What Is Coming New On Netflix? Latest Movies And Shows For The Month September

Because it is a new week, Netflix has decided to update their library with a number of brand-new movies and television episodes. Although this is not the busiest week for the streaming service, there will be additions of a new documentary series, a new film from Tyler Perry, and a new police procedural.



The narrative that serves as the basis for The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist, the newest documentary series produced by Netflix, has been recounted previously. In 2013, she appeared in a movie both for television and for theater audiences.

However, there are no major Hollywood personalities currently attached to the roles of the real people involved. Now, both the individuals who committed the crime and some of the well-known people who were affected by it are coming forward with their own accounts of what happened.

On Wednesday, September 21, 2022, the three-part documentary series will become available on Netflix.

A Jazzman’s Blues, the most recent film directed by Tyler Perry, can now be streamed on Netflix. On Friday, September 23, it will be available to stream on Netflix. Solea Pfeiffer, Joshua Boone, Ryan Eggold, Amirah Vann, Lauren Buglioli, Milauna Jackson, Lana Young, and E. Roger Mitchell are among the actors who star in this motion picture.

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This Week, Netflix Will Add The Series Lou And A Jazzman’s Blues

The plot of the movie revolves around an unfinished inquiry that gradually reveals a story about an illicit love affair, deception, and a mystery that surrounds all of these events. The story of the movie takes place over a period of forty years, beginning in 1947 in Georgia, where Bayou and Leanne first meet and fall in love.

Unfortunately, their families do not support their decision to be together, and it is not for many years that they run into each other again. When they finally cross paths, Bayou is a performer, and Leanne is married while pretending to be white.

The narrative then jumps forward in time to 1987, when an envelope containing a number of letters is handed to the state attorney general. They could be the piece of evidence missing from the Bayou murder investigation that will finally allow it to be solved.

On Friday, September 23, Lou will also be available to watch on Netflix. Allison Janney, Jurnee Smollett, Logan Marshall-Green, Marci T. House, Greyson Holt, and Jaycie Dotin are among the actors who appear in the movie. The plot of the film centers on a mother’s attempt to locate her missing daughter after she was abducted. Along the way, she forms a partnership with the lady who resides in the house next door. They are pushed to the test throughout the trip, and along the process, secrets from both of their pasts are uncovered.

In addition, Patton Oswalt: We All Scream will premiere on Tuesday, September 20, Designing Miami will premiere on Wednesday, September 21, and the fifth season of Dynasty will premiere on Saturday, September 24.

Latest Added Content On Netflix

Get ready to check out the best movies and episodes that are now available to stream on Netflix because all throughout the month of September, the streaming service will be adding top-notch content. You can depend on Netflix to be at the forefront of the industry with outstanding and forward-thinking new material, such as the Netflix Original movies Blonde and Do Revenge, as well as the Netflix Original series Cobra Kai: Season 5 and Fakes, and a great deal more.

You can also check out many other wonderful new Netflix Originals that you’ll love, such as the movies End of the Road, Love in the Villa, and Entergalactic, and the shows The Crown, The Crown: Season 1, and The Crown: Season 2. If you’re trying to sort through all of your options and decide what to watch on Netflix this month, you can also check out many other wonderful new Netflix Originals that you’ll love. Collection 10 of The Great British Baking Show features the episode “Devil in Ohio” and “Chef’s Table: Pizza.”

Make it a priority to watch the new movies and episodes that were added to Netflix in September, as they are likely to become some of the streaming service’s most popular offerings in the coming months.

The Finest Brand-New Films And Shows to Arrive on Netflix in September 2022:

People have been excitedly anticipating to find out what new titles would be added to Netflix for the entirety of this month. The month of September brought an abundance of excellent movies, documentaries, and comedy specials to Netflix, ranging from timeless classics to brand new films having their world premieres. However, there were two in particular that stood out above the rest of the offerings. The following is a list of the top new movies that have been added to Netflix this month.

Do Revenge

Do Revenge
Do Revenge


Do Revenge is a dark comedy film about high school students Drea (Camila Mendes) and Eleanor (Maya Hawke), two very different people who are united after bullies cause both teens to become school outcasts.

The former is a popular, preppy queen bee, and the latter is an awkward new transfer student. The film was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s 1951 psychological thriller Strangers on a Train. The two come together in an improbable relationship and make a pact to exact revenge on the people who have wronged each other. This is the beginning of a twisted, hilarious, and suspenseful tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning until the very end.

Do Revenge will be available to stream on Netflix on September 16th.

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Blonde Movie Pic
Blonde Movie Pic


This month, one of the movies that has generated the most buzz throughout the past 12 months will finally be available to stream on Netflix. The film Blonde is a historical psychological drama that was adapted from the novel of the same name written by Joyce Carol Oates in 2000.

The film presents a dramatized version of the inner life of the icon Marilyn Monroe during the 1950s and 1960s (Ana de Armas). The movie, which has a rating of NC-17, offers viewers a fresh perspective on Marilyn Monroe, taking them from Monroe’s troubled childhood when she was known as Norma Jeane Mortensen, through the process of changing her name and image as she transitioned to Hollywood and the film industry, all the way to the exploitation, substance abuse, and romantic drama that she experienced behind the scenes in her personal life throughout the course of her career.

Fans of Marilyn Monroe, Old Hollywood, and film in general have an obligation to make it their top priority to watch Blonde as soon as it becomes available on Netflix at the end of September.

Watch Blonde when it premieres on Netflix on September 28.

The shows that are available on Netflix this September are more exciting than they have ever been, but two of those titles stand out above the rest of the lineup. The following is a list of some of the most exciting new shows that will be available to you on Netflix this month.

Fakes Series

Zoe Christensen (Emilija Baranac) and Becca Li (Jennifer Tong), two adolescent girls who are the best of friends, wind up constructing one of the largest false ID empires in North America in this Netflix Original comedy-drama series that is launching today.

However, it does not take long for their roaring success and notoriety to get out of hand, which in turn leads to a life of crime that becomes too real and ultimately results in the failure of the entire venture along with all of the perks that come along with it, all of which occurs in a spectacularly explosive manner. [Case in point:] As soon as each of the ten half-hour-long, spectacular, and action-packed episodes of Fake is uploaded to Netflix, viewers will be able to follow along with the entire wacky plot.

Beginning September 2, you can see Fakes on Netflix.

Cobra Kai (5th Season)

Cobra Kai Poster
Cobra Kai Poster


In early September, the fifth season of Cobra Kai will be available on Netflix, and it will be better than ever before. In the meantime, get your gi and start working on your crane kick. The martial arts comedy-drama series has plenty of butt kicking excitement in store, as these new episodes pick up where the shocking Season 4 finale left off, as the villainous Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) expands the Cobra Kai karate empire in attempts to take over the Valley’s martial arts scene once and for all after putting John Kreese (Martin Kove) behind bars and taking down Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), and Daniel LaRusso’s.

On top of all of that, Johnny is stepping away from karate competitions in order to focus on repairing the damage he’s caused (including his strained relationship with his son), and Daniel is driven into a corner as he tries to build back his dojo from the ground up, inspiring him to call up an old friend for assistance. On top of all of that, Johnny is taking a step back from karate competitions in order to focus on repairing the damage he’s caused (including It is highly recommended that you watch the entirety of Cobra Kai: Season 5 on Netflix as soon as it becomes available because there is a lot to look forward to in this season.

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