Olivia Cooke (House Of The Dragon Cast): Biography, Career, Physical Appearance And More Updates

The events that take place in House of the Dragon take place over the course of several years, during which time several of the cast members will eventually be replaced.

Olivia Cooke in House Of The Dragon
Olivia Cooke in House Of The Dragon


Queen Alicent Hightower, the wife of King Viserys I Targaryen (played by Paddy Considine) and stepmother to Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (played by Emma D’Arcy and Milly Alcock), is one of the key characters that will have different actors portraying them throughout the series.

Actress Emily Carey played the part of the character during the first six episodes of the first season, however beginning with the seventh episode, a different actress would take over the role of the character.

Who exactly is Olivia Cooke, who is rumored to be one of the show’s new big stars?

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Olivia Cooke: Biography

As of the year 2022, Olivia Cooke has reached the age of 28 years, having been born on the 27th of December 1993. Her location of birth was Oldham, which is located within Greater Manchester in England, United Kingdom. She was born in the United Kingdom and was raised with a Christian worldview. Her nationality is British. She resides in New York City, New York, in the United States at the present time.

Early in her education, Olivia Cooke attended a Local Elementary School in Oldham, which is located in Greater Manchester. After that, she received her secondary education at Royton and Crompton Secondary School, which is located in the Oldham Metropolitan Borough. She signed up to attend one of the high schools in the Oldham area. She began her training in the theatre upon entering the Oldham Sixth Form College in Greater Manchester, England, immediately following her graduation from high school. Despite having earned her A-levels, she did not continue her education beyond high school. There are 28 years between Olivia Cooke and you.

Olivia Cooke: Career

Cooke had starring roles in the miniseries productions of Blackout and the adaption of The Secret of Crickley Hall that were both produced by the BBC in 2012.

After landing her breakthrough role as Emma Decody in the television series Bates Motel, which was inspired by the film Psycho, she made her appearance in the horror film The Quiet Ones in 2014. Prior to that, she had landed her role as Emma Decody in Bates Motel. The series aired all the way up till 2017.

Since then, Cooke has been in a variety of movies, including Ouija, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, The Limehouse Golem, Katie Says Goodbye, Thoroughbreds, and the science fiction epic Ready Player One, which was directed by Steven Spielberg.

In addition to those roles, she has appeared in the films Life Itself, Sound of Metal, Pixie, Little Fish, and Naked Singularity.

In the 2017 miniseries adaption of Vanity Fair, Cooke gave a memorable performance as the well-known literary character Becky Sharp.

Earlier on in 2018, Cooke starred alongside Gary Oldman and Jack Lowden in the original series Slow Hores, which was broadcast on Apple TV+.

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Olivia Cooke Membership In “House Of The Dragon”

On August 15, 2022, in London’s Leicester Square Gardens, English actress Olivia Cooke was there to attend the premiere of the new HBO original drama series “House of the Dragon.” She posed for photos on the red carpet as she arrived for the event.

On August 15, 2022, in London’s Leicester Square Gardens, the premiere of the original drama series “House of the Dragon” was held. Actress Olivia Cooke of England was there to attend the event and posed for photos on the red carpet upon her arrival. HOLLIE ADAMS/AFP, used with permission from Getty Images

Olivia Cooke has given a number of interviews in which she discusses her participation in the television series House of the Dragon and her portrayal as Queen Alicent Hightower.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Olivia Cooke explored the similarities between her character and the one portrayed by Lena Headey in the HBO series Game of Thrones, Queen Cersei Lannister.

Cooke divulged that: “That parallel is just perfect for me because Cersei was my favorite character in the show. Alicent has a really sinister aspect to her personality, but at the same time, she’s just trying to do what she feels is right, even if it’s in the wrong direction.”

Olivia Cooke: Physical Appearance

Olivia is a young woman with a powerful personality who also has a stunning appearance. She has a height of exactly 5 feet and 5 inches (167 cm). She is very passionate about maintaining a healthy diet and also works out on a consistent basis. Her weight is approximately 53 kilograms (116 lbs). She is lean and toned, and her figure is shaped like a banana. Her physique is really attractive. Her bust circumference measures 33 inches, while her waist circumference measures 24 inches, and her hip circumference measures 32 inches. Dress size is a US size 6, which is equivalent to an EU size 36.

Olivia Cooke: Social Media

The handle that Olivia uses for her Facebook account is (@oliviacookecentral). Additionally, Olivia maintains a very active presence on Facebook. On Facebook, she has the support of 26 thousand fans.

The official Instagram account for Olivia may be found at @livkatecooke. She has 131 000 people who follow her. Her account on Instagram has been verified. On his Instagram site, Olivia posts some of her most impressive images and videos.

The handle that Olivia uses on Twitter is @OliviaCookeCom. In January of 2014, she became a member of Twitter. There are currently 20 people that follow her, and there are 1,537 people who follow her.

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