Love In The Air (Special Episode): Release Date, Streaming Platform, Recap, Reviews, Preview And More Details, WATCH TRAILER

At the beginning of the Special episode of Love in the Air, Rain and Sky can be seen moping around by the pool.

The two women are having a conversation about the problems that they have been having with their different biker partners.

Sky relates an experience he had when he went to Prapai’s workplace and recounts how Prapai’s younger brother, who has a great deal of affection for Sky, took him prisoner. Sky was held captive for some time.

Love In The Air
Love In The Air

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Love In The Air (Special Episode): Streaming Platform

The movie “Love Is in the Air” will be shown on GMM25. At twelve in the morning, IQIYI will stream the full version of the show. In the future, the show will also be accessible through the official MeMindY channel on YouTube. You can view the episode right here.

Love In The Air: Plot Synopsis

On a day when it was raining, Rain, a charming young man with pale complexion, was having trouble with his car. Phayu, a hefty cyclist, came to our aid, and we are grateful for his assistance.

As soon as Rain removed his helmet, he was immediately mesmerized by the way he appeared and yearned to be as cool as he was. It turns out that Phayu is actually a famous senior and the dream lover of every female, including the girl in Rain’s eyes, which is why Rain didn’t like Phayu very much at first.

Phayu is the dream lover of every girl, including the one in Rain’s eyes. The second time they meet, he learns Payu’s true identity, and at the same time, his automobile breaks down once more. Phayu makes a joke out of the fact that he wants to seduce Rain.

Love In The Air
Love In The Air

That that day, Rain was obligated to spend the night in his garage. Payu begins to tease him once more by acting as though he is going to touch Ryan. Because of this, Phayu became Rain’s number one adversary.

Rain wanted to expose Phayu’s true colors and let everyone know that he is not as good as they thought he was. Phayu became Rain’s number one opponent. However, he was never victorious, which Phayu found endearing. In light of the fact that Rain will never be able to defeat him, he then declares that he will make Phayu fall in love with him within the next month.

Love In The Air: Preview Of Episode 13

When Love in the Air comes to a close, Sky and Prapai will finally get their questions answered when Sky’s ex-boyfriend makes his major reappearance in the episode.

According to the plot of the book, Sky’s ex-girlfriend catches him by using Prapai’s name. The excerpt from the book reveals that Sky is feeling vulnerable, in contrast to his ex-girlfriend Gun, who has been the primary cause of his previous traumatic experiences.

However, Sky isn’t on her own this time since Prapai has returned and is punching Gun in a fit of wrath. At the conclusion of the sneak peek, Sky appears to be in poor health and asks Prapai, “Can’t I merely be with you?”

Fans who have read the novel will know that the appearance of Sky’s ex-boyfriend at the end of the season feels like it completes the circle. This is because Prapai will not know the complete truth about Sky’s previous hurt until he is better able to understand them.

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Love In The Air (Special Episode): Recap

  • Prapai and his brother got into a fight because Prapai wanted to keep Sky to himself, but his brother told their mother about Sky and made sure they had a family dinner with Sky. This caused Prapai and his brother to disagree about Sky.
  • Rain makes a light-hearted remark about how it’s a good sign if the family of one’s partner approves of them, and then he starts to describe his problem with Payu.
  • Rain describes how, while he was in college, he was coerced into trying on a Hanbok in preparation for a Korean cultural festival. After doing some modeling for Sky and Sig, Rain is taken aback when she sees Payu enter the room wearing a hanbok himself, accompanied by Ple and a large group of girls who are drooling over him. Rain is irritated that Ple persuaded Payu to model the clothing despite the fact that Payu does not attend the same college as they do.
  • Additionally, Rain becomes irritated whenever the girls, as well as his buddies Sky and Sig, start snapping pictures of and with Payu. Rain forces Payu to go outdoors, where she confronts the graduates about their decision to volunteer to dress up in a cosplay attire outside of their bedroom.
  • He says that Payu looked really great in the costume, but he did not enjoy how everyone was gushing over him. He also says that he did not like how the outfit looked on Payu.
  • Present-day Sky makes fun of Rain despite the fact that he is fully aware that the reason Rain asked him that question was most likely because Payu had done something to him. Sky inquires with Rain regarding his journey with Payu, and the latter of the two responds by saying that Payu was occupied, so he did not have any company.
  • Sky asserts that he has just returned from a trip to his homeland with Prapai and that he is unable to take any more vacations at the moment.
Love In The Air
Love In The Air
  • Rain is curious as to whether or not Sky took Prapai to visit his relatives. Sky informs him that he was being curious, while Rain raises a query about Prapai’s “size” to Sky. Sky tells Rain that he was being nosy.
  • Sky gets flustered and Rain nags him for fun. In yet another recollection, Sky is seen paying Prapai a visit at his workplace. Prapai was hard at work in the conference room while Sky entertained himself on his cell phone. The two are seated together in the room.
  • The moment Prapai finished his shift, he extended an invitation to Sky to share a dinner with him, but the student was too preoccupied with his phone to accept the offer. After being frustrated that his boyfriend was not paying him any attention, Prapai began to make out with Sky while he was still naked and then began to kiss him.
  • When Prapai makes an effort to gain Sky’s attention by making out with him at the conference table, Sky maintains the appearance that he is playing on his phone instead of paying attention.
  • Sky gets up to use the restroom, and Prapai’s ex-boyfriend follows him there. Once they are alone, the former flame of Prapai tries to sow some seeds of doubt in the mind of the student about Prapai.
  • Sky reveals to the girl that Prapai had openly admitted to dating him and being in love with him, which is something that Sky was certain Prapai had never done with her. Sky believes that Prapai had never done this with him.
  • The girl feels ashamed and storms out, but Sky is incensed and contacts Rain to suggest that they take a trip together without alerting their respective boyfriends of their plans. Sky is picked up by Rain, and as they are driving, the two of them make a pact to refrain from bringing up their respective partners for the duration of the journey.

  • Rain and Sky are the first ones to arrive at the beach, and despite their best efforts to have a good time, they can’t help but argue with one another. They are trying to relax by having some drinks by the pool, but as time goes on, their energy level drops because it is obvious that they miss their lovers. However, they do not want to mention the bikers because of the bet they made with them.
  • Payu and Prapai go to the place where Rain and Sky were staying and discover the two students at the beach. Payu and Prapai had followed Rain and Sky.
  • Sky succeeds in cajoling Rain into mentioning Payu, and Rain admits that he was, in fact, concerned about Payu’s whereabouts all along. Rain is dragged inside the house by Payu, who sneaks up on him from behind. Sky issues a warning to Prapai, telling him not to try to drag him like Payu did to Rain, and the couple then makes an attempt to resolve their issues in a new way.
  • After a misunderstanding between them, Payu tells Rain that he wants to make things up to her, and the two of them make out in bed. While this is going on, Sky comes in and joins Prapai in the pool, but he is forbidden from touching Prapai by Sky. Sky makes it clear to Prapai that he should not touch him or respond in any way to anything that Sky does or says.
  • While they are in the bathtub, Sky kisses Prapai in an effort to get him aroused, but the biker is unable to respond to her advances because he is forbidden to react to anything that Sky does. Sky issues a warning to Prapai and requests that he advise his exes to desist from harassing him. Sky is upset, so Prapai tries to calm her down by apologizing for the trouble his exes are causing.
  • The following morning, both sets of parents are sitting down to eat breakfast together, and as per usual, Prapai and Rain are arguing. Rain and Payu had a conversation in which they discuss the possibility of them going on a trip together in the near future.
  • Rain makes a commitment to Payu that he would maintain a high GPA in order to accompany Payu on future vacations. While Prapai and Sky are strolling along the beach, the businessman pops the question to Sky. “Will you marry me?”
  • Sky makes a joke about the fact that marrying someone of the same gender in Thailand is against the law, and the couple comes to the conclusion that if and when the law changes, they will wed each other and take care of each other for the rest of their lives. The two couples can be seen splashing around and having a good time as the show comes to a close.

Love In The Air (Special Episode): Reviews

The conclusion of Love in the Air was filled with so much joy. We are unable to anticipate a second season of the Thai Basketball League because there are no unresolved storylines, but we may all continue to hope.

Given Sky’s history, it’s great to see that she and Prapai have a more positive outlook on their lives together in the decades to come. It is also quite encouraging to see Rain recognizing the negative consequences that have resulted from his own outbursts of rage.

The two separate couples couldn’t be more different from one another, and I wish there was more to their respective stories. Because of the need for a more in-depth recounting of the events that transpired, the story should be adapted into a full-fledged spin-off series, with Sky and Prapai playing the roles of the series’ primary protagonists.

This episode was a special, as the name of the program itself suggests. It was a pleasure for fans, and I am certain that all lovers of LITA loved the sensual NC scenes as well as the romantic happy conclusion for both couples. It was a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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