Reginald The Vampire: Release Date Of Episode 9, Cast, Plot Synopsis, Filming Locations And Reviews Of Episode 8

Reginald the Vampire, adapted from the Fat Vampire novels by Johnny Truant, takes the standard vampire archetypes and flips them on their heads.

After his transformation, Reginald finds himself in a world populated by vain and attractive vampires. Because of this, Reginald is put in a position where he must overcome new challenges, including a bully boss, falling in love with a human female, and a vampire chieftain who wants him dead.

On the other hand, Reginald finds out that he possesses some abilities that are uniquely his own…

If you’ve been following Reginald the Vampire, you’ll probably be interested in finding out when the next episode will be available to watch online.

This article will provide information regarding Reginald the Vampire Episode 9, including its airtime, date of release, and locations at which it may be viewed.

Reginald The Vampire
Reginald The Vampire

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Reginald The Vampire: Plot Synopsis

Reginald is a typical human male in his 20s who is already experiencing feelings of exclusion and marginalization as a direct result of his weight.

His supervisor at Slushy Shack, Todd (Aren Buchholz), makes him listen to harsh comments about his weight, and he laments the fact that his crush on an endearingly geeky coworker, Sarah (Em Haine), is completely hopeless. In a questionable stroke of luck, however, his obvious misery manages to win over the sympathy of a mysterious Slushy Shack customer named Maurice (Mandela Van Peebles).

Maurice eventually reveals himself as a vampire and turns Reginald in a moment of mortal crisis, despite the fact that he and Reginald are bound to attract the disapproval of a larger vampire community that is obsessed with physical beauty.

Reginald The Vampire: Cast

Jacob Batalon As Reginald

Jacob Batalon, who played Spider-Man in the film Spider-Man: No Way Home, will finally have his day to shine in the non-spidey spotlight when he plays the title character in the upcoming film Reginald the Vampire.

In addition to his well-known part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jacob has appeared in a number of films, including The True Don Quixote, Let It Snow, and others.

In addition to the movie named Horrorscope, which is in the process of production right now, Jacob is reportedly working on a number of other projects, as can be seen on his IMDb website.

At the beginning of Reginald the Vampire, Reginald has a huge crush on Sarah, his eccentric coworker. Sarah is a bit of a wildcard.

Reginald The Vampire
Reginald The Vampire

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Em Haine portrays Sarah

In reality, Em has also appeared in a superhero movie, which is a fun fact that she and Jacob have in common about their professional lives.

Em has a cameo appearance in the first Deadpool movie as a supporting character. In addition to playing roles on shows like Fargo and Supernatural, the actress is known for her work on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, in which she portrayed the character Elspeth.

Reginald’s jerk of a boss is played by Aren Buchholz

Aren Buchholz as Todd

If Todd were to approve your request for paid time off, he would most likely follow up by asking why you weren’t at work on your days off.

Aren Buchholz is the actor who portrays Todd. According to the information that can be found on his IMDb website, Aren has participated in a number of different film and television productions over the course of his career. One of these was a recurring role as Jesse Flynn on the television series When Calls the Heart, which spanned multiple episodes.

Mandela Van Peebles in the role of Maurice

Maurice is the kind of understanding and helpful vampire friend that Reginald so sorely requires. When he sees his brother Reginald having trouble maintaining his self-assurance, particularly around his crush Sarah, he thinks to himself, “I’ll do my brother a favor and convert him into a vampire.”

Reginald The Vampire
Reginald The Vampire

Reginald The Vampire: Filming Locations

Filming for the television series “Reginald the Vampire” takes place in British Columbia, more specifically in the Greater Victoria area. According to reports, principal filming for the first installment of the horror comedy series began in November of 2021.

The production then picked back up in December 2021 after taking a break for the holidays for a period of three weeks, and continued until it was ultimately completed in March 2022.

Greater Victoria, British Columbia

The majority of the film “Reginald the Vampire” was shot in Greater Victoria, which is located in the province of British Columbia on the southwestern tip of Vancouver Island.

The auto repair shop that had stood at the corner of Glanford and Vanalman avenues in the Saanich district municipality was transformed into a quick-service restaurant for the sake of the series and given the moniker Slushy Shack. As Reginald works in the restaurant for a tyrant manager, several important scenes are shot here because this is where the tapes are kept.

According to several accounts, two of the most notable production locations for the Syfy show are located in the city of Victoria. These places are Esquimalt Gorge Park at 1070 Tillicum Road and The Fairmont Empress, also known as The Empress, which can be found at 721 Government Street.

In addition, several significant scenes were captured in the James Bay area as well as in the vicinity of 2902 Tillicum Road.

Beacon Hill Park, Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary, Craigdarroch Castle, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, CFB Esquimalt Military Museum, and Thunderbird Park are just a few of the many places of interest that can be found in Greater Victoria, which is home to a large number of attractions that are popular with both visitors and residents.

Over the years, Greater Victoria has served as the setting for the filming of a large number of movies and television programmes, including “Reginald the Vampire.” ‘Deadpool,’ ‘Scary Movie,’ ‘White Chicks,’ ‘The Professor,’ and ‘Maid’ are just a few of the critically acclaimed movies that were shot in this area.

Reginald The Vampire
Reginald The Vampire

Reginald The Vampire: Release Date

Syfy’s most recent attempt to capitalize on people’s fascination with the undead is a show called Reginald the Vampire. The show stars Jacob Batalon, who is best known for his role as Spider-Man. A comedy horror film that will be directed by Jeremiah Chechik and Lee Rose is scheduled to be released on SyFy on October 5, 2022.

The cinematic adaptation of Johnny B. Truant’s Fat Vampire books will be titled Reginald the Vampire, and production has already begun on it. The show, which stars Jacob Batalon, who became famous after appearing in Spider-Man, seems to poke fun at a number of the clichés that are associated with vampires in popular culture.

Reginald The Vampire (Episode 8): Review

  • The quality of the show was highlighted in the eighth episode of the first season of Reginald the Vampire, which also demonstrated that the show was able to strike a balance between serious and humorous subject matter.
  • The journey that Reginald found himself on was quite fascinating despite the fact that there was a noticeable absence of several significant people. An emotional ordeal was imposed on Reginald, and Abraham was the one who was ultimately responsible for it.
  • In this episode, Reginald dealt with a wide spectrum of feelings, giving Jacob Batalon the opportunity to demonstrate his acting range for the first time. Today was a pivotal day in Reginald’s journey because, rather than confronting his actual pals, he faced his own subconscious. This was an intriguing change of pace.
  • His unconscious guided him through the process of hurting the most of the victims, with the exception of Nikki and Claire. His unconscious was not under his own control, but rather under the power of the renowned vampire Abraham, whom he was hunting for.
  • Reginald showed incredible bravery as he navigated his way through Abraham’s complex maze that was set up in order to lead him to him. During his time with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jacob Batalon’s emotional range was barely hinted at, but that changed during this episode.
  • Jenkins was the name of the individual that Reginald met who assisted him in locating Abraham. This man ended up becoming Abraham’s pawn, and it was he who set Reignald on his path into the subconscious by launching him on his adventure.
  • A cryptic elevator took Reginald to a number of different destinations, one of which being the slushie shack, where he encountered Todd (alive). It is unknown whether the actual Todd is still alive, but Reginald was forced to face his own dark side as a result of his encounter with Todd’s mind.
  • The faults that Reginald has, as well as the fact that he is a nasty person (well, not a person.) Vampire). On the fateful night, Reginald also had an encounter with himself, during which he asked for a shift in the course of his life (and subsequently got turned into a vampire).
  • The conversation was strange and didn’t nearly resonate as profoundly as we expected it would, but we had to have it anyhow because it was essential. Reginald was able to accept a number of things about himself and his life, including the facts that he was a terrible lover and that he needed to stop wallowing in his misery.
  • This hour was quite helpful for Reginald in coming to terms with the vampiric transformation, which is something he hasn’t been doing very well up until this point. We can only hope that Reginald will be prepared for the examination of vampires (or at least brave enough to face it head-on).
  • Reggie did not receive any suggestions from Maurice, therefore we are still in the dark regarding whether or not Reginald was responsible for Todd’s death. Maurice further disclosed to Reginald and the audience that Maurice had to grovel for an extension in order to make up for the fact that Reginald had missed the evaluation (which he got).
  • There are now just five days left till Reginald’s evaluation as a vampire. However, Reginald and Maurice were forced to attend to Abraham before they could address this matter, so it was put on the back burner.
  • Abraham found himself in a precarious situation: he was about to be pierced in the chest by a stake, but he managed to stop the passage of time. Abraham was able to unfreeze time and celebrate his continued existence when Reginald was successful in removing it and killing the would-be assassin.
  • It was discovered that he is not only a vampire, but that he is also half archangel and half vampire. His abilities are distinct from those of ordinary vampires due to the fact that he is a hybrid (like the time-freezing ability).
  • Reginald discovered that Abraham was unable to transform him back into a human, and he was forced to accept the reality of the situation. Fortunately, he was able to handle it, and he promised himself that he would do better on the vampire test.
  • Maurice also reassured Reginald that he will always be on his side, even in the event that Reginald is unsuccessful and they both perish as a result. We are overjoyed that Reginald and Maurice were able to put their differences behind them and restart their friendship because Reginald requires as many supporters as possible.


Who is the writer of the story?

Harley Peyton. Book: Johnny B. Truant.

Is it available to watch online for free?

No, it isn’t available to watch for free online.

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