“National Treasure: Edge of History” Episodes, Finale Recap and Ending, In Details Explained

The first part of the National Treasure expansion comes to a close with releasing the National Treasure: Edge of History Season 1 finale on Disney+.

In the epilogue, Billie, Salazar, and their crew led Rafael and Jess on the last section of the treasure hunt. Soon after realizing Billie’s motivations for keeping the treasure, Jess and Rafael set out to outsmart her and locate it before she does. In the meantime, Jess’ friends do all they can to assist.

After the ninth episode, one of the major revelations in the series and the franchise was revealed: Agent Hendricks (Armando Riesco) was Salazar.

The twist was revealed in the episode’s last moments, not long after Agent Ross (Lyndon Smith) realized Hendricks had killed Sadusky and falsely accused Jess (Lisette Olivera). Hendricks killed Ross before they both arrived at Billie’s (Catherine Zeta-Jones) location, where Rafael (Jacob Vargas) identified Hendricks as Salazar. Though Billie first doesn’t believe it, viewers discover through Rafael that Salazar killed Billie’s brother.

The Templar Treasure was another significant connection to the movies that the Wibberleys had planned. They had even thought about mentioning Ian Howe. Even though it ultimately wasn’t chosen, the team thought about how everything would go together:

“We actually had something in there along the lines of ‘We can’t have another Templar Treasure. And Billie responds, ‘That was Ian Howe’s fault, not mine.’ We tried to tie all that in, even though things always end up on the cutting room floor. But we did think about how if it was all rewatched, it would fit together.”[1]Collider

How do Salazar and Kacey Died?

As the Wayfinder leads the group into a dense mist that appears to have materialized out of thin air, “Treasure Protectors” toy with a bit of supernaturalism and navigation is made challenging.


The area is complete with lethal traps when they arrive, and one of them, a coyote head with emerald eyes that emits hallucinogenic gas, gives Jess and Rafael enough time to flee and go on their own, leading the others astray because Jess left her necklace behind as a red herring.

Despite Ross’s survival, there is no way to get out of a conclusion without someone dying. Still, both Kacey and Salazar’s endings are so abrupt and unceremonious that I couldn’t help but feel dissatisfied. Salazar shoots Kacey, who is injured because she keeps them down while he wanders around and becomes furious after being tricked by Jess.

In doing so, he employs the exact phrase Rafael claimed he used when he killed Billie’s brother, Sebastian: “she’s a liability.” Knowing this, Billie kills Salazar and takes over as group leader before setting out to find the prize.

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Do Liam and Jess get together in the end?

The group can find the hidden jewels with the aid of Ethan and Liam, and Jess’s savant-like puzzle-solving skills. When Billie is about to destroy them, she shows up, but the good guys rescue the day, protect the treasure, and escape with only minor injuries.

National Treasure- Edge of History
National Treasure- Edge of History

Following the dramatic fight, the artefacts are displayed in a museum where the entire world is informed of their history. Even though Ethan is present, Liam and Jess end up dating because Jess kisses Liam right away after discovering the treasure.

Ross, who is still alive, is at the museum display with Zeke, indicating that their romance is still thriving. All is fine in the world, and Tasha and Oren firmly believe they will reunite.

Except that, when organizing his father’s study, Liam discovered another potential treasure hunt. Who’s up for season 2?

Was the Plumed Serpent’s Daughter Malinche?

In Mexican history, Malinche, often known as La Malinche, is a controversial figure. She was Hernán Cortés’ wife and an important figure in the fall of the Aztec Empire.

Currently, there are many divergent scholarly opinions about her. She is viewed as a traitor to all Meso-Americans by one group while a victim in every sense of the word by another. Manuela thought Malachi was neither in the drama but rather a Plumed Serpent’s Daughter who ensured the Pan-American riches would evade the conquistadors.

The discovery of a portrait of Malinche by Jess and the others in the treasure chamber is conclusive evidence that Manuela was correct all along.

Malinche’s image wouldn’t be in the treasure room if she weren’t a Daughter of the Plumed Serpent. The National Museum of Artifacts display is titled “Malinche and the Pan-American Treasure” to commemorate these recent discoveries.

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Do the members of the group reach the prize room?

When they arrive, Ethan and Liam assist Rafael and Jess in escaping the enormous cage. They enter the tomb just as Billie fires at them, forcing the gang to rush inside with the wealth in their sights. They locate the door to the prize room and must solve yet another challenging challenge.

By striking the right panels on the floor, Jess can pass and expose the wealth inside. The area suddenly expands when a Lighting Stone interacts with the skylight, revealing the wonders all about them. That’s a lot of valuables! However, Billie gets inside by blowing the door off and stumbling inside while pointing her rifle.

Billie decides to set the place on fire by grabbing a burning book. A mirror and a slingshot manage to halt our main enemy and take the gun away, but Jess can also stop her. Rafael, though, is ultimately knocked unconscious in the subsequent violence. Fortunately, he quickly regains consciousness.

What happens at the end of National Treasure: Edge of History?

The officials arrive and start cataloguing all the items inside after sending out a smoke signal from outside. While Tasha and Ethan come to inspect the situation, Jess also kisses Liam. Before going to the museum where it is on display, they take a selfie with the find. While there, Liam lets them know about another treasure hunt they can participate in.

What Is Symbolic of the Mid-Credits Scene?

A typical mid-credits scene isn’t necessarily present in “National Treasure: Edge of History.” Instead, they tell what happens to each character when the treasure is found through social media posts from those people. The discovery of the treasure confirms Jessica’s mother’s opinion of Malinche, as far as we are concerned. Zeke and Ross, Jess and Liam, and Tasha and Oren reunite and start dating.

National Treasure- Edge of History Scene
National Treasure- Edge of History Scene

“Beside Me Beside You,” a song by Liam, tops the charts. The US president, an African American woman Jess gets to meet, is wearing Oren’s sneakers. The Supreme Court hires Ethan as a lawyer. Zeke is ecstatic when Ross wins a prize. For possibly saving Ross’ life, Tasha and Oren are also given accolades by the FBI. Tasha, despite her convictions, chooses to attend the ceremony.

The Episodes Analysis

So Edge f, National Treasure Without much panache, history comes to a close with a straightforward explanation that sees the last few pieces of this treasure quest neatly tied together. There is a tease for a future season, and given how shoddy this series has occasionally appeared, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were to be approved.

Although there were brief moments when the tale showed promise, this journey was mainly poorly written. The characters also receive some rather terrible conclusions, such as Kasey’s recent death, Salazar’s demise following the major reveal and build-up, and Agent Ross’s survival of a sword through the abdomen in traditional Disney style (both Star Wars and Marvel have now used this cliché!)

It doesn’t help that the show frequently uses these montages with the most inappropriate music tracks, killing any tension because the acting has also been subpar. If this show is any indication, Disney+ is rapidly turning into the new CW Channel, and many people won’t likely view it as a “national treasure.”


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