The Witcher Blood Origin: Explanation Of End-Credits Scene, Appearance Of Avallac’h, Downfall Of The Golden Empire

A prequel series called “The Witcher: Blood Origin” may be found on Netflix.

It provides us with information on the history of the Continent before the Conjunction of the Spheres, an event that altered the world in an irreversible way.

The tale of the seven people who defied the tyrannical rule of the elves and battled for their independence is told across the course of the four episodes that make up this series. Despite this, their activities accidentally led to the precise thing that they had been trying to avoid happening in the first place.

This sets in motion a chain of occurrences in ‘The Witcher’ that will, in the end, bring us around to Ciri’s story. The sequence that occurs towards the middle of the credits in ‘Blood Origin’ establishes even another connection between the two stories, as if the conclusion itself did not provide us with enough to connect with the original series.

What this means for the future of ‘The Witcher’ is outlined below. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Witcher Blood Origin
The Witcher Blood Origin

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The Witcher Blood Origin: Explanation Of End-Credits Scene

This is a flashback to the opening episode of the first season of The Witcher. Do you remember when tiny Ciri was pretending to be a boy so she could join in on the fun with the other children who were playing in the street?

She seems to sense that someone is observing her and casts a fleeting glance at a doorway that is empty as though someone were standing there. It seems like there is no one there, at least that’s the impression I get.

The young elf sorcerer Avallac’h can be seen in the final episode of The Witcher: Blood Origin wearing a blue cloak and holding the monolith grimoire of magic. This scene occurs a few minutes after the credits begin to roll in the episode.

He is grinning at Ciri as he stands in the doorway and looks back and forth between the two of them. In both the video game and the books based on The Witcher, there is a link between the two characters. However, it is unknown whether or not she actually sees him.

The Witcher Blood Origin End-Credits Scene
The Witcher Blood Origin End-Credits Scene

According to the narrative of The Witcher, Avallac’h eventually moved to a new world called Aen Elle, even if he had previously called the Continent home.

On the other hand, he possesses the ability to teleport across other spheres and planets. He taught Geralt about Ithlinne’s prophecy about the end of the world and how only an Elder Blood kid would be able to save everything.

He is an elf supremacist and believes that elves are superior to humans. When he was younger, he was intended to marry Lara Dorren, who was an elf sorceress and carried Elder Blood. She ended up falling in love with a human and giving birth to one child, who was a descendent of Ciri.

In the book “Blood Origin,” we learn about Avallac’h’s past life as a kind-hearted wizard who aided Merwyn but was ultimately killed by Balor by being hanging from a balcony. He was there during the battle between Balor and Syndril that took place at the monolith, and he is aware of the magical forces that led to the Conjunction.

However, the details of his story become more interesting. There is a good chance that we will see him again in The Witcher season 3 as either Ciri’s instructor or a potential captor, or even both of these roles.

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The Witcher Blood Origin
The Witcher Blood Origin

The Witcher Blood Origin: Appearance Of Avallac’h

Avallac’h (Samuel Blenkin), an Elf magician who serves as an advisor to Empress Merwyn, is another iconic figure who made his debut in Blood Origin. Avallac’h is seen keeping an eye on Ciri in Cintra during the scene that plays after the credits roll in the prequel.

This takes place a long time before Ciri became Geralt of Rivia’s companion (Henry Cavill). Avallac’h claims in the final episode of Blood Origin that he may have found a way to travel across time by utilizing Syndrill’s research on monoliths.

This is the key to understanding how he has managed to maintain his youthful appearance while having lived for over 1200 years. The fact that Avallac’h is keeping an eye on Ciri indicates that he is interested in the Elder Blood she carries.

This may be an indication of how the upcoming third season of The Witcher will incorporate new aspects from the original books written by Andrzej Sapkowski as well as the much-loved video game franchise created by CD Projekt Red.

The Witcher Blood Origin
The Witcher Blood Origin

According to the lore of The Witcher, Avallac’h was meant to marry Lara Dorren before she fell in love with the human Cregennan of Lod. However, their marriage was never consummated.

For those whose memories need to be refreshed, Lara is the person who gave rise to Elder Blood, and she is a distant relative of Ciri. Avallac’h is also a royal advisor in Tir ná Lia, the kingdom of the elves who come from another dimension, according to the lore of The Witcher.

This information comes from the game. Due to the nature of his employment, he will have several opportunities to interact with Ciri, sometimes in the capacity of an adversary and other times in that of a friend.

It is still unknown how Netflix will adapt Avallac’h’s story, but the scene that plays out after the credits indicates that he will become an important figure in the main series.

The post-credits scene with Ciri’s Blood Origins serves as a setup for The Witcher season 3.

After the credits have finished rolling on The Witcher: Blood Origin, there is a scene that takes place before Cintra’s destruction in The Witcher season 1. It shows Ciri covertly playing with her pals on the streets, but then the camera pans away to show that Avallac’h is watching her the entire time.

Ciri is not yet aware of the prophecy that will influence the course of her life, and she has not yet developed the powers that will enable her to tap into the power of the Monoliths. Avallac’h is watching her too soon, and it is likely that she has decided not to intervene.

The Witcher Blood Origin
The Witcher Blood Origin

The Conjunction of the Spheres might lead viewers to believe that Avallac’h has been brought into the “modern day,” but they shouldn’t draw any conclusions from this.

This is not likely to be the case, however, because in the novels written by Andrej Sapkowski, the character Avallac’h develops a limited ability to move between the various worlds and times.

It is more likely that he arrived to Cintra a little bit too early, took a time to watch over Ciri, and then headed off into the future after that. He requires a version of Ciri that is wiser and more capable than the one he will undoubtedly find in The Witcher season 3; he must have her.

The Reasons Behind the Downfall of the Golden Empire

Naturally, the concluding chapter of The Witcher: Blood Origin revealed to us that the Seven were successful in fulfilling their objective of vanquishing the Golden Empire by means of a revolution that enabled the lowborn elves to rise up against Merwyn’s authority.

people were sick and weary of being oppressed by the Golden Empire, and they were sparked to action by the songs of Éile, who had evolved into the voice of the common people.

In this aspect, the Lark served as an inspiration for them to rise up against the empire so that the Seven might infiltrate the palace and bring down the empress herself, as is well known to all of us, as this was one of their goals from the very beginning of their mission.

The Seven provided the people a reason to dream of living in a better future where everyone could be equal, despite the fact that all of these events transpired very swiftly.

It is to the people’s credit that they were able to overthrow the Golden Empire and take control of their own destiny, despite the fact that this particular event was prevented from taking place as a direct result of the advent of humans on the Continent.

But it was also the destruction and fall of the Golden Empire that weakened the elves to the point that the humans were able to easily beat them, and this is the first connection between the events of the Witcher’s main trilogy and Blood Origin.

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