“The Swimmers” (Netflix): What Happened With Yusra & Sara? Ending Explained!

In the middle of a civil war in Syria, The Swimmers follows two sisters as they attempt to live their aspirations.

Yusra is a talented swimmer with aspirations of winning an Olympic gold medal, but her swimming career is derailed when her country comes under attack.

The Swimmers Netflix
The Swimmers Netflix

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What Is The Story Of “The Swimmers”?

Following a near-death experience, Sara and Yusra’s father agrees to send them away to Germany in the hope that they will find safety and deliverance there.

The two young women decided to risk their lives by traveling across dangerous waters and putting their faith in unscrupulous traffickers in the hopes of reaching Germany. Nizra served as their leader and confidante throughout the ordeal.

As each of these refugees attempts to start a new life for themselves, the real struggle for freedom begins for those individuals who are able to make it to this point.

Obviously, this indicates that Yusra will resume her swimming career and work on competing at the highest level possible. But is she capable of going to that level of commitment?

What Happened With Yusra & Sara? Did They Reach Germany?

In the end, Sara and Yusra are successful in their journey to Germany. As a result of an unscrupulous man’s earlier attempt to rape Yusra, the group comes to the conclusion that it is best to avoid riding in the same vehicle as the other refugees that they have been traveling with.

As a consequence of this, Sara, Yusra, and Nizar decide to take their chances by walking with the other refugees in the hopes of finding a path into Germany. They had previously seen news broadcasts about this.

Nizar has some exciting news to share after spending the night in a hotel, for which he used the last of the money that the females had contributed. He has arranged for them to take a bus into Berlin, and they won’t even need to buy tickets for the trip!

In spite of the fact that the girls are skeptical, particularly in light of the fact that they were tricked by a truck driver earlier in the film, they decide to cross the border and end up in Germany.

The Swimmers Netflix
The Swimmers Netflix

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“The Swimmers”: Ending Explained

The story of Nizar, on the other hand, is not nearly as heartwarming. He is made aware that he is unable to escape this eternal purgatory. It is impossible for him to obtain employment without a work visa, and the only option for him to obtain one is to wait patiently in the refugee center.

He is essentially the bird that has been confined within the cage, and as things stand right now, it is uncertain whether the door will be opened for him.

As for Sara and Yusra, they get back together after the swim, and Sara makes the decision to continue helping other refugees, while Yusra keeps working toward her goal of competing in the Olympics. The two of them start laughing at each other as they splash into the sea just as the sun is about to set.

Given that the last time we saw them properly immersed in water was after they made land in the rubber boat, that water carries an incredible amount of symbolic significance.

The girls had now achieved peace within themselves, as opposed to their previous state of rage and anxiety, in which they slashed at the boat with a knife.

The Swimmers Netflix Cast
The Swimmers Netflix Cast

Yusra & Sara Mardini: Current Locations

Yusra Mardini was a participant in both the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and Tokyo in 2020. Her tale has inspired thousands of people all around the world, and at the age of 19, she was named the youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

In addition, she discussed her plans with The New Arab in May 2022 to establish a charity that would assist displaced people.

Since Yusra has obtained her German documents at this point, it is no longer possible for her to compete for the Olympic refugee squad.

In an interview with Stylist, she stated: “I am in utter denial. I was not able to properly close the chapter on my swimming career with that. I haven’t made up my mind whether I want to take a break, give it one more shot, or finally concede that “OK, it’s time to move on.” I feel like I’m grieving.”

The trip that Sara has been on has been more challenging. Sara was imprisoned in 2018 for her work with refugees and spent over one hundred days in an Athens jail after returning to Greece for humanitarian work.

Her trial, which began in November 2021 and is still ongoing, is now taking place. She is being accused of a variety of offenses, including smuggling, espionage, and fraud. Sara has maintained time and again that she is innocent, while Human Rights Watch has referred to the allegations as “absurd.”

Should she be proven guilty, Sara faces the possibility of serving up to twenty years in jail.

The Swimmers Netflix
The Swimmers Netflix

“The Swimmers”: Cast Members Details

Manal Issa portrays Sarah Mardini, Nathalie Issa plays Yusra Mardini, Ali Suliman plays Ezzat Mardini, Kinda Alloush plays Mervat Mardini, Ahmed Malek plays Nizar, James Krishna Floyd plays Emad, Matthias Schweighofer plays Sven, Roderick Hill plays Viktor, Alfredo Tavares plays the role of the Olympic Coach, Nahel Tzegai plays Shada.

Even though these are the only cast members who have been shown in the trailer, there are a few anonymous characters that are played by Ekran Mustafa, Daniel Eghan, Christian Di Sciullo, and a few other actors. These roles are for refugees.

As was said before, Sally El Hosaini is the one who directed and co-wrote the screenplay for this movie. In addition to her, Jack Throne also shared writing credits for the project. The score for the film is being composed by Steven Prince, who won both an Academy Award and an Emmy Award for his work on Gravity.

The director of photography was Christopher Ross, who is most known for his work on the films Blackout, Room, and Black Sea. Shaheen Baig, who served as the casting director, is deserving of praise for her decision to cast the Issa sisters in the roles of Yusra and Sarah.

In any event, the cast and crew of the movie appear to be quite impressive. I hope they will be able to communicate the important lessons that can be learned from this biography in a way that will allow it to endure in the memories of those who watch it.

When Is The Movie “The Swimmers” Going To Be Available on Netflix?

The movie, which was shot in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Turkey in 2021, is scheduled to have its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival 2022 on September 8th, although the distribution date on Netflix has not yet been determined.

There will be a number of movies from Netflix that will be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), some of which include Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and Wendell & Wild.

It is notable for being the gala movie for the opening night.

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