Ruchika Jain (The Sandman’s Cast): Biography, Family, Husband, Age, Height And More Details

The parts that Ruchika Jain has played in People in Landscape, London Files, and A Beautiful Lie have brought her a great deal of professional success and recognition.

‘The Sandman’
‘The Sandman’


She is now appearing in various media outlets as a member of the cast of the upcoming American fantasy television series The Sandman, which will premiere on August 5, 2022. The new drama series features her as the role Clara, which she plays.

The American fantasy series features a diverse ensemble that includes both well-known and established performers as well as budding stars. Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie, Charles Dance, Jenna Coleman, and a number of other actors are featured in the cast.

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Ruchika Jain: Biography

Ruchika Jain is an actress who is most known for playing the role of Mrinak in “London Files,” “People in Landscape,” and “A Beautiful Lie,” among other television shows.

The lovely actress is also featured in the new American fantasy television series The Sandman, in which she plays a role. In the recently launched drama series, Jain plays the part of Clara. The members of the cast of the series as a whole are currently the subject of attention from the media.

When asked about her career, she proudly announces that she has 28 acting credits to her name, in addition to one credit for directing and one credit for cinematography. Although Jain is not featured on the widely used website Wikipedia, it does have a profile on the more specialized database IMDb.

Her first role was in an episode of the television series Kaali-Ek Agnipariksha, where Jain made her debut.

Between the years 2013 and 2019, the actress took a break that lasted for one month each year. In 2019, she returned to the scene with the album Humming Bird.

Following his return in 2019, Jain has been involved in a wide variety of projects, some of which include The Sandman, Never Kiss Your Best Friend, London Files, 2nd World Country, The Moment Trap: The Lennon Dream, and others.

Her bio on IMDb reveals that Jain is credited for directing as well as cinematography for the film A Beautiful Lie. When it comes to her heritage, Jain is proud to have Indian ancestry. Until further notice, she and her family can be found living in London.

The actress has reportedly made it to the final round of the Mandy Monologue competition in 2021, as stated on her work biography. On the widely used social networking platform Instagram, where she has 845 followers as of this writing, Jain can be reached out to.

Ruchika Jain: Age &  Height

Actress Ruchika Jain, who is most known for her role in The Sandman, is currently 52 years old at the time of this writing.

After the next nine days, on September 28, 2022, she will be enjoying the 53rd birthday that she has been waiting for. The actress is 25 years older than her daughter Pranati Jain. Pranati Jain is her daughter. The age of her daughter right now is 27 years old.

A post that the actress made in 2019 on Instagram revealed her age as well as specific birth information. The caption read, “Entering 25 and 50 together,” which she had handwritten. 2019 was the year that both the mother and the daughter celebrated their respective golden and silver jubilees of being alive.

However, we discovered that he celebrates his birthday on March 3rd every year, so we may deduce that his age is approximately the same as hers. Her spouse, Kapil Jain, does not make his age public. On the basis of his photographs, he is probably somewhere between the ages of 55 and 60.

In terms of the actress’s body measurements and height, Jain stands at a height of 5 feet and 3 inches. whereas other factual information regarding her bodily measures, such as her weight, is difficult to acquire in a timely manner.

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Ruchika Jain: Family And Husband Details

Her husband, Kapil Jain, and their two kids, Pranati Jain and Ayushi Jain, are all on board with the decision that Ruchika Jain has made regarding her professional life.

On July 8, 1992, the actress and her spouse Kapil Jain exchanged vows and became husband and wife. On the occasion of their 30th wedding anniversary, the couple renewed their wedding vows this year.

Her immediate family threw a low-key get-together to commemorate the couple’s anniversary.

Together with her husband of three decades, she is the mother of two beautiful girls named Pranati and Ayushi Jain. Their first child, Pranati Jain, is already wed to her partner Rohit Prakash, whilst their youngest daughter, Ayushi, has not yet found a spouse.

It would appear that her daughter’s husband, Rohit, keeps a positive contact with the family. The quality time that Jain spends with her husband, daughters, and son-in-law is frequently documented in photographs that she posts on social media.

Ruchika Jain: Quick Facts

Name Ruchika Jain
Profession Actress
Age 52 years old
Birthday September 28, 1969
Ethnicity Indian
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Weight 57 kg
Husband Kapil Jain
Children 2 (daughters Pranati Jain and Ayushi Jain)
Instagram ruchikaj2000


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