“Lou”: Updates On The Filming Locations Of The Upcoming Netflix Thriller Movie

Netflix’s “Lou” is an action thriller film that centers on the movie’s titular character, a solitary woman who believes that she has successfully put her perilous past in the past for good and is now moving on with her life.

Lou Movie
Lou Movie


Anna Foerster is the film’s director. Soon after, she is shown that she is mistaken when the storm that is raging outside causes her neighbor’s daughter, Vee, to be stolen, and Hannah, the neighbor, requests for her assistance in finding Vee. The two women decide to work together in an effort to locate Vee and rescue her from the perilous grasp of her captor.

The rescue mission that Lou and Hannah participate in pushes them to their limits, and along the road, a number of disturbing secrets from their respective pasts are revealed. The only thing that sets this franchise apart from the ‘Taken’ series is the presence of two strong female leads, played by Allison Janney and Jurnee Smollett, who lead a team of people on a mission to save a kidnapped daughter.

The film’s action-packed sequences and overarching plot revolve around finding and rescuing the child. In addition, the stormy background and the usage of various dark and creepy locales throughout the movie both contribute to the overall atmosphere and leave one wondering where the filming of “Lou” took place. You are in luck, because we know the answers to the same questions as everyone else!

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“Lou”: Filming Locations

The movie “Lou” was shot entirely in the province of British Columbia, specifically in the Metro Vancouver and Ucluelet areas. The COVID-19 epidemic forced the producers to adjust their plans and push back the production of the movie, which they had originally planned to begin filming between May and June of 2020.

The principal photography for the action thriller reportedly began in the middle of June 2021 and continued through August of the same year. This brings us to our final point. Now that we haven’t wasted any time, let’s get right into the middle of the action and visit each of the precise locales that are featured in the thriller on Netflix!

Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

The majority of the film “Lou” was shot in Metro Vancouver, which is a metropolitan area with Vancouver serving as its primary urban hub. The Vancouver Film Studios, located at 3500 Cornett Road, were the setting for the filming of a number of significant moments, according to the reports.

The studio complex features a total of thirteen soundstages that were constructed for a specific purpose, in addition to ancillary buildings that serve as mills, office spaces, warehouses, a private gym, and many other production requirements.

In addition, members of the cast and crew were observed in and around Mid Valley in June 2021, notably in North Vancouver’s Seymour Mainline/Lillooet Road and Spur 4 neighborhoods, where they were seen recording a few scenes.

Ucluelet, British Columbia

Additional scenes for the show ‘Lou’ were filmed in Ucluelet, which is a district municipality located on the Ucluelet Peninsula, which is off the west coast of Vancouver Island. In the later phases of production, notably in August 2021, the crew was seen shooting multiple sequences on and near Main Street.

These scenes were all part of the same film. The Crow’s Nest, located at 205 Main Street on Box 940, played the role of a bank in the movie, while Pioneer BoatWorks, which is located at 166 Fraser Lane, was changed into a hardware store for the film.

In the past, Ucluelet has served as an important recording location for a variety of films and television shows, including “Man of Steel,” “One Week,” and “The Crossing.”

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“Lou”: Plot Of The Netflix Movie

A violent storm is occurring. A young girl gets kidnapped. In an effort to locate the person responsible for her daughter’s abduction, her mother collaborates with the enigmatic woman who lives next door. They are put through rigorous testing, and startling revelations about their past are brought to light as they travel.

The story of a young woman and the man who rented from her is related by Lou. When Lou decides to rent out his house, his life suddenly goes in a completely another way. The young woman who lives in the house that Lou rents out is the one who kidnaps Lou’s daughter and takes her to live with her husband’s estranged father.

The search for the missing girl and the subsequent battle are taken on by two different ladies working together. Anna Foerster served as the director. The leads of the film Lou are the Academy Award–winner Allison Janney and the Emmy nominee Jurnee Smollett.

Because Smollett isn’t going to quit performing, it is highly possible that he will be able to watch a significant amount of him in the movie. In addition to his new role in Lou Smollett, Misha Green is currently working on the film adaptation of Black Canary, which will feature the actress’s reunion with the writer of Lovecraft Country.

The actress will also make an appearance in the upcoming courtroom drama film, which is scheduled for release soon. She will be laid to rest, and her final appearance was with Chris Hemsworth in the film Spider-Head, which was streamed on Netflix.

“Lou”: More Details Of The Movie

When it was initially lined up at Paramount, production was scheduled to commence between the months of May and July 2020 in Vancouver, Canada. However, Bad Robot ultimately decided to produce the picture independently and land it with Netflix. June of 2021 marked the beginning of the film’s official production, which was completed in August of the same year.

In 2019, Allison Janney was chosen for the role.

Alongside Janney, Jurnee Smollett became attached to the project on April 28, 2021, in order to play a key part. Both of them are going to be executive producers for the project.

On September 23, 2022, the movie is going to be made available for streaming on Netflix.

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