Vic Faust (Fox 2 Anchor): Targeted An Attack To Co-Host Crystal Cooper, More On His Married Life, Children And Career

A recent incident involving Fox 2 news anchor Vic Faust and a female co-host in which he used profanity off the air garnered a lot of media attention.

Vic Faust Pic
Vic Faust Pic


Vic is a graduate of the University of Missouri, and shortly after graduating, he began his career in broadcasting as a pre-post game presenter and color commentator for the Missouri Tiger Radio Network on Learfield Communications. Vic is a member of the Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Faust was born and reared in the metropolitan area of St. Louis, and he launched his career in television in the year 1998. He worked as an anchor and reporter for both the news and the sports divisions of the station. During the course of his career, he has had jobs in Missouri, St. Joseph, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tulsa, and Detroit.

In addition to this, Faust has a significant amount of experience working in a variety of fields as a radio broadcaster. The broadcaster was recently called out after an off-air rant that she directed at a female coworker, Crystal Cooper, was discovered in a video that had been improperly shared. The following provides further information regarding the occurrence.

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Vic Faust: Married Life

Anchorperson of the news Vis Faust has a family with his wife and children from a previous relationship. On a consistent basis, he expresses his affection for his children by posting images of himself on Instagram alongside his sons and daughter.

According to the post that he made on Instagram, his son is a senior at Chaminade and played for MICDS when he was a freshman there. On May 25, Faust posted a picture to social media with his youngest child, son Graham, who was getting ready to start high school.

On February 22, 2022, Vic uploaded a picture to his social media account that featured him with his two boys. In addition to that, he mentioned that his youngest child was in the eighth grade at the time. The reporter also has a lovely kid who goes by the name Ava.

On May 29, 2021, Faust published a series of endearing photographs that he had taken while he and his sons attended Ava’s graduation ceremony. In addition to this, he mentioned that his daughter was planning to enroll at the University of Missouri. In May of 2021, he was also there to accompany his daughter as she attended her prom.

Faust has an exceptional relationship with his children, and he uses his Instagram account, which is associated with the verified username @victorfaust, to provide frequent updates on his children’s accomplishments. Over 3.2 thousand people are following the news anchor’s 489 postings, giving her a large fan base.

Vic Faust: Made A Verbal Attack Against Crystal Cooper Off-Air

Anchor for the news on Fox 2 Crystal Cooper was the target of a verbal assault from Vic Faust, who delivered the rant behind the scenes. A recording that was stolen from him has revealed that he made an offensive assault on one of the hosts of the show.

The event took place during the previous week while I was hosting a radio show. The profanity-filled tirade that Vic delivered against Cooper was captured on tape when the show was taking a break for commercials. He insulted her by referring to her as stupid, rude, and overweight on multiple occasions.

The co-host of the morning show The Edge on KFNS made light of the guest’s computer skills, which prompted the station to take the necessary measures. During his tirade, which lasted for around four minutes and contained at least forty cuss words, he criticized his co-host, Cooper.

Vic implied that Crystal was arrogant and a know-it-all behind the scenes. Several times as they were having their verbal fight behind the scenes, the anchor used harsh language toward his co-host. At one point, he went so far as to advise Crystal against going back to work.

Crystal’s reaction was that he had no right to demand anything from her because he was not her superior. It was disclosed on the Facebook page of the co-host that she quit her job on September 12, the same day that she and Vic had a verbal altercation.

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Crystal Cooper Receives a Call From Vic Faust Regarding Her Weight, Family & School

After the show had ended, Vic Faust went on an off-air rant directed at one of the co-hosts, Crystal Cooper, in which he insulted her personally and used terrible language.

In a diatribe that lasted around four minutes, a former tight end for Missouri commented on Cooper’s weight and parenting abilities. The crisis materialized the previous week. The contentious verbal interaction was captured on recording and provided to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch by an anonymous source.

The contentious discussion took place near the end of the morning program known as “The Edge,” which Vic co-hosts on 100.7 The Viper. It appears that the outburst began after the show’s final few minutes were completed.

The content of Faust and Cooper’s heated exchange that took place off-air was digitally recorded and forwarded to the Post Dispatch on Friday. On Monday, the news anchor stated unequivocally that the altercation had taken place.

Since 2015, Vic has been working for KTVI, the local affiliate of Fox News, in the role of primary news anchor. Together with reporters Mandy Murphey and Jasmine Huda, he co-hosts the daily shifts that air at 5:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.

The St. Louis metropolitan area is where Vic was both born and raised by his family, and he received his education at Althoff Catholic in Belleville.

Vic Faust: Career

In the beginning of his career in broadcasting, Vic Faust worked for the Missouri Tiger Radio Network on Learfield Communications as a pre- and postgame presenter as well as a color analyst for the games. Faust began his career in television in the year 1998 after having spent his entire life in the metropolitan area of St. Louis, both as a child and an adult.

He worked as an anchor and reporter for both the news and the sports divisions of the station. During the course of his career, he has had jobs in Missouri, St. Joseph, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tulsa, and Detroit. In addition to this, Faust has a significant amount of experience working in a variety of fields as a radio broadcaster.

Vic Faust: FAQs

How old is Vic Faust?

News acnhor and reporter Vic is probably in his 40s or 50s, judging by his looks and appearance.

When did Vic Faust joined FOX 2?

Vic joined the network in April 2015. He has served as a news anchor and radio host for over seven years for KTVI FOX 2.

Is Vic Faust married?

The former MU tight end is a married man and has grown-up children.

Vic Faust: Quick Facts

Full Name Vic Faust
Birthplace St. Louis Metro
Nationality American
Education Althoff Catholic, University of Missouri
Profession News personality, journalist
Instagram @victorfaust


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