Farmtruck & Azn (Street Outlaws Cast): Bio, Career, Relationship, Age, Social Media And More

Farmtruck and AZN are two street outlaws Cast.

Farmtruck and AZN, two racers from the series, are followed. The two are notorious for their outlandish conduct and got their nicknames after modifying a farm vehicle and racing it on the street.

The two have now opened their own garage and plan to build the wildest rides they can.

This season, that will entail building a farm boat, an air cannon on wheels, and a jail bus converted into a dragster.

This is one of two Street Outlaws spinoffs, with Street Outlaws: Fastest In America returning on Tuesday. Two video games were also inspired by the original series.

Farmtruck and Azn
Farmtruck and Azn

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Farmtruck & AZN: Who Are They?

Farmtruck and AZN are two of Street Outlaw’s most popular characters. The two haven’t quite made “The List” of Oklahoma’s top drivers. However, as friends, the two constitute a dynamic team with superb on-screen chemistry.

The majority of their on-screen shenanigans are accompanied by the statement “Don’t try this at home.” Farmtruck’s racing interest began on Route 66, where he began races with a torch. They became pals while racing on the 405 freeway.

The couple is driving a 1970 Chevrolet Long Bed Truck. The vehicle is a surprise to fellow racers in the street racing fraternity. Although they adore list racing, taking on the giants of the underground scene, according to OKC Farmtruck they spend their time “fishing”.

In other words, they were racing unknowns after exaggerating the capabilities of the customized truck. To maintain this hobby, AZN bought his own car.

It is the ideal sleeper, a classic Beetle with a turbo 400 horsepower engine. They are the ideal hosts for their Discovery Channel show because they have a passion for custom sleeper automobiles.


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Farmtruck & AZN: Age

Farmtruck was born on March 29, 1966, and is 55 years old. Azn was born on August 3, 1981, and is 41 years old.

The elder member of the partnership, Sean Whitley, was born in Oklahoma Area and has strong ties to the city. He has frequently remarked that he not only grew up in the city, but he also learnt to drive there.

Though most people don’t think of Oklahoma City as a racing town, the Oklahoma native disagrees. Sean began to drive when he was 12 years old, in his father’s 1973 Ford pickup.

He still cherishes the car and has long expressed his desire to see that old pickup again and has begged for the opportunity to remodel it with more modern aesthetics.

While Sean is a typical All-American, the younger member of the couple, whose true name is Jeffrey Bonnett, is of mixed race. Jeffrey’s mother was from Taiwan, despite his American citizenship.


They met during the Vietnam War, when his father, Denis, was stationed in South Asia. Brenda Bonnett, his older sister, is his mother’s maiden name.

He grew up in Oklahoma City, like his older companion, and learnt to drive from his father. The elder Bonnett purchased a 1964 Chevy II Nova for Jeffrey, and the son pledged to repay him.

He used his graphic design skills to repay his father. He would leave a note for homeowners advising them to take precautions in case of a fire, and he would paint the address of the house on the curb.

Unfortunately, he lost both of his parents while he was a teenager. He lost his mother to cancer when he was 16 years old, and his father to a faulty heart valve in 2001.


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What Is Farmtruck’s Relationship With Azn?

  • Farmtruck and Azn had known one other for many years. They met in the import vehicle scene and have been together ever since. Farmtruck is well-known for his reckless driving, whereas Azn is well-known for his mechanical abilities. On the street and on the track, they form an unstoppable duo.
  • AZN and Farmtruck have been good friends since their inception eleven years ago. They met while street racing, something they both did on a regular basis.
  • They’ve been to numerous races, seen many vehicles, and even lived on the street together while maintaining a strong friendship.
  • Because of their passion for automobiles, they have even launched their own business. For 11 years, Farmtruck and AZN, the stars of Street Outlaws, have been best friends.
  • Despite the fact that both guys like street racing, their courtship is less romantic and more relaxed back. They all attend different races and spend a lot of time on the streets.
  • In addition to the farm boat, prison bus, and dragster, they’ve dabbled in a few additional ventures. Ryan Martin portrays Big Chief in the Street Outlaws reality television show.
  • His net worth is unknown, but he is thought to earn between $20k and $30k per episode. The other characters in the show are paid roughly $2 million in addition to their salary.
  • Ryan’s wife, Alicia Shearer, was born on August 18, 1980. Jeff Lutz’s net worth is expected to rise by 2022, when he will be 46 years old.
  • Kristen and Lutz have been married since 1989 and have been together since 1989. Their son, Jeffrey, Jr., lives with them in Los Angeles, and they are parents.

Farmtruck: Real Name

Sean Whitley and AZN’s dream vehicle is a 1970 Chevrolet Long Bed Truck. This sleeper features rusted paint, a tattered camper shell, and a race-ready bed. Sean Whitley was 12 years old when he first rode in his father’s 1956 Ford pickup, which ignited his interest in vehicles.

Sean Whitley, often known as Farmtruck, was a well-known streetcar racer, actor, and car customizer. Farmtruck is best known for his appearance on the reality show Street Outlaws.

He has not previously disclosed any information on his upbringing, parents, siblings, or educational history, as he has not before disclosed any information about his parents.

Farmtruck and AZN are both legendary street racers. As Farmtruck has ruled NASCAR for the better part of a decade, AZN has been the one to manage the nasty talk.

AZN’s net worth is reported to be $2 million, which comes from his media career and a few Street Outlaws winnings. AZN will be 55 years old in 2022.

He learnt to drive as a child in Oklahoma City. AZN collects a 1964 Chevy II/ Nova that he races on the Street Outlaws show.


Jeff Bonnett (Azn): Net Worth 2023

His sports career spans nearly two decades, and he has been an active member of the entertainment sector as a reality television star since 2013.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how wealthy Jeff Bonnett is, authoritative sources estimate that his net worth is above $1 million, partly gained through his successful dual profession, with another source coming from his co-ownership of a goods store named THE FNA Firehouse.

If he continues to advance in his job, his net worth will undoubtedly rise in the following years.

Jeff Bonnett (Azn): Childhood And Family

Jeff Bonnett grew up in Oklahoma, where he was reared with an older sister, Brenda Bonnett, by his father, Denis Bonnett, who served in the Vietnam War, and his mother, Motsu Bonnett.

Unfortunately, he lost both of his parents when he was a youngster, as his father died from problems caused by a faulty heart valve and his mother died from cancer.

There is no information in the media about his education.


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Jeff Bonnett (Azn): Social Media

Jeff Bonnett is a part of the social media scene in addition to his role in the entertainment industry as a reality TV star.

He is active on several of the most major social media platforms, which he utilizes not only to promote his business and racing career, but also to share a variety of other content with his admirers.

So he maintains his own Instagram account, which has about 620,000 followers, as well as his official Twitter account, which has over 88,000 followers.

Aside from that, he and Farmtruck co-launched their company’s website, where you can buy merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, mugs, gloves, and other stuff. He is also on Snapchat, where he goes by the handle ‘AZN405’.

Farmtruck: Net Worth 2023

While we’re on the subject of Farmtruck, why don’t we have a peek at his earnings? To begin, let us discuss how this incredible individual developed an interest at the age of 12 and then turned that interest into a job.

Moving on, when we appreciate a celebrity, we naturally want to know how much they are worth and what their net worth is. Without a doubt, if you idolize this man, net worth is the first thing you would want to know.

He has a net worth of roughly $2 million as a result of his work and life as a beloved and adored celebrity from Street Outlaws.

Farmtruck: Marital Status

Yes, Farmtruck’s Sean Whitley is married, but who is his wife? Nobody knows. Come on, people, he does know! There are minimal details known about his partner. He has kept everything a secret. Maybe he wants to keep their profile low so they don’t get hurt.

We need to find out when he married and when he divorced. We don’t even know whether he has any children.

Farmtruck is said to be gay and involved with his racing partner, AZN. However, because the race is straight and married to a wife, this is merely speculation.

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