Is Olly Rix Really Singing In “Call The Midwife” Christmas Special? Actor’s Bio, Career And Social Media

The Call the Midwife Christmas special for this year will air tomorrow, and the start of the 12th season is right around the corner.

In anticipation of these momentous occasions, Trixie star Helen George and Matthew actor Olly Rix have hinted that the couple will soon be getting married.

That’s correct, the forthcoming season will feature Trixie’s wedding, but it appears that their relationship will be anything from boring in the lead-up to the big day and in the days and weeks that follow it.

It was reported by Rix that Trixie and Matthew “fight” in their relationship, to which she followed by saying, “they really row.” They go to extremes to criticize one another “. In the meantime, George commented that the couple has “quite a fiery nature.”

In the Call the Midwife Christmas special, Olly Rix did not perform any songs. Olly was imitating Frank Sinatra’s voice with his mime.

This year’s “Call the Midwife Christmas Special” appears to be every bit as heartwarming and packed with acting as previous seasons of the show have been in the past. However, those who had been warned about spoilers were already aware of the proposal.

Olly rix
Olly rix

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Is Olly Rix Really Singing In “Call The Midwife” Christmas Special?

In the “Call the Midwife Christmas Special,” Olly Rix was not performing any singing. Olly was performing a vocal impression of Frank Sinatra.

One of the most memorable moments of the talent event was when Matthew (played by Olly Rix) surprised the audience by singing a duet with Nancy on the song “Something Stupid” by Frank Sinatra.

Helen George, who plays the recurring role Trixie Franklin, has garnered a lot of support and admiration from viewers over the years. “Matthew and Nancy have decided to sing a duet together,” she explains. To coax Matthew out of his comfort zone and into new territory, Nancy decides to plan an activity that he will like.

The actress continues by saying that Trixie “fell in love with Matthew even more” as a result of the “beautifully sung” duet that they performed.

Due to the fact that it was presented in such an engaging manner, many people were curious as to whether or not he had actually performed the song that was being sung on video.

On Twitter, viewers of the show swiftly reacted to the scenes, with one user saying, “At first, I thought it might be a recording, but I guess it was his voice.”

While others responded by saying, “It was definitely his voice.”

Olly rix
Olly rix

“Call The Midwife”: Cast Details

The much-anticipated return of Call the Midwife will air on BBC One on Christmas Day, and it promises to bring viewers to happy tears. Poplar is getting back to normal after the train wreck by the time Christmas 1967 rolls around, and Matthew Aylward, who is portrayed by Olly Rix, is overjoyed to see Trixie Franklin again (Helen George).

In the holiday special, the midwives move the clinic into new premises, and it is anticipated that the entire main cast will return for the episode.

The roles of Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter), Sister Phyllis Crane (Linda Bassett), and Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt) will all be played by different actresses.

Shelagh Turner (Laura Main), Lucille Anderson (Leonie Elliott), Dr Patrick Turner (Stephen McGann), Reggie Jackson (Daniel Laurie) and Fred Buckle (Cliff Parisi) will also return.

They will be joined by Violet Buckle, who will be played by Annabelle Apsion. Sister Frances, who will be played by Ella Bruccoleri, Nancy Corrigan, who will be played by Megan Cusack, Millicent Higgins, who will be played by Georgie Glen, and Cyril Robinson, who will be played by Zephryn Taitte will round out the main cast.

Olly Rix
Olly Rix

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Olly Rix Role In “Call The Midwife”

In the first episode of season 10, episode 1, Matthew Aylward and his pregnant wife Fiona are introduced. When Fiona goes into labor, Trixie is there to assist with the delivery of the baby boy that she and Matthew have been expecting.

Matthew Aylward is left a widower after his wife, Fiona, is diagnosed with a severe form of leukemia and passes away shortly thereafter. This causes Matthew’s happiness to be short-lived.

In the Christmas Special of 2022, Trixie will make her way back to Poplar. Matthew makes repeated attempts to propose to her, but the situation is always awkwardly handled.

Matthew sings a duet titled “Something Stupid” with Trixie’s coworker Nancy Corrigan while Trixie watches from the wings at the talent show that was organized by Fred and titled “Poplartunity Knocks.” The episode comes to a close with Matthew making his proposal, which is accepted by Trixie.

Olly Rix
Olly Rix

Olly Rix (Call The Midwife Cast): Biography

The 16th of May was the day he was born in England. Because of his work as a British actor, he is a well-known celebrity in the United Kingdom. His performances in a variety of roles have been successful in capturing the attention of his audience.

In London, he is pursuing a romantic relationship with Natasha Mae Fagri, who he has been dating for some time. Because he has not brought up his family in any of his interviews, the specifics of his personal life, including information on his siblings and parents, are still unknown.

As a talented actor, he must have a sizeable net worth, the exact amount of which is unclear. He worked his way up through a number of different positions, each of which required a significant amount of effort on his part.

While he was still a student at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, he was cast in one of Shakespeare’s roles.

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Olly Rix (Call The Midwife Cast): Career Details

  • Olly always had a strong interest in pursuing a career in acting, and he put in a lot of effort to get to the point where he can be seen in this position in the frame.
  • His biography and other personal details are not yet included in Wikipedia at this time. He received his high school diploma before continuing his studies at Oxford Trinity College, where he earned a degree in Literature.
  • After that, he attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art for a total of two years.
  • Olly Rix had his professional acting debut in the 2013 adaptation of the play Shakespeare, titled Royal Shakespeare. This play was the inspiration for Rix’s first role. Critics were impressed by how professionally he handled himself in his debut film, which garnered him a lot of positive attention.
  • While he was still a student at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, the director of the Royal Shakespeare Company approached him.
  • Additionally, he had a number of parts and programs on television. He gained a significant amount of notoriety as a direct result of his work in “Of Kings and Prophets.”
  • He has a starring role in the current season of the military drama series “Our Girl.” While simultaneously giving his absolute best performance in a wide array of functions in an even wider scope of domains.
Olly rix
Olly rix

Olly Rix (Call The Midwife Cast): Trivia

  • As a result of his work in a variety of roles, he is a well-known, famous celebrity in the United Kingdom. His performances have garnered the attention of his audience.
  • In the city of London, he is involved in a dating and committed relationship with his girlfriend, Natasha Mae Fagri.
  • Because he has not discussed his family in any of his interviews up to this point, there is a lot of mystery around his family members, particularly his parents and siblings.
  • While he was still a student at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, he was given a role in one of Shakespeare’s plays.

Olly Rix (Call The Midwife Cast): Education Details

It is sometimes believed that majoring in English is not a wise decision because there are less traditional employment available in the sector; yet, one thing that we’ve found about English majors is that they are capable of doing virtually any profession.

One such individual is Olly Rix. He attended Trinity College in Oxford, England, and received his degree in English literature there.

After completing his education, Olly was certain that he wanted to devote some of his time to acting so that he could improve his abilities in that field.

After deciding to further his education, he enrolled in the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), where he remained a student for two years. Benedict Cumberbatch and John Lithgow are two further well-known actors who are alumni of the school.


Who is Olly Rix?

Olly Rix is a British actor.

How old is Olly Rix?

Rix celebrates his birth on 16 May every year and his age is between 35-40 years old.

Who are Olly’s parents?

Steve Rix and Jane Rix are the parents of Olly Rix.

What nationality has Olly?

Olly Rix holds British nationality.

Olly Rix: Personal Information

Real Name Olly Rix
Gender Male
Age 30-40 years
Date of Birth 16 May
Birth Place England
Nationality British
Profession Author and Actor
Height Not disclose
Weight Not disclose
Interest Not disclose
Zodiac sign Taurus
Marital Status Unmarried
University Oxford Trinity College
Girlfriend Natasha Mae Fagri

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