Mayra & Donnie: Engagement Announcement, Dating Life, Age Gap, Career And More Details Explored

Mayra and Donnie have recently announced their engagement, and they are very much still together. They are 34 years apart in age, which is a large age gap.

Mayra’s soon-to-be-husband Donnie Scott could be heard cheering her on from the sidelines. After some time had passed, people started noticing him in her Instagram stories, and inquiries started pouring in as a result. Mayra shared with her audience that he was the man she was dating at the time and informed them that he is 34 years older than she is.

There are some individuals who just don’t get it, and as a result, they have been subjected to more than their share of harsh comments and questions. Some people have even questioned whether or not she is dating him for financial gain or a green card.

Despite this, they have been shown an incredible amount of support, and many people have been moved by the age difference in their relationship. They like to have fun with viral trends and answer questions about their relationships, while also giving their Instagram fans a glimpse into their personal life, including things like vacations and dinners.


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Mayra & Donnie: Dating Life

Mayra and Donnie had been seeing one other consistently for a considerable amount of time at this point. They continue to stay together despite the fact that they appear to be in a really happy relationship.

The couple has been together for a total of seven years, during which time they have also gotten engaged. Despite this, they have not tied the knot as of yet. We can only hope that they have something exciting in store for their special day and that they will reveal their plans very soon.

The couple keeps a strong presence across a variety of social media channels, including YouTube, where they also broke the news about their engagement. Both of them participate in everything together and are nearly inseparable from one another.

It is also visible on their Instagram profile, which is not surprising given that they frequently post about each other on both of their social media handles. Their well-wisher adores them all together as a unit as well.

Mayra & Donnie: Huge Age Gap Of The Couple

Mayra and Donnie have a considerable age gap of 34 years between them, yet during the course of their relationship, they have demonstrated that age is nothing but a number.

People were initially upset by the fact that a young lady was dating a man twice her age, but gradually things worked out, and people also learned to understand that love is more important than anything else. After everything that had happened, the couple managed to prove everyone wrong by continuing to be strong and working on each other.

At this point, all of their fan followers admire them, and they get a kick out of watching them perform together. Mayra and Donnie make the most of their leisure time by working out together, going on adventures such as hiking, biking, and skiing, spending time at the beach, and exploring new restaurants. They never pass up an opportunity to spend quality time with one another.

In the meanwhile, one of their favorite things to do is to spend time together as a family at their home, where they can have a delicious meal, watch the sun set, and catch up with one another.


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Mayra: Who Is She?

Mayra’s birthday is November 9th, 1984, and she was born in Los Angeles. After her 17th birthday, when she realized that she was considerably larger than any of her peers, she began to get interested in fitness, weight loss, and low-carb diets. She also started running. Her starting weight was 315 pounds, and she has shed more than 150 pounds of excess weight throughout the course of her life.

Mayra was a resident of Los Angeles up until the time that she met and fell in love with Don, an older man. The two would eventually get married and make the journey to Laguna Beach together. In 2012, they welcomed a daughter they named Nati.

To improve people’s lives through adopting sustainable and nutritious eating patterns is at the core of her mission statement.

What Is “Low Carb Love”?

The focus of Low Carb Love is mostly on low-carbohydrate meals that not only have a fantastic flavor but are also generally beneficial to one’s health. The vast majority of Mayra’s material consists of video recipes that demonstrate how to prepare low-carb versions of items that are typically heavy in carbohydrates, such as breads, pizzas, pastas, and a variety of desserts.

Mayra uploads vlogs about general wellness topics such as exercise and dieting in addition to her video cooking tutorials.


1. Who is Mayra?

Mayra Wendolyne is a food blogger and social media influencer.

2. What is the age of Mayra?

Mayra’s age is 38.

3. What is the age gap between Mayra and Donnie?

The age gap between Mayra and Donnie is 34 years.

4. What is the name of Mayra’s YouTube channel?

The name of Mayra’s YouTube channel is Low Carb Love.

5. Where are Mayra and Donnie live?

Mayra and Donnie live in Laguna Beach, California.

Mayra Fit: Personal Information

Full Name Mayra Fit
Occupation Instagram Star
Age 38
Date of Birth November 9, 1984
Place of Birth United States
Star Sign Scorpio
Country United States
Gender Female

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