Which islanders from Love Island USA Season 4’s new partners from Casa Amor entered the villa? 

Which islanders from Love Island USA Season 4’s new partners from Casa Amor entered the villa? 

On August 11, the Casa Amor part of Love Island USA Season 4 came to an end. The islanders had to decide if they wanted to stay with their partners from before the segment or if they wanted to continue their journey with one of the new people from Casa Amor.

The hour that came next was full of drama and surprises. One couple stuck together and made it through the Casa Amor week, but many others broke up and got back together with the new islanders. A few shocking contestants were left to look for love all by themselves. Will they find someone or leave the villa for good? Only time will tell.

Chad Robinson, Jordan Morello, Kyle Fraser, Nic Birchall, Sam Kornse, Tre Watson, Avery Grooms, Gabriella “Bella” Barbaro, Chanse Corbi, Gabriella Kiszka, Tigerlily Cooley, and Phoebe Siegel were all members of the Casa Amor Island.

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Information about recouplings at Casa Amor on Love Island USA Season 4

On Love Island USA, the Casa Amor segment made its debut on August 8, 2022, in a special episode. On the show, 12 new islanders joined the group of men and women already there to meet each other and find love. The new guys got to know the girls in the original villa, while the new girls got to know the guys in the new Casa Amor villa.

After a week of going back and forth, trust problems, making new friends, thinking, and a lot more, a dramatic recoupling shook everyone to their core.

Check out which islanders came back with new partners after the Casa Amor recoupling segment on Love Island USA.

Isaiah – Phoebe

Deb – Kyle

Nadjha – Nic

Chanse and Jared

Chad and Courtney

Chazz – Gabriella

Since they made it through the Casa Amor segment without any problems, Zeta and Timmy showed that they are one of the strongest couples this season. Sydney, Jesse, and Jeff were all Islanders who were left alone after the recoupling. They used to be with Isaiah, Deb, and Nadjha, respectively.


Sydney won’t put up with this. Literally. Right now, she is standing up.

The most surprising reunion on Love Island USA was between Isaiah and Phoebe. Fans thought that he would stick with his first partner, Sydney. During Casa Amor week, though, he got along well with Phoebe. Even though Isaiah has had problems since the beginning, people hoped that the original couple would stay together.

Sydney felt hurt by what Isaiah did. She had already told another cast member, Zeta, that she would ask him out on a date when he came back. After they got back together, she said:

“Do whatever you have to…

I’m just very sad right now, so.

I’m not going to cry this f***ing make-up off, though. I know what I’m worth. A girl like my doesn’t stay single for long.”

At the same time, Deborah (Deb) became close to Kyle Fraser in the villa. She started dating him, but when Jesse came out of Casa Amor single, she looked very guilty. Jesse told her that she deserved someone better than him and that he knew why she was recoupled. Deb said that she couldn’t put enough trust in Jesse, which is why she chose Kyle.

Nadjha, who used to be a newcomer on Love Island USA, chose Nic over Jeff. But she broke down when she saw Jeff from Casa Amor without a partner. She told me:

“Jeff, you know I think you’re so great, and it wasn’t easy at all, but I really did think you’d find someone there.”

After such a dramatic breakup on Love Island USA, it will be interesting to see what the islanders do next. Will everyone who is single find a new partner or will they leave the villa? Will the current relationships last and make it all the way to the end? Just wait and see.

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