“The Swimmers”(Netflix): Release Date, Reviews, Cast, Plot, Filming Locations, Trailer And More Details

The Swimmers is the newest film in the biographical drama genre to be released by Netflix.

The film tells the motivational narrative of Olympic swimmer Yusra Mardini and her sister Sarah Mardini, whose story brings us all moments of profound emotion.

Manal Issa, Nathalie Issa, Ahmed Malek, Matthias Schweighofer, Ali Suliman, and Kinda Alloush, along with other cast members, star in the film, which was directed by Sally El Hosaini, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Jack Thorne. Other cast members also appear in the movie.

The journey of two sisters, Yusra and Sarah Mardini, who leave war-torn Syria and make their way to Greece via Lebanon, Turkey, and the Aegean sea, is depicted in the film.

Their journey begins in Syria and ends in Greece. This film captures their journey from being helpless migrants to becoming inspiring heroes who have saved lives for all of us to watch.

The Swimmers Netflix
The Swimmers Netflix

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“The Swimmers”: Release Date

On Wednesday, November 23, 2022, The Swimmers will become available to stream on Netflix. Prior to that, beginning on Friday, November 11 2022, it was screened in select theaters. On September 8, 2022, the world premiere of The Swimmers took place at the Toronto Film Festival.

“The Swimmers”: Plot Synopsis

Yusra and Sara Mardini were forced to flee their native Syria in 2015 when the civil war caused the destruction of their home. They traveled to Lebanon and then continued on to Turkey, where they made arrangements to be smuggled into Greece on a dinghy.

They entered Greece illegally. On the other hand, the refugees were in the middle of the Aegean Sea when the motor of the overcrowded dinghy stopped working. The pair, along with two other individuals who could swim, were responsible for saving the lives of those who were on board.

Yusra participated in two swimming events at the Rio Olympics as part of the Refugee Olympic squad less than a year after their terrifying ordeal.

The Swimmers Netflix
The Swimmers Netflix

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“The Swimmers”: Reviews

However, this is not the end of their problems since even in their safe haven, they are confronted by nightmares at every turn, which causes them to feel anxiety and disappointment. The sisters, on the other hand, are well aware that they must remain alive for the sake of the people they care about and begin the journey toward realizing their ambitions in this gloom.

The film tells a moving and heartfelt story that is based on the real lives of the two sisters, and the cinematography is the icing on the cake for what is already an excellent story. Even though the show’s running time of 135 minutes could make you second-guess your decision to watch it, you really shouldn’t give up the opportunity to see it because it is so good.

The whole tale and the realistic atmosphere make it even better, while the soundtrack gives an enthusiasm that nothing else can match. I have absolutely cherished the times when Titanium was playing since it ushered in an extremely potent atmosphere during the band’s most difficult times, when everything seemed to be falling apart.

The chemistry between the two sisters really grabs your attention, mainly due to the fact that their love-hate relationship is something that many people can relate to. The actors, too, have done an excellent job in their roles, and the chemistry between the two sisters has done an excellent job.

In addition, I feel obligated to mention that there are particular exchanges and sequences in the movie that left a profound impact on me. From the scene where they were standing on the beach watching people enjoy the sea from where they had just escaped, to the scenario at the Olympics where Yusra couldn’t feel more left out of the group’s activities and conversations.

This movie offers a very illuminating and insightful look into the life of refugees who flee their homes in an effort to save their lives, only to realize that the area they end themselves is not very different from their homes.

Overall, the movie is stunning, but it will leave you with a heavy heart; it gives us a surge of motivation as we watch the two sisters keep up their struggle for the people who haven’t been able to find a way out of their situation or live a better life. Yusra Mardini swam for the benefit of people who were unable to do so themselves, and as a result, she has become their voice.

The Swimmers Netflix
The Swimmers Netflix

Is The Netflix Film The Swimmers Inspired By A Real-Life Event?

Yes. The movie The Swimmers is based on the real-life experiences of Olympic swimmer Yusra Mardini and her sister, Sara Mardini, who were forced to flee their native Syria in 2015 due to the ongoing civil war in that country.

When the Mardini sisters were on the run toward Greece, they found themselves crowded onto a small dinghy boat built for seven people with 18 other migrants to cross the Aegean Sea. The boat was only designed to hold seven people.

The Mardini sisters, along with two other individuals, leaped out of the boat as soon as the engine stopped working and the vessel started to sink, and they swam the remaining distance across the ocean while towing the boat behind them.

“The Swimmers”: WATCH TRAILER!

Who Are Sarah And Yusra Mardini?

According to The Guardian, the Mardini family resided in Daraya, which is a suburb of Damascus in Syria. The family consisted of Sarah, Yusra, their younger sister Shehad, their mother Mervat, who worked as a physiotherapist, and their father, Ezzat, who was also their swim instructor.

During their early years, they spent a lot of time swimming at the pool near their home. Yusra went on to swim competitively for Syria in Dubai and Turkey in the world championships.

Yusra shared with The Guardian that they had been given instruction on how to be winners, how to lead, and how to generate ideas out of thin air. During this time, they also gave them a leadership role.

They continued their training up until the outbreak of civil conflict in Syria in March 2011, which made living in Syria an extremely risky proposition for them. As a result of the battle and the bombing, their home was damaged, and Ezzat, the girls’ father, was taken away and tortured after he was misidentified as another person.

After a bomb that had not been detonated fell into the pool where Yusra did her exercises, Sara became aware that they needed to evacuate.

Their parents made the decision to ship them out to Europe in the month of August in 2015.

The sisters crammed themselves onto a tiny rubber boat and set off from the coast of Turkey in the hope of making it to Europe. According to The Guardian, the boat only had room for seven passengers, but they managed to cram 18 other refugees inside it.

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, the motor failed while the group was approximately halfway across the Aegean Sea, and water started to flood into the boat. According to the Olympics, Sara, Yusra, and two other people dove into the ocean and swam alongside the boat for three hours in water that was quite cold.

Not only did the boat make it to the island of Lesbos in Greece without incident, but everyone on board survived the ordeal.

The Swimmers Netflix Cast
The Swimmers Netflix Cast

“The Swimmers”: Filming Locations

Filming took place for ‘The Swimmers’ all throughout Turkey, Belgium, England, Greece, Brazil, and Germany, more specifically in Istanbul, the Aegean Region, Brussels, London, Lesbos, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, and Damascus. Also included in the list of locations is Syria.

The Netflix movie’s principal photography was scheduled to take place in the summer of 2020, however it was indefinitely postponed just four days before it was scheduled to begin due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The work on the project was picked back up in April of 2021, and it was most likely completed by the end of July of that same year. In order to give the story of the sisters a more realistic feel, the filmmakers decided to film several of the sequences in their natural environments. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at all the locations that are featured in the movie adaptation of the biography!

Istanbul, Turkey

The majority of “The Swimmers” was shot in Istanbul, which is the largest city in Turkey and serves as the country’s economic, cultural, and historical center. The sequence that depicts Yusra and Sara competing in a national swimming championship was filmed at the ITU Olympic Swimming Pool in the Maslak region of the city.

Aegean Region, Turkey

The Aegean Region, and more specifically the Izmir Province, served as the setting for a number of sequences in the Netflix film. For example, the beach at Badem Bükü was used during filming for the scene that shows the refugee boat arriving on the island of Lesbos.

Vilvoorde, Belgium

The cast and crew of “The Swimmers” proceeded to the municipality of Vilvoorde in the province of Flanders in order to film the storm and underwater scenes that are featured in the film. They made use of the tanks located at the Lites Water Stage and Film Studios in 1800 Vilvoorde, which is located at Fabriekstraat 81 and is around 14 kilometers from Brussels.

The production facility features the most modern indoor water stage in the world, in addition to two enormous sound film stages, three smaller stages, and a large number of auxiliary production areas.

London, England

The swimming competitions at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 that Yusra competes in were staged in London, which is the capital and the largest city in both England and the United Kingdom.

Lesbos, Greece

A significant amount of “The Swimmers” was shot on the island of Lesbos, which is located in the Aegean Sea not far from the coast of Turkey. It is highly possible that numerous establishing shots were recorded on site in order to show the arrival of the refugees and their time spent on the island.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The production crew of the movie continued their journey by going to Rio de Janeiro, a huge seaside metropolis located in the southeast of Brazil. There, they filmed several establishing sequences and recreated the 2016 Olympics.

Berlin, Germany

It would appear that the final few sequences of the film were shot on location in Berlin, which is both the capital and largest city of Germany. The bustling metropolis is a key hub of history, culture, business, media, and education; it has hosted the production of hit movies such as “Tár,” “Uncharted,” and “Inglourious Basterds,” amongst many others.

Damascus, Syria

The actors and crew of “The Swimmers” made a pit stop in Damascus, which is the capital of Syria and the oldest capital city in the world. They were able to record many crucial scenes atop one of the city’s rooftop bars.

In addition, in order to film a variety of scenarios in different locations throughout the city, the crew traveled all over the place. Damascus is an important holy destination for Muslims and receives a large number of tourists each year because of this. There are many well-known landmarks and streets, and the architecture is a stunning combination of modern and antique styles.

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