew, who was born in Wexford and worked as a clerical officer, and his mother, Eileen, who was originally from Dublin and also used to work as an amateur dramatist.

Ellen, the actor’s younger sister, is a skilled musician who hosts programs on RT’s classical music station Lyric FM. The actor has a younger sister named Ellen.

His education began at RADA, and in 1982 he received his diploma from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

After that, he was given the chance to play a prominent part on British television as Tim Healy in the drama series Parnell and the Englishwoman that was produced by the BBC. Cracker made him famous for his performance as Detective Sergeant Jimmy Beck.

Lorcan Cranitch
Lorcan Cranitch

Lorcan Cranitch: Biography

Lorcan’s more recent credits include the BBC series BLOODLANDS, in which he co-starred with James Nesbitt and Ian McElhinnney; the crime drama MAGPIE MURDERS, which was directed by Peter Cattaneo; the feature LAKELANDS, in which he co-starred with Éanna Hardwicke and Danielle Galligan and was directed by Rob Higgins and Patrick McGivney; Clare Dunne’s film HERSELF,

The character of Detective Sergeant Jimmy Beck, which he played alongside Robbie Coltrane in the film CRACKER, which was created by Jimmy McGovern, is largely responsible for his widespread fame.

Stage performances include the original production of Frank McGuinness’s OBSERVE THE SONS OF ULSTER MARCHING TOWARDS THE SOMME at the Abbey Theatre, as well as in Arthur Miller’s THE PRICE at the Gate, as well as David Mamet’s SPEED-THE-PLOW and Chekhov’s THREE SISTERS.

He makes his home in Dublin.

Lorcan Cranitch: Career Details

  • Lorcan Cranitch was born in Dublin, and he began his involvement in drama while he was a student. In 1980, he relocated to London, where he received his training at RADA.
  • Tim Healy, his character in the drama series Parnell and the Englishwoman, which aired on the British Broadcasting Corporation in 1991, was his first significant appearance on British television.
  • Fans first recognized Lieutenant as a recognizable face in the role of the disturbed Doctor of Science Jimmy Beck in the television series Cracker (1993-1995).
  • When he notified the producers of his desire to leave the program following the second season, his character was killed off in a spectacular suicide scene in October 1995.
  • This occurred after he had already informed the producers of his intention to leave the show.
  • After finishing work on Cracker, he went back to the British Broadcasting Corporation to play the role of Sean Dillon in Ballykissangel, which had been scripted specifically for him.
  • Other British television dramas in which he appeared include Deacon Brodie (co-starring with Billy Connolly), Shackleton (as Frank Wild) co-starring with Kenneth Branagh, Omagh, Hornblower (co-starring with Ioan Gruffudd), The Street, Waking the Dead, Spooks, Silent Witness, and New Tricks.
Lorcan Cranitch
Lorcan Cranitch
  • He also made an appearance in New Tricks. In 2005, he played the character of the underworld baron Erastes Fulmen in the production of Rome that was co-produced by the Home Box Office and the British Broadcasting Corporation.
  • He played the role of Dickie Best, the football player George Best’s father, in the 2009 drama Best: His Mother’s Son, which was produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). In the Sky Atlantic television series Fortitude, Lorcan had a cameo appearance as Detective Inspector Littlejohn.
  • On screen, he has been seen in films such as Dancing at Lughnasa, The Playboys, and Titanic Town. Meryl Streep co-starred in the former.
  • In 2016, he made an appearance on the British Broadcasting Corporation series Death in Paradise, season 5, episode 7 of which he was a part.
  • In addition to this, he has worked on stage with organizations such as The Royal National Theatre, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Donmar West End, and The Abbey and The Gate theaters in Dublin.
  • In 2011, the couple became adoptive parents to an Ethiopian child.

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Lorcan Cranitch: Social Media


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Lorcan Cranitch: Married Life And Children

Lorcan and Susan have been together for ten years and are both content with their lives and their relationship. They have a child together who they called Robel.

During the course of an interview in 1995, Lorcan is said to have first come into contact with Susan, as reported by Independent.ie. Susan, who was reporting for the BBC World Service about the Dublin Film Festival, conducted an interview with him regarding his role and character in the television series Cracker.

Despite the fact that there was not much of a spark between them during the interview, when they finally did meet at the bar, they began speaking.

The couple tied the knot at the beginning of May 2002 after a series of events that ultimately led to their union. Over the course of more than 20 years, the couple’s marriage has been nothing but blissful.

Lorcan Cranitch
Lorcan Cranitch

In the month of May, the wedding ceremony took place in a modest register office in Dublin. Only members of the immediate family were invited to attend the occasion.

A week later, the two of them hosted a party for a total of 150 guests. When the actor eventually tied the knot, he was 42 years old. He is 63 years old at this time.

In July of 2010, the couple also became the adoptive parents of an Ethiopian kid who, at the time of the adoption, was only ten months old.

According to the elderly actor, the couple adopted the child from Ethiopia since they were more familiar with the African region than with the Far eastern part of the world.

Lorcan Cranitch
Lorcan Cranitch

Lorcan Cranitch: Net Worth 2023

What is Lorcan Cranitch’s current estimated net worth? Where does Lorcan Cranitch get the majority of his money? We are all aware that it is extremely difficult to determine an individual’s overall assets as well as the amount that he or she earns each month.

There is an estimated asset that amounts to a net worth according to a number of different sources. The question is, how much money does Lorcan Cranitch have? As of the year 2022, Lorcan Cranitch has a net worth that is now estimated to be $1.5 Million.

Lorcan Cranitch Role In “Roise & Frank”

Róise & Frank is a story about shaggy dogs, a mourning widow, and a lonely young kid. It has all the components for a tearjerking finale, and there will not be a dry eye in the house when the end titles roll.

Róise & Frank is a play that is both written and performed in the Irish language. It takes place against the breathtaking backdrop of the pastoral Gaeltacht area in Ring, County Waterford.

The movie clocks in at 85 minutes, but it’s a tightly wound tale that definitely packs a punch. Frank, the shaggy dog who gives the movie its name, deserves equal billing with his human co-stars despite the fact that the movie is only 85 minutes long.

Róise O’Meara, played by Brd N Neachtain, is struggling to cope with the untimely death of her husband, Frank. Even though dad passed away two years ago, Róise is still in mourning, and she finds even the most routine activities to be demanding and stressful.

She performs her routine responsibilities with weariness and resignation, girding herself to continue existing for another day.

Her physician son, Alan, who is wonderfully portrayed by Cillian O’Gairbhi with a succession of deadpan one-liners, is unable to assist his mother on either a medical or emotional level, and he is instead forced to helplessly witness Róise’s spiral into sadness.

Róise’s son, Alan, is a physician. Róise’s next-door neighbor Donncha, played by Lorcan Cranitch, plays the role of the perfect threatening contrast as he loiters with intent and makes the decision that Róise’s period of grief is over regardless of what Róise or her son wants.

Donncha approaches Alan for permission to pursue a romantic relationship with his mother, but Alan (correctly) declines.

Donncha is unfazed by this setback, and he decides to pursue Róise anyway with the mentality that luck is on the side of the bold. Maidhchi (Ruadhán de Faoite) is a young hurler with a lot of potential who longs to be acknowledged by his contemporaries but lacks the self-assurance to play on the squad that represents his community.

Róise and Maidchi’s lives are forever changed after the introduction of Frank, a lovable mutt who strays into their territory. Róise initially disregards Frank due to the fact that he appears to follow her around everywhere; nevertheless, as time passes, she starts to believe that Frank is the reincarnation of her deceased husband.

As Frank begins to work his magic on Róise, she begins to change. Róise’s son is doubtful of Frank’s abilities, but Róise’s friend Maidchi supports her and believes in the miracles of Frank by appointing Frank as the mascot of the local hurling club.

Donncha, who plays the role of a cruel and lecherous neighbor, has the appearance and demeanor to match it. Ruadhán de Faoite should be singled out for special recognition since he excels in his role as Maidhch, the outsider who, with Frank’s assistance, eventually comes into his own.

The humorous timing that De Faoite has is spot on, and he always delivers his lines with assurance. One should keep an eye on De Faoite.

Lorcan Cranitch: Personal Information

Name Lorcan Cranitch
Nickname None
Gender Male
Date of Birth 28-Aug-1959
Age in 2022 63
Birth Place Dublin, Ireland
Country Ireland
Nationality Irish
Height 1.78 (m)
Weight Unknown (KGs)
Profession Irish Actor

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