“The Rookie” (Season 5): Recap And Reviews Of Winter Finale “Episode 9”, Fans Are Happy For ‘Chenford’

This past Sunday, as part of the fall 2022 schedule that ABC released, the two-hour midseason finale of The Rookie aired, and it marked a rather significant occasion for two of the characters.

Before this week, it seemed as though the fifth season was gradually leading up to a romance between Lucy Chen and Tim Bradford, popularly known as “Chenford.”

This was especially the case after Tim’s girlfriend, Ashley, ended their relationship with him. It is safe to say that this will be a week that fans will not soon forget, and their expressions of happiness as the episodes came to a close were very telling.

In “The Collar,” the first of the two parts, Lucy’s lover Chris, a lawyer, recommended that they move in together, and the idea was so unsettling to her that she ran away from it.

Throughout the course of the show, Tim made numerous attempts to provide Lucy guidance in the hopes of assisting her in determining whether or not she loved Chris.

Lucy ultimately came to the conclusion that she wasn’t supposed to be with him, which prompted Tim to query about how she would react if he asked her out on a date.

It goes without saying that the moment, in which Tim more or less confessed his affections for Lucy, made viewers and listeners pleased.

The Rookie Season 5 Episode 9
The Rookie Season 5 Episode 9

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“The Rookie” (Season 5): Recap Of Episode 9

  • While Grey and Luna are in New York City to visit their daughter, Grey is unable to switch out of his cop mode.
  • While Nolan is assisting Tim’s sister with getting the house in order, he discovers that she is missing one of her bracelets.
  • While Grey is absent, Bradford is in charge of the watch as the acting commander. Lucy is not yet done pondering the best way to end her relationship with Chris. During their adventure, Nolan and Celina witness a robbery in progress. Celina gives pursuit to the culprit, who assaults her, but she is ultimately successful in bringing him to the ground.
  • Dominque has not yet arrived, despite the fact that Grey and Luna are currently waiting for her.
  • They go to her dorm room, and her roommate Marta tells them that she changed her major, and that she hasn’t seen her for a little over a half a day. Thorsen provides assistance to Lucy in formulating a strategy for ending her relationship with Chris, which fills him with joy.
  • Celina and Nolan have to take the robber to the hospital to get checked out before taking him to holidng where another inmate attacks him and starts a full brawl that includes prisoners beating up Celina and Nolan as well.
  • Nolan discovers that Ginny’s son threw the charm bracelet away. Celina and Nolan have to take the robber to the hospital to get checked out.
  • Luna and Grey travel to a chapel, which is rumored to be the location of Dominique. Dominque was scheduled to work at an immersive event, however she did not show up for the event.
  • When Bradford and the thief arrive at the hospital, Nolan and Celina are in the process of being evaluated there. They have to perform medical procedures on the man and attempt to bring him back to life, but he is already deceased.
  • Celina is required to take administrative leave in accordance with the protocol, and she runs the prospect of being charged with murder because the death would technically be considered to have occurred under their watch.
The Rookie
The Rookie

“The Rookie” (Season 5): Fans Are Excited For “Chenford”

It is quite evident that fans are ecstatically delighted that their number one ship will finally be realized. It will be interesting to watch what occurs when the show returns, and it should be emphasized that Chenford will not be the only important alteration that will be present when new episodes arrive.

When the show returns, it will be intriguing to see what happens. The Rookie will now air on Tuesdays, one day earlier than its spin-off series, The Rookie: Feds, beginning in the new year.

This change may result in more crossovers between the two police procedurals, which would open the door to the possibility of even more interesting narrative arcs.

As a result of Tim’s sister Genny’s decision to go to Los Angeles after the conclusion of the winter season, the show was able to delve further into Tim’s personal history. I’ll be keeping an eye out for her response to Tim’s rumored relationship with Lucy, and one can only hope that she’s as much of a fan of Chenford as many of us are.

You may watch previous episodes of The Rookie by subscribing to Hulu while you wait for new ones to premiere on ABC on January 3 at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

New episodes of The Rookie will begin airing on that night. You can also look at the 2023 TV schedule that CinemaBlend has provided for more information on the films that will be released on television in the coming year.

The Rookie Season 5 Episode 9
The Rookie Season 5 Episode 9

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“The Rookie” (Season 5): Details About The Mid-Finale

Officers John Nolan and Celina Juarez are in a race against time to stop the source of an explosive rampage, as it is said in the synopsis for the first episode of The Rookie that will air tonight, titled “The Collar.”

The promotional material states that Nolan and Celina come upon a woman who is driving around the city while wearing a bomb around her neck.

She asserts that he told her to drive or else he would murder her. After some time has passed, Tim and Lucy discover a second bomb that has a different driver.

The following is an excerpt from the synopsis for the film “Take Back”: “Officer John Nolan and the team investigate the sudden death of a suspect while in police custody.

Their investigation has also led them to the discovery of a highly delicate open question that may put Officer Celina Juarez’s career in jeopardy. While this is going on, Sergeant Grey and his wife Luna travel to New York to see their daughter Dominique, but when they get there, they discover that Dominique did not return home from the previous night.

Tonight, December 4, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time (ET), ABC will telecast “The Collar,” the eighth episode of Season 5 of The Rookie. The ninth episode, titled “Take Back,” will immediately follow it at 10 p.m. Eastern Time.

The Rookie Season 5 Episode 9
The Rookie Season 5 Episode 9

“The Rookie” (Season 5): Finale Reviews

  • In most cases, television shows will skip the dating and courting stages of a couple’s relationship and instead thrust them straight into a romantic partnership, even if the two characters have known each other for a long time and shared a close friendship.
  • This is done to make it appear as if everything that came before the relationship was merely a precursor or the dating stage.
  • It is encouraging that we have made progress of this kind, which makes things official for this pairing while at the same time allowing for a natural and normal progression to take place. I am overjoyed that we are able to witness them actually going out together.
  • It’s a solid beginning for these two, and we finally see them take the next step in their relationship, all while preserving some of the slow-burn magic that made this whole thing worthwhile.
  • There is no question that Chenford was the most exciting part of the conclusion. However, the enjoyment of this conclusion came from other sources.
  • The presence of Thorsen is like opening a gift that goes on giving. When they show Thorsen once more, it serves as a reminder of why he’s been such a great addition to the show, and the fact that, now that they understand how to employ him, the show is even better than before.
  • The part of the conversation in which he helped Lucy find out how to end her relationship with Chris while also channeling him was hilarious.
  • Now that Thorsen is bogged down by that backstory about his unlawful imprisonment, they’ve gained the ability to explore other aspects to him, and he’s pure entertainment. Previously, they were only able to see one side of him.
  • In reference to Angela, Thorsen’s desire to work as a private investigator and the reasons he gave for wanting to do so were intriguing, and he provided the ideal source of comedic relief while shadowing Harper and Angela. Comedic gold can be mined from any interaction between Thorsen and any other character in the scenario.

  • I would gladly see an entire carnival devoted to him, Angela, and Harper collaborating on cases and tormenting him in whatever way possible.
  • They brought lightheartedness into the climax at points where it would have been burdened by more serious elements. The bomb investigation was very rigorous, particularly the first explosion, which tragically resulted in the death of Pam.
  • After having us invested in her well-being so fast, it was shocking to learn that they had killed her, and it broke my heart to think that she would never get to contact her mother again.
  • It appeared as though something would take place that would have a huge influence on Nolan and Celina, particularly because Nolan kept assuring Celina that the bomb wouldn’t go off even though the clock started ticking more quickly.
  • But strangely enough, after that gut-wrenching scene in which we watched them inform Pam’s mother from a frustrating distance, both characters were shockingly unfazed and unaffected by her death and that experience. This was despite the fact that we saw them inform Pam’s mother from that frustrating distance.
  • Given the lack of emotional upheaval that resulted from that incident, I find myself questioning why they bothered to put the woman to death in such a terrible manner in the first place. It was done purely for the sake of the explosive shock value of the whole thing.
  • Both Nolan and Celina spent the entirety of the season finale in perilous circumstances and were active participants in the conflict. When they were just goofing off together at home, they were able to find the most serenity. And yes, we should probably think of Celina’s home as being Nolan’s residence as well.
  • It’s nice that he doesn’t realize that he and Bailey have more or less taken Celina in as their own child. They are still emphasizing the family-like atmosphere with the three of them, and to say the least, it is amusing to watch.
  • As a result of the robber and the subsequent fight in the detention center, both he and Celina had a few their behinds handed to them on more than one occasion. And Celina came dangerously near to losing her job during the ordeal that she went through.
  • Celina’s development as a character is taking some time, but she is becoming more like herself, and when the writers exercise some self-control with her, she can be an entertaining character to watch.

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