Nikita Pathakji (MasterChef Winner): Parents, Career, Dishes, Ethnicity, Final Dishes, Sister And More Details

Nikita Pathakji’s mother Rima and her father Sona Pathakji welcomed their daughter into the world.

Her mother and grandmother, Rima and Sona Pathakji, are the source of her culinary creativity.

The cook was crowned MasterChef: The Professionals Champion after competing in the show. After six weeks of physically taxing tasks, she triumphed over the other finalists, including Charlie Jeffreys and Sagar Massey, as well as 29 other professional chefs to earn the top spot in the competition.

MasterChef Winner Nikita Pathakji
MasterChef Winner Nikita Pathakji

The MasterChef contestant, who is 25 years old and of Indian descent, was declared the winner after she presented imaginative meals that wowed the Michelin-starred Marcus Wareing, chef Anna Haugh, and MasterChef judge Gregg.

The judges gave her their unanimous approval, praising her excellent cooking and incredible twists on the dishes. Her development as a chef took place right in front of their eyes as they watched her get better as each week passed.

However, this would not have been possible without the loving support of her family, who shares her passion for cooking and eating delicious meals.

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Nikita Pathakji (MasterChef Winner): Ethnicity And Early Life

Nikita was raised in Derby by her parents, both of whom are originally from India; her mother, Rima, is 48 years old, and her father, Sona. Nikita also has an older sister named Isha.

Her mother works in financial services, whilst her father is a retired engineer who used to work for Rolls-Royce, providing a striking contrast to the path that she has chosen for her own professional life.

However, because of Sona’s career, the family was able to relocate to Bangalore when Nikita was nine years old, which is what initially sparked her passion of traveling.

MasterChef Winner Nikita Pathakji
MasterChef Winner Nikita Pathakji

Nikita spent her childhood in Derby, England, with her mother, Rima, who is now 48 years old, and her father, Sona, as well as her older sister, Isha. Both of Nikita’s parents were born in India.

Nikita recalled that the two years spent overseas had been “essentially a holiday,” and that they had returned to the United Kingdom so that she and Isha could get adjusted in their new schools.

Following the breakup of her parents’ marriage, Rima relocated to London, but her daughters Nikita and Isha remained with their father in Derby.

Nikita, on the other hand, claims that the divorce was “amicable” and that the choice was made in the best interest of both of her parents.

She attributes the opening of a number of “amazing” doors for her to the fact that her mother lives in London. These doors previously would not have been open.

Nikita Pathakji’s Mother Is Her Biggest Inspiration!

Nikita has both her mother and her Indian ancestry to thank for the spark that ignited her unquenchable passion for cuisine. The mother and daughter have always used mealtime as a time to connect with one another and share stories.

During an interview with the publication at the time, she mentioned that she hailed from a family that was very interested in cuisine.

She was given the task of rolling out circular chapatis on the floor as a form of practice while her mother, Rima, prepared the ones that could be eaten.

MasterChef Winner Nikita Pathakji
MasterChef Winner Nikita Pathakji

When she reached her teenage years, the retired engineer recognized her potential and treated her to a memorable meal at her very first restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star. This restaurant just so happened to be owned by MasterChef judge Marcus Wareing.

She gave her mother the credit for getting her started in the world of fine dining, and she thanked her for having the faith in her abilities.

They were the type of home that often threw parties and invited their neighbors over for dinner. The Tupperware was kept spotless and piled because the hosts were aware that the guests would be taking large amounts of food with them when they left.

She did not realize that chemistry was not her love until she was in her final year of her A-levels, working toward a degree in chemistry. She expressed her desires to her parents, who place a high value on education, and they listened attentively and carried out her requests.

At first, she was nothing near as capable as her mother, who had decades of expertise, and she was only able to make canapés and desserts while her mother did the heavy lifting.

After she earned her degree, she is more eager to cooperate and even allows her to assume leadership responsibilities within the class.

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Nikita Pathakji (MasterChef Winner): Early Career

At the age of 18, she began her apprenticeship at the Lanesborough Hotel in London, where she was responsible for making finger sandwiches for afternoon tea.

Since then, she has gone on to work at a variety of restaurants in London that have been awarded a Michelin Star, some of which include Core by Clare Smyth and Claude Bosi at Bibendum. She is a junior sous chef at the restaurant Kitchen W8 in London, where she works at the moment.

Nikita Pathakji With family
Nikita Pathakji With family

Nikita Pathakji (MasterChef Winner): What Was Her Final Dishes?

It began with sea bass that had been cured in a citrus dressing and was served with smoked aubergine purée, spicy red pepper purée with pomegranate, preserved lemon, parsley oil, and aubergine crisps on the side.

Nikita’s main course consisted of crispy chicken thighs, tortellini filled with chicken, mushrooms, and coriander and coriander oil, topped with handmade sev, finished with a coconut curry sauce, and a side of crispy chicken skin dusted with chilli powder, topped with a mango, cumin, and onion purée. The dish was inspired by khao soi, Nikita’s favorite dish from her time spent in Thailand.

Nikita Pathakji (MasterChef Winner): Parents And Family

Nikita Pathakji would like to express her gratitude to her mother Rima and her father Sona for being her inspiration. The Pathakji sisters, Rima and Sona, were born and raised in India.

The winner of MasterChef came from a modest background and spent her early years in Derby with her family, who were originally from India. Both of her parents worked full-time jobs, but her mother made ends meet by working as an engineer for Rolls-Royce.

They also have an older daughter named Isha, who is her partner in the food business.

They did a lot of traveling in their younger years, including packing up and moving to Bangalore when Nikita was just nine years old. Due to the fact that her two years in the UK developed an interest in touring, this was a chance for her to connect with her roots.

However, when the couple decided to go in separate directions, disaster struck their family of four. Their family fell apart when the younger girl moved in with her mother in London and Isha remained in Derby with their father. The younger girl joined her mother in London.


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Despite the fact that the mutually agreeable decisions drove a wedge between the two sisters, they never wavered in their conviction that it was for the highest and best benefit, since her time spent in the nation’s capital opened up a variety of new doors of possibility.

The sisters eventually reconciled their differences and moved in together in London, where they now reside with their mother, stepfather, and Isha’s other sister.

Her apprenticeship in the culinary arts at Westminster Kingsway College had already begun by that point, and she was participating in an internship at the Lanesborough Hotel on a four-day-per-week basis.

After three months, she went from making sandwiches for afternoon tea to cajoling her way into a Michelin-starred restaurant. She started off by making sandwiches for afternoon tea. In addition to this, she toured throughout Southeast Asia in search of novel flavors and cuisines.

While the older sister maintained an emotional connection with their father by getting the groceries and making an attempt to remain in his life, the younger sister made the preparation of elaborate dishes her primary concentration.


Who is Nikita Pathakji?

Nikita Pathakji is a culinary specialist from Derbyshire. She won the MasterChef 2022 where she battled with 31 professional chefs on 11 December 2022.

How old is Nikita Pathakji?

She is 24/25 years old as of 2022.

Who are Nikita Pathakji’s parents?


Who is Nikita Pathakji’s husband?


What is Nikita Pathakji’s origin?

Ans. Indian

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