Nail Matter: Married Life With Wife Sara Matter, Career, Children, Net Worth, Family And More Details

Sara Matter is Niall Matter’s wife, and they have a daughter together. Niall Matter is a Canadian-American actor.

She is self-employed and runs her own business, which specializes in making pancakes.

Sara is now a happily married woman; in 2016, she tied the knot with Nail Matter, the man who has been the love of her life. As a result of her marriage to Niall, who is a well-known actor who has appeared in a number of movies, she has seen an upsurge in the popularity of her own work.

Niall dated Serinda Swan, better known as Anne Bancroft in the first season of Feud, prior to beginning his relationship with Sara. You may recall Serinda from her role on that season. According to Niall’s Wikipedia page, he and she continue to be friends.

Sara and Niall have celebrated six wonderful years together as a married couple. It is not known how she and Niall first became acquainted with one another. They have probably been together for close to ten years at this point.

Niall Matter
Niall Matter

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Who Is Nail Matter?

Niall Matter is a Canadian-American actor who is best recognized for his roles as Trent Hamilton in the teen drama series “The Best Years” on Global, Zane Donovan in the science fiction comedy-drama series “Eureka” on Syfy, Evan Cross in Space’s science fiction drama series “Primeval: New World,” and Nick Miller in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries telefilm series.

He is also well-known for his work in movies such as “Watchmen” and “Ally Was Screaming,” which brought him a lot of attention. Matter, who was born and reared in Alberta, spent his childhood working on the dairy farm that his family owned.

Even though he had his first taste of acting when he was still in school, he first decided to become an oil rigger like both his father and grandpa before him. After spending the previous eight years working on oil rigs in the northern region of Alberta, he was involved in a major accident and decided to leave the industry to pursue a career in acting. It wasn’t until the pilot episode of ‘The Best Years’ in 2007 that he made his debut on the big screen.

He made his big screen debut in 2009 in ‘Watchmen’. Matter was awarded the Constellation Award in 2013 for Best Male Performance in a Science Fiction Television Episode for his work in the episode “Truth” from the first season of “Primeval: New World.” In addition to that, he was honored with a Leo Award for the television movie “Frozen in Love” in 2018.

Nail Matter: Married Life With Wife Sara Matter

Since their wedding day, Niall Matter and Sara Bradley Matter, the woman he has known to be his one and only true love, have been living the happily ever after. It is said that Matter and his bride got married in the middle of 2016 in a low-key wedding that took place on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Only the couple’s closest friends and family members were invited to the wedding so they could pray blessings over the newlyweds. The spouse of Matter is really interested in tattoos. She has numerous tattoos with deep personal significance covering both of her hands.

In addition to this, Sara has a tattoo on her left arm that depicts the art of God. In addition, Matter is an ecstatic parent to two young children, a son and a daughter. Nevertheless, Niall wants to keep his family members out of the media disputes as much as possible.

The year 2016 marked the birth of the couple’s first kid, while the year 2018 brought them their second child. During an interview, Niall discussed the ways in which he maintained a healthy balance between his personal and professional lives. Since that time, Niall and Sara have been maintaining a healthy connection within their marriage, and in July of 2021, they celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.

Niall Matter
Niall Matter

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Nail Matter And Sara Matter: Children

Niall Matter and Sara Matter have been given the gift of parenthood twice. They have a daughter who is three years younger than their other daughter.

The year 2016 marked the birth of their first child, a daughter, and the year 2019 saw the arrival of their second child, a son. The year that her parents were married was also the year that her oldest daughter Kate was born.

Her younger daughter’s name is Betsy, and her name is Betsy. Because Niall was brought up in a Christian household, he is now teaching his own children to follow the Christian faith. Due to the fact that Niall is not extremely active on social media, there are not very many images that feature his family.

In one of the interviews, Niall explained that because he is responsible for paying for his family, he is unable to take an excessive amount of time off. On the other hand, he has taken some time off to help out with her daughter and to check on his wife and family to make sure that everyone is well and content.

Niall is aware that spending time with his family is essential, and he recognizes that this is the factor that has contributed most to the success of his marriage.

Nail Matter: Net Worth And Career

As of the year 2021, it is anticipated that Nial Matter has a net worth of one million dollars. His long career as an actor in movies and on television brought him a significant amount of money for him. On the other side, his wife, Sara Matter, also has one million dollars that she earned from her employment.

Teagarden has received a great deal of praise for his role as a hockey player in the Hallmark Channel movie Frozen in Love. In this film, Teagarden played the role of a romantic lead. The subject garnered a great deal of attention while being portrayed in the Eureka television series on the Sci-Fi Channel.

2007 marked the beginning of Niall’s professional acting career when he landed the lead role of Trent Hamilton on the television show The Best Years. After that, the actor played the role of USAF Airman Lieutenant Kemp in the television series Stargate Atlantis, which aired on Syfy. Aside from 90210, he has also been in Loch Ness Terror, Warehouse 13, Primeval: New World, and other television shows.

The Canadian-American actor had roles in several television programs in 2014, including Arctic Air Motive and Constantine, among others. In a similar vein, the years 2013 and 2014 were quite fortunate for him professionally, as he appeared in successful television shows such as Engaging Father Christmas and The Good Doctor, amongst many others.

Other film roles include Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief, Stop the Wedding, Find Father Christmas, Calls the Heart, and Love at First Sight. Other film credits include these.

Nail Matter: Trivia

  • Niall Matter is frequently found posting content on social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter.
  • Niall attended the Vancouver Film School in order to further his acting career.
  • Niall has a close friendship with each of his fellow cast members.
  • During his time in high school, he was a student of Kevin Smith and Jewel Staite.
  • Niall Matter is a devoted supporter of the sport of hockey.
  • Niall’s upbringing was heavily influenced by his family’s musical history.
  • He was extended an invitation to showcase his abilities in the upcoming television movie Country at Heart, which will air in 2020.
  • Niall is a jovial individual who enjoys communicating with his devoted following on various social media platforms.
  • After his accident, Niall decided to pursue a career in the Hollywood entertainment sector.

Nail Matter: Personal Life And Physical Appearance

Niall Matter has a height of 6 feet (1.83 meters), however no additional information regarding his body dimensions has been made public. Because of his fair complexion, dark hair, and startlingly blue eyes, he is commonly referred to be an attractive man. He is frequently seen with a beard that is only a week old, but despite this, it appears that women all over the world find him attractive.

Matter maintains a close relationship with his co-stars from “Eureka,” Neil Grayston and Colin Ferguson, and they remain in regular contact with one another. He had a relationship with his coworker Serinda Swan, who became well-known for her performance in the film “Graceland.” Although they were no longer romantically involved with one another, they maintained a strong friendship throughout this time.

He is a diehard supporter of the Edmonton Oilers, who compete in the National Hockey League. When asked about one of his earliest occupations in Vancouver, Matter described it as “hanging over the side of buildings changing windows and mending the weather stripping.”

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