“Where Is Private Dulaney”: Hulu’s New Docuseries Describe The Crime Of Mark Fletcher, Know More Details

According to the findings of the newest documentary series to be released on Hulu, titled “Where Is Private Dulaney?,” the individual who is responsible for the death of Marine Leroy Dulaney is another Marine named Mark Fletcher.

True crime documentary series frequently don’t focus as much on the victim as they do on the family members who are attempting to find the truth despite being thwarted by law enforcement. Take for example the scenario presented in Where Is Private Dulaney?

Hulu's 'Where Is Private Dulaney'
Hulu’s ‘Where Is Private Dulaney’

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“Where Is Private Dulaney”: Plot

The mother of missing Marine private Dulaney, who was shot and killed by fellow Marine Mark Fletcher, is the subject of a new documentary series that aired on ABC News. The show demonstrates how she was given the runaround by law enforcement after the disappearance of her son.

The narrative of Leroy is more about his mother’s determination and strength, as well as her strong resolve to get to the bottom of her son’s abduction and find out what happened to him. In 1979, the incident occurred when the Marine suddenly vanished for unknown reasons, and the Marine Corps deemed him absent without leave (AWOL).

The Newest Documentaries On Hulu Look At The Life Of Marine Mark Fletcher

According to the findings of the investigation being conducted by Hulu’s New Documentaries, Marine Mark Fletcher was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for the shooting death of Pfc. Leroy Dulaney.

Marine Fletcher, who served at Camp Lejeune, was found guilty of murder in the second degree and received his sentence at the Onslow County Superior Court. He is reported to have said that his goal in life was to take the lives of a dozen people.

During the trial for second-degree murder, the jury was presented with evidence that made it abundantly evident that the defendant, Fletcher, and the victim, Dulaney, were both passengers in the same automobile. During the course of their conversation, the accused pulled out a gun and shot the victim in the back of the head.

Soon after, the car continued down a gravel road for approximately 70 yards, after which the defendant dragged Dulaney’s body into the woods and shot it another six or seven times. After what seemed like around six weeks had passed, he went back to the location of the murder and relocated the body.

Mark Fletcher: Who Is He?

Mark Duane Fletcher is a former marine who served at Camp LeJeune and became notorious after his crimes and his plans to become a serial murderer became public knowledge. Fletcher achieved notoriety as a result of his crimes.

According to a news article published in 1980, Fletcher would have been around 60 years old when he was born. Given this information, Mark Fletcher would be around 62 years old right now. The town of Otisville in Michigan is where Fletcher got his start.

Billie June Rohweller, who was Fletcher’s girlfriend at the time, testified that he shared with both of them, including Corporal Benjamin Duvall, his aspiration to take the lives of 12 people in his lifetime. Fletcher revealed to them that he had previously taken the lives of eight other people.

The video explains how word got out at Camp LeJeune and throughout the Marine Corps that Mark Fletcher had plans of becoming a serial killer. At a hearing on August 1, 1979, Rohweller stated that she reported Mark Fletcher to the military authorities stationed at the Marine air station in Cherry Point, North Carolina.

Hulu's 'Where Is Private Dulaney'
Hulu’s ‘Where Is Private Dulaney’

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The Marine Private Leroy Dulaney Missing Case Details

Private Leroy Dulaney, a member of the United States Marine Corps, was last seen at Camp Lejune in North Carolina. It was about lunchtime on May 23, 1979, when he and two other Marines drove away from the base and have not been seen or heard from since.

Weirton, West Virginia was Dulaney’s hometown, and it was there that he made the decision to join the Marine Corps. He was the eldest of Carol Dulaney’s three boys and the first to be born to her. When he was a senior in high school, he met and fell in love with a lovely young lady named Brenda.

Leroy decided to enlist in the Marine Corps since the fortunes of the local factories were not what they used to be. After completing his initial training and being married to Brenda, the woman he had loved his entire life, he was sent to Camp Lejune. Soon after, on May 23, 1979, the young Marine was reported missing.

The more the family tried to get to the bottom of the situation, the more they were told that Dulaney had gone missing without a trace. Even after the family located the last person with whom their son had been in contact, the commanders of the base were not prepared to hear their concerns.

On the day that Leroy was reported missing, a fellow Marine named Mark Fletcher opened fire on him and murdered him. On May 23, a shooting took place while three Marines, including Duval, were traveling in a car together when it happened. His body was placed in a shallow grave in the unincorporated area of Onslow County by the two Marines.

After an absence of several weeks, Duval and Fletcher eventually came back, excavated the body, and transferred it to a new place. Benjamin asserts that he and Fletcher disposed of various body parts as they were traveling in their vehicle. The remains of Dulaney’s body were located on August 1, buried in various regions of Onslow and Carteret counties in North Carolina.

“Where Is Private Dulaney”: Release Date And More Details

On November 16, 2022, the first episode of the brand-new series “Where Is Private Dulaney?” was broadcast on Hulu. The story centers on a mother’s search for answers regarding her son’s disappearance after he served in the Marines and went missing.

The missing Marine Leroy Dulaney from Camp Lejune in North Carolina in 1979 is the subject of the true crime documentary series that is broken up into three parts. It demonstrates his mother Carol Dulaney’s unwavering resolve to get the truth about the situation.

Isaac J. Conner plays the role of Ray McGeady, while Alex Kostka plays the role of Mark Fletcher in it. The audience will gain a better understanding of Dulaney’s life in Weirton by watching interviews with Carol, his younger brothers Michael and Greg, his widow Brenda, and other others.

We are initially made familiar with Carol in the pilot episode of the documentary series. He got married at an early age so that he might remain established in one location and not migrate to a new town with his wife’s parents. She ended up having three sons despite the fact that her doctor had recommended that she have a hysterectomy.

After she and her husband divorced, she went on to have a variety of professions in order to provide for their children financially. Leroy, her eldest son, met Brenda when they were both students at the same high school and fell in love with her. Soon after, he enlisted in the Marine Corps and, some time later, he wed Brenda.

Is This The Real Story of Private Leroy Dulaney?

Therefore, everything took place in 1979 when Private Dulaney mysteriously disappeared from his post, which was located at Marine Corps Base Camp in the state of North Carolina. Additionally, His Mother has Accepted Complete Responsibility for the Search for Her Son.

During the course of her search for her son, Her Mother Carol Dulaney’s quest for the truth leads her to discover information about the world of drugs as well as a possible serial killer. This documentary includes interviews with Brenda, Leroy’s wife, as well as an interview with Leroy’s convicted killer conducted from behind bars.

Mark Fletcher: Crime And Punishments

On May 23, 1979, Private Jimmy Leroy Dulaney was reported as missing in action. During the lunch hour, he was spotted for the last time driving out from the military installation with Mark Fletcher and Cpl. Benjamin Duvall. His skeletal remains were found in a somewhat shallow grave. After further investigation, it was determined that Fletcher had shot Dulaney in the back of the head.

Benjamin Duvall, an Ames, Iowa-based police officer, was at first arrested and charged with the first-degree murder of Jimmy Dulaney. Later on, Duvall entered a guilty plea to the charge of involuntary manslaughter and was given a sentence of twenty years in jail.

Duvall asserted that he was tricked into becoming Fletcher’s accomplice while he was driving the automobile, and that he assisted Fletcher in burying Dulaney’s body. Duvall’s accusation was made in the context of the story. According to the testimony provided by Duvall, Fletcher shot Dulaney in the car, then dragged the body into the woods, where he shot Dulaney an additional six or seven times, and then stole $50 from his wallet.

Following his conviction for the shooting of soldier Jimmy Leroy Dulaney, Mark Fletcher was given a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. Mark Fletcher preyed on more than just Private Dulaney while he was serving in the Marines.

Fletcher was also found guilty of killing Ronald Ray Jenkins, who was a friend of his. Fletcher committed a second homicide only two days after the death of Dulaney. Fletcher placed a phone call to Duvall on the evening of May 25, 1979, and asked to meet up with him at Camp LeJeune. Fletcher gave Duvall instructions to take them to a different barracks so that he could get a green bag from there.

They kept driving till they came across a man who questioned Fletcher about whether he “had the money” in front of him. After getting into the car with Fletcher and Duvall, the man, who was subsequently revealed to be Jenkins, was killed by Fletcher after being shot by him. They dug a grave in the woods and buried his remains there.

Marine Ronald Ray Jenkins had agreed to meet Fletcher later that night in order to sell him a stolen M-16 gun. Fletcher was the intended buyer. Mark Taylor, who was Jenkins’ roommate, testified on behalf of the state that Jenkins and Fletcher had made plans to meet in order to complete the sale of the firearms. Taylor stated that he went with Jenkins to Duvall’s car but that he never saw Duvall again after that.

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