“The Eminence In Shadow”: Release Date And Review Of Episode 8, WATCH PROMO! Know More Details

The much-anticipated eighth episode of The Eminence in Shadow has finally been released, and it has once again proven to be a lovely experience to watch.

This series, which already featured a large cast, provided us with a lot of excitement, action, and other things. Now, without further ado, let us immediately begin this evaluation, shall we?

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 8
The Eminence in Shadow Episode 8

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“The Eminence In Shadow”: Review Of Episode 8

  • Despite the fact that this episode did not have theatrical combat yet, it was nevertheless able to keep me excited until the very end. From the very beginning, it is made clear how broken Cid’s powers are, in addition to the fact that he is pretty powerful.
  • However, despite all of his skills, he still has a part of him that acts like a child at heart and has a strong desire to participate in side missions.
  • In this episode, he is simply working as though he is having fun pretending to be a mob character and carrying out all of the activities that a mob character would typically carry out in order to avoid being recognized. Unfortunately for him, just about everyone is starting to take notice of him.
  • In the prior episode, we were under the impression that Cid would pass away as a result of an assault; nonetheless, we were taken aback when he used his powers to restart his heart. Cid is able to circumvent the restriction that states one cannot utilize their abilities within the seized school by transforming those abilities into threads. This prohibition is in place because of an artifact.
  • After that, he sets out on the hunt. From the safety of the terrace, he casually dispatches fifty percent of the intruders without moving a muscle. He is fully aware of his unbeatable status in this world, and as a result, he basks in the glory of his superiority over everyone else.
  • In the middle of the story, he even teams up with Sherry to devise a strategy to preserve the entire school without resorting to open conflict. Sherry, who is far too impulsive for her own good, would have been doomed to perish if Cid had not come to her rescue on several occasions.
  • At this point, I was curious about the whereabouts of the actual members of Shadow Garden and whether or not they would make an appearance in this episode. And they did; we witnessed Nu giving her master Cid the current state of the Shadow Gardens as well as the future strategy for the area.
  • The other members are waiting in reserve, and they won’t begin the assault unless Cid gives them the order to do so.
  • However, Cid tells Nu to hold off until he comes up with a solution to the problem with the limitations on magic that Sherry imposes. As a result, the Shadow Garden makes preparations to launch an assault after the sun has completely set.
The Eminence in Shadow Episode 8
The Eminence in Shadow Episode 8

“The Eminence In Shadow”: Release Date Of Episode 8

This next Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at 10:30 pm Japan Standard Time (JST), Episode 8 of The Eminence in Shadow will be made available for viewing on A-TX, Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, and any other Japanese broadcasting channels.

HiDive is now the sole over-the-top (OTT) platform that is streaming the most recent episodes of The Eminence in Shadow as a result of having licensed the series. The website provides a premium subscription service with prices ranging from $4.99 per month to $47.99 per year, in addition to a free trial period of two weeks.

  • Pacific Standard Time: 5.30 am (Wednesday, November 23)
  • Central Standard Time: 7.30 am (Wednesday, November 23)
  • Eastern Standard Time: 8.30 am (Wednesday, November 23)
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 1:30 pm (Wednesday, November 23)
  • Indian Standard Time: 7 pm (Wednesday, November 23)
  • Central European Time: 2:30 pm (Wednesday, November 23)
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: 12 am (Wednesday, November 24)
  • Philippines time: 4:30 pm (Wednesday, November 23)
The Eminence in Shadow Episode 8
The Eminence in Shadow Episode 8

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“The Eminence In Shadow”: Watch PROMO Of Episode 8

“The Eminence In Shadow”: Recap Of Episode 7

  • The sole survivor who was sent to Nu for questioning turned out to be a member of the Diabolos Cult, and he divulged the fact that the majority of the cult’s warriors were orphans who had been indoctrinated through the use of narcotics and magic.
  • It is then disclosed that one of the cult’s warriors, named Rex, is now operating in the city to complete the task. In the meantime, Cid is scheduled to compete in the sword tournament that will take place at the academy, and Nu is under the impression that Cid has some strategy to deal with Rex.
  • Cid competes in the tournament against Rose, but he does not reveal his extraordinary abilities to her and instead allows Rose to hurt him. Despite the fact that Cid is defeated, Rose appears to be moved by his tenacity in battle.
  • The action then shifts to Sherry, who advises Cid that they should wait to start dating until they have established a strong friendship first.
  • However, Cid has no idea who Sherry is. Sherry then questions Alexia about the relationship she has with Cid, and she is relieved to learn that their relationship is wholly fabricated when she hears this news. But after learning that other girls are showing interest in Cid, Alexia appears to be experiencing quite a bit of distress.
  • In the midst of things, a phony Shadow Garden unexpectedly launched an assault on the academy. In response, Gaunt Knight erected an anti-magic barrier to prevent anyone from using magic.
  • Rose makes the decision to fight, but because of the barrier, she is unable to accomplish anything effective because she has no magic. Cid manages to save her only in the nick of time, but the rescue doesn’t come without cost to himself.
The Eminence in Shadow Episode 8
The Eminence in Shadow Episode 8

“The Eminence In Shadow”: Plot Synopsis

A young man in modern-day Japan has the ambition to become a mastermind who exercises power from the shadows. However, as he is practicing to achieve this goal, he is struck and killed by a truck.

He then reincarnates in a fantasy realm under the name Cid Kagenou, where he keeps a perfectly average appearance so as not to draw attention to himself and instead pursues his desire of exercising power covertly. One day, he happens upon an elf girl who is suffering from a strange illness, and he is able to treat her and save her life.

Cid concocts a tale in which he explains that this planet is being controlled insidiously by the Cult of Diabolos and that his shadowy organization, Shadow Garden, is the only one capable of battling against them.

The elf girl, who we now know as Alpha, becomes a member of this group and immediately proceeds to seek out additional recruits. However, Cid’s claims are based on real events, but he is under the impression that everything he has spoken is a complete fabrication.

Under the guise of Shadow, Cid continues to wage war against the Cult of Diabolos, wholly oblivious to the fact that he is embroiled in a complex political conflict.

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